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Tales from the Crypt Recap #10 ”‘Til Death”

Tales from the Crypt: Season 2 – Episode 4
‘Til Death (First aired: April 24, 1990)


A wealthy playboy is trying to build a resort on a swamp covered island, but when he finds out it’ll cost more than he has to build, he turns to his voodoo priestess ex-girlfriend for a love potion to assist in swooning the rich woman on the island. Going to your ex-girlfriend for help, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?


This episode is a milestone for Tales from the Crypt since it is the first one that uses some type of monster to pump up its scares. Up until this point, there hasn’t been much in the way of supernatural beings (with the exception of Lover Come Hack To Me, but the less said about that one the better), most of the evil in these episodes has been human. Considering how much of a staple the supernatural becomes in later episodes (and the fact they are all hosted by a skeleton!), it’s surprising it took this long to really get a worthy episode out there. However despite enjoying this episode it isn’t without its fair share of problems.

Before we get into that though, I can at least talk about the good things in this episode. As mentioned before, I love magic and voodoo, and this episode is chock full of that goodness. Even from the opening credits there is a tribal ceremony going on that actually pulls you in as to what exactly is going to happen in this episode. Not only that, but it really starts getting into it with chanting, potions, the works. Unlike Only Skin Deep, it’s not just a passing comment, voodoo plays a very important part in this episode, so just from that, it is fun as hell.

The episode is also well cast with every actor portraying their respective parts to a T. D.W. Moffett as Logan is just a hateable douchebag whom you can’t wait to see him get his comeuppance and every trick he pulls has you sucked in from the start. Pamela Gien is also well played as the snooty, rich bitch (Margret) who (naturally) wants nothing to do with Logan at first, but after Logan visits his ex-girlfriend/voodoo priestess (played again, brilliantly by Janet Hubert) for a little love potion, Margret can’t keep her hands off of him. The rest of the cast is dispensable as after the first half, it’s a three person show about love and betrayal, but no one person stands out that brings the ship down.

Are there any negative parts? Of course there are. For starters, it seems like all of Logan’s problems could’ve been avoided if he had just listened and followed the rules of voodoo (which, nine times out of ten, are VERY important to follow), so the fact that he doesn’t listen to them in the dumbest way possible had me groaning. But the dumbest move he really did? Why the hell would he go to his EX-girlfriend for help in winning over a rich girl just for her money? Did he really think she didn’t have some plan to get back at him? There are also a few other plot holes that stood out, but none major (mostly involving the third act so I won’t go into them here.) and nothing that ruins my enjoyment of the episode.

So for Crypts first (real) foray into supernatural beings, this one is definitely one to watch. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great start to what will eventually become a reoccurring theme in the series.


Cryptkeeper Segment

The Keeper is looking mighty douchy in those shades of his, especially in a dark, dank crypt. Are they really necessary? At the end he admits to having a thing for Psyche. Who knew the Keeper was down with the brown?

Punny Goodness

The only pun here kinda spoils the surprise of the episode. So I’ll leave this one be and just say you should hear it for yourself. It’s not a bad one at all.

Blood and Gore

We get a severed head (in one of the most unnecessary deaths in the series so far) and a decomposing corpse. Nasty stuff.

Obligatory Nudity

Amazingly nothing! Margret wears a nightgown and some low cut dresses, but you see nothing worthwhile. Even the ladies get the shaft in this one and I don’t mean full-frontal.

Scare Factor

Here you go. If you were looking for scares this is a good one. The ending (while really silly as an adult) will terrify those not used to this type of show. Collection Completed was still scarier (in a different way), but this one is sure to give you chills.

Other interesting tidbits

D.W. Moffett (short for Donald Warren) has starred in bit parts in many TV series throughout his career, but was most successful playing in stage shows including having a chance to work alongside Kevin Spacey in “The Philadelphia Story”. Sadly he has also worked alongside Rosie O’Donnell in “Riding the Bus with My Sister”, a movie where Rosie does her best Pee-Wee Herman impersonation while being as offensive to retards as she possibly can (I’m going to buy a new TOYLET SEAT!). If you didn’t hate her before, watch this film and gaze at the awe of how much suck she really is.

Pamela Gien is yet another Tales from the Crypt star whose career never really panned out. Though she does have the distinction of starring in her own one woman play called The Syringa Tree (whatever the hell that is). A part from that though, there isn’t much other than bit parts in small things.

Aubrey Morris is the doctor in this episode but doesn’t have a huge role, he comes in at the beginning and at the end and accomplishes nothing in his role. But it doesn’t matter. It’s fucking Aubrey Morris! Anytime we can get an actor from A Clockwork Orange (He was Deltoid, Alex’s Post Corrections Officer) in our episodes is a more than welcome addition.

Yep, that is indeed Vivian Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Janet Hubert) playing the voodoo priestess Psyche. Certainly makes watching old episodes of that much more uncomfortable knowing she was in a trance casting a curse on someone in this episode. Maybe if she did that to Will Smith, he never would’ve starred in Independence Day and made a career for himself. If only… (I kid, I love ya Will)

Last Words

The first supernatural monster episode of Crypt is a success, it definitely gets better from here, but for a start it’s pretty damn good (plot holes aside). A simple little drinking game for all, have a shot whenever someone pours a glass of alcohol. You’ll be dead before the end of the second act.

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