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Subspecies – Episode 225

2 Responses to “Subspecies – Episode 225”

  • Ike Carr, a.k.a. LB74:

    Actually bought the Complete Series Subspecies DVD after seeing this review. My first encounter with the franchise was back in 1993 when my cousin rented the second flick BLOODSTONE:Subspecies II. My cousin often rented some flicks of dubious character, his usual yardstick for his choices was, “There was this really hot looking chick on the box.” Anywho, Subspecies II actually had the dubious distinction of actually almost losing my lunch with the scene where Michelle killed someone, and drank their blood. Then horrified and disgusted at what she did, pukes the blood back up. After seeing that I felt like someone kicked the supports out from under my stomach. And either was about to pass out ,or lose my lunch. However, after a few tense minutes the spell passed. It was probably after a long, rather hot summer day I mowed the lawn, and didn’t eat too much that caused that. But the flick has that place in my gut.

    • Cecil:

      Michelle was so much better in the sequels. She was a flawed hero but completely was able to stand up to Radu.

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