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Street Fighter – Episode 116

You come here prepared to fight a madman, and instead you found a god?

I recorded this over the holiday in a different room in case you are wondering why the audio sounds a little different. Enjoy!

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  • john:

    Continuing my liking for videogame movies that no one else likes I actually quite liked Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li although not as much as this film and wish they did make a sequel but there was a downturn in action films where Van Damme was making straight to DVD films by that time I think despite it being some of his best action films.

    The Bison dollar scene was legendary.

    • Cecil:

      I gave Chun Li a shot but just couldn’t get into it. The pacing was off and Kreuk just wasn’t convincing in the lead role. I don’t blame her, she was just woefully miscast.

      I think when Van Damme was trying to get the rights to make a sequel, there wasn’t any interest in the property. I would have much rather he gain the rights and do a series of DTV action. His Universal Soldier DTV movies have been awesome and I think the Street Fighter series following Guile would have been kickass. Oh well, now we won’t see another attempt at a SF movie for quite some time.

      • john:

        I know why people did not like it for a number of reasons although the fatal flaw of the film that everyone was bitching about this version was how silly it was so when they try to make a more serious/real world version of characters that were not meant to be serious the characters got butchered in the film or were simply just annoying with bad casting.

        The stupidest thing is when they tried to implement with terrible special effects supernatural elements from the game like fireballs and Chun-Li’s upside down spinning kick.

        I just think as a movie it was OK but as a Street Fighter movie they could have done a lot better that didn’t really have anything to do with Street Fighter.

        Don’t know why they just didn’t make it into a tournament fighter film like Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport, Mortal Kombat, etc like in the actual game. .

  • Brig:

    LOVED this episode of Good Bad Flicks! 🙂 Never noticed the “air-tight” chamber that Bison runs into!!! BUT, I always notice when Chun Li jumps behind Ryu with that steak knife and it bends all over the place rather than stabbing him ( at 4:49) – epic fail 😀

  • Josh:

    Great episode. Though I was surprised that you didn’t use Guiles Theme in the intro, since it really does go with everything:

  • andrew:

    surprisingly street fighter: the legend of chun-li came out on my birthday

  • Cristiona:

    Huh. Never knew Kylie was in this, and as Cammie no less. Not in a unitard with cammo painted on her legs, but you can’t have everything, I guess.

    It looks like Raul was just having an absolute ball with this flick. He looks so deliciously over-the-top.

    • Cecil:

      As much as I would have LOVED for that to be in the movie, I don’t think they could have pulled it off. I mean, they had to get Chun Li captured and redressed by Bison to have her in her dress. Having a military commando all the sudden wearing a unitard with her ass hanging out, well, it just would have been too much. (even though the movie was already silly) Plus, think of all the uncomfortable boners from the kids watching the film. Won’t someone think of the children?!

      You can tell Julia was just relishing the chance to go all out. When he does his final speech he does it with so much gusto you can’t not like him even though he is supposed to be the bad guy.

  • Justin Sprauer:

    Damn you did a good job with this. I haven’t scene this movie yet but you obviously have done your home work and you gotta respect someone who is willing to go the distance. Looks like there is more to this movie than what people say.

    • Cecil:


      Yeah, I think a lot of people that didn’t like it went in with the wrong expectations. Granted, it’s an honest mistake but there are times when I go in to a movie expecting say, a horror, and it ends up being a thriller and I am fine with that.

      It’s a fun movie with some great one liners. Nothing too serious.

  • Hi Cecil!

    I feel like I dropped off the face of the Earth, but it has been awhile since I’ve watched your videos.

    So I was 11 years old when Street Fighter came out, and quite frankly, I can’t believe I didn’t see this movie back then, I would have loved it. I loved the video game (oh yes, a girl who loves fighting games!), and I just can’t figure out why I never saw this movie. I have a twin brother, but maybe he wasn’t interested in seeing it, or the parents didn’t rent it for us. Either way, I’ll eventually have to see it.

    What can I say about that painting, except I know more than a few people who would pay good money to have it in their homes? My boyfriend would crack up over it, but I doubt he would want it in his house…though one never knows, we are geeks, and it’s only natural to love something like the painting. I was hysterical at your reaction to it. My friend Marissa and I have said “Of course!” more than a few times, and she is fascinated by the Street Fighter “Continue” screens – we’ve watched them on You Tube.

    Such a shame that Raul Julia had to die so tragically, I heard he did this for his children, but apparently he was in failing health prior to making the film. At least it was something his kids could enjoy, and they could have a lasting memory that their dad did movie out of love. But he truly looked like he was having way to much fun being so over the top and badass! Vaya Con Dios, indeed!

    Anyway, great video!!! 🙂

  • Cecil:

    Welcome back!

    I was very excited for this when it first came out. I played a ridiculous amount of SFII and Guile was my character of choice. My friends and I all had our favorite characters and we used to play the SNES version on a daily basis. So when the movie came out I couldn’t wait to see it. Ah good times.

    That painting is awesome. I’m serious, if I can find a way to reproduce it I’m totally hanging it in my living room. I’ll be sure to post pics. 🙂

    So sad Raul went out like that but on the plus side, his last movie was one he did for his kids and I’m sure they will never forget that. They could even show their kids and tell them the story.


    • Good to be back! 🙂

      I’m actually the one who tweeted you my Cool As Ice recap. Hope you get around to reading it, I would love to know what you think! LOL, if you ever did something like that, how would your wife feel about it? I would be all for it if my boyfriend wanted that painting on his wall, we were joking about it the other day when I was at his house. Pictures for proof would be necessary and required!

      So welcome! Going to watch your Mortal Kombat review tonight!

      • Cecil:

        Yep, I figured as much. (the name gave it away)

        Now that I have some time I’ll read your recap tonight. ^^

        My wife shares my weird sense of humor, so she would be all for having the Bison painting in the living room. She already agreed to a Black Christmas painting I had commissioned, as well as the ridiculous amount of movie props and other stuff I have all over the house.

        • Hahaha, you had a painting commissioned for “Black Christmas”? Awesome!

          I guess me and your wife have similar senses of humor, since my boyfriend was all awesome about having a painting of M. Bison on his walls, and I would love to see that, lol!

          And thank you for taking the time to read it!! Let me know what you thought of it, I tried to throw as much of my humor in as possible, not sure how funny my writing is, but I certainly try. I definitely agree with you on Cool as Ice, it was awesome. 🙂

          • Cecil:

            Yep, I’m goofy like that lol. 🙂

            The Mrs over here is a champ. We have similar tastes in a lot of things but every now and then there will be a very weird thing we disagree on. For example, I think American Beauty is an awesome movie and she hates it and thinks Kevin Spacy is a creep.

            I read your look at Cool as Ice and I enjoyed it. You pretty much see all the stuff I was talking about. The movie is often weird for the sake of being weird. Not at all what one would expect out of a movie that really should have been a simple “bad boy meets good girl”. However, this is what makes it so special. If it was just a straight up love story that has been told a thousand times, it would have most likely been more successful but then promptly forgotten like so much fast food entertainment.

            I did chuckle a few times at your jokes and you picked a very good selection of images to punctuate the article. Bravo!

  • Cecil, you’re the best, thanks for the praise! And I’m the queen of the O-Mouth screencap!

  • Shaun:

    While most of your reviews give me a kind of satisfaction that tells me “yeah, I don’t need to see that again”. You trigger all the nostalgia but none of the 80+ minutes of pain. But this one makes me want to rewatch. I always liked it tho.

    The worst thing this movie did, however, is whenever I tried to mention or suggest Sonny Chiba’s “Street Fighter” to friends, I was always shot down with a condescending glare. “No, not THAT Street Fighter, the one with the Japanese-Chinese guy going around Japan breaking Yakuza bones!” Dammit…

  • Jr.:

    Two things:

    1. If I eve become a power mad dictator, i’m totally gonna base it off Raul Julia’s performance in this movie. The world has lost one of greatest actors of all time.

    2. One of the conditions for a potential wife that I have is that they watch this movie and know all the major lines.

  • mogens:

    1.raul Julia Was also godd in the 2 the addams Family films
    2.good review mutch better than the Blockbuster buster and the nostalgia critic

  • Dave:

    Any chance of getting hold of this review now it’s been taken down from youtube?

  • mogens:

    i mean Raul julia was good as gomez addams in the 2 addams family movies

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