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Spiders – Episode 181

12 Responses to “Spiders – Episode 181”

  • jack:

    YES! You did Spiders. The trailer is probably one of the most spoiler filled as it pretty much gives away the entire film including the ending.–SJeBFs80Y

    Love this movie that was one of the last films I remember where they had good practical monster SFX that is not to good like most modern big blockbuster films like Godzilla with realistic CGI and not the post 2000 Syfy channel type trend of making them over comical/satirical with bad CGI and no practical effects.

    Spider 2 that came on the same DVD on the other side that I have not seem on another DVD before was pretty disappointing depending mostly on CGI spiders and on a cargo boat.

    • Cecil:

      Right around 99-00, CGI really took off and everyone jumped all over it no matter how bad it made things look.

      For Spiders 2, I think they had a lot less money too.

  • Nick:

    Good review. I’ve seen so many films about killer spiders I never thought there would be one with atleast some practical effects. By the way Cecil, if you review this movie, I will absolutely praise you. Return of the Living Dead (1985). Classic 80’s horror I’d say at it’s finest.

    • Cecil:


      Return of the Living Dead has been in the pipe for some time. Its going to be a long one whenever I finally get around to putting it together. 🙂

  • Steve:

    Great review. Makes me want to find this and watch it again. I didn’t think I had seen it, but about halfway through the review I was like, I remember seeing this on Sci-Fi way back when. With recent cgi overload, any movie made since 2000 that uses practical effects of any sort gets bonus points in my book.

  • Frodo:

    Please review SAGA: The Shadow Cabal.

    • Cecil:

      I loved that movie! I’m going to see if I can chat with Arrowstorm, they seem to be doing well with the Kickstarter model.

  • Hey C,long time no comment(blairwitch Tattooed guy) I really love how you made jokes in a normal voice,sooo funny

  • mogens:

    Top 4 spiders 1.Shelob from Lord of the rings 2.argro The spider from harry potter 3.The spider from elvira 2 The pc game 4. Jeff the spider from Billy and mandy so what do you guys think?

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