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Tales from the Crypt Recap #7 “Dead Right”

Tales from the Crypt: Season 2 – Episode 1
Dead Right (First aired: April 21, 1990)


A gold digger is looking for a get rich quick scheme and heads to a fortune teller to see if she can predict how she can accomplish this. She learns she will wed a large man who will inherit a huge sum of money and die a violent death shortly afterwards. Didn’t we already do this story last season?


Talk about rehashing. This is almost the exact same episode as Only Sin Deep from the previous season. Girl is unhappy with her life, girl meets mysterious/borderline creepy character who will tell her how to get wealthy, girl marries for money and nothing more. While it’s not the exact same thing, the similarities are abundant in this episode. However as someone who somewhat enjoyed OSD, I have to say that this episode is just as good as the other and in a few areas is even better.

First, Demi Moore (who plays Cathy the lead) is much more believable as a gold digger than Lea Thompson was. Don’t get me wrong, Lea was good, but as much as Demi’s voice completely annoys me, she plays a stellar bitch. However the star of the show is definitely ol’ Charlie himself (played by a heavily made-up Jeffery Tambor). He completely chews the scenery in every scene he is in. He’s a complete riot in this episode and unquestionably the funniest character to come out of Crypt thus far. His look with his ridiculous comb-over (Ironically, it’s the most hair Tambor has ever had), giant nose, and big lips, not to mention the fat suit he is in. Everything about this character is repulsive, and that’s what makes it so hysterical to watch.

Of course it being a rehash you can pretty much guess where everything is going if you seen Only Sin Deep (or any Crypt episode for that matter). Though the twist at the end is pretty good, if you seen any story like this you can see it coming a mile away. Another issue with the episode is that it just seems like its just there. Aside from Tambor, nothing really stands out to separate it from the other episodes that are similar, and considering OSD came first, you can probably just watch that and get the feel of this episode without even watching it.

That said, I will still recommend it to people if not for anything else but the abundance of obligatory nudity (more on that in a bit) and for Tambor completely owning the episode, but they definitely shouldn’t of opened the season with this, especially so close to Only Sin Deep.


Cryptkeeper Segment

Here’s where they started to get a bit silly, the Keeper is decked out in a fortune teller’s outfit and even speaking in a fortune teller accent (yes that accent).

Punny Goodness

When Charlie got his just desserts, he went back for seconds!

Blood and Gore

Quite a bit towards the end. We get a hacking with a knife that leaves a nice red mess all over the place. The idea of Tambor having sex with Demi Moore with that fat suit on is also quite gory.

Obligatory Nudity

Oh yeah, we don’t get any nipple shots, but we get a lot of lovely ladies prancing around in their underwear and pasties. Demi also wears some low cut stuff and shows (blink and you’ll miss it) some side boob as well. Though after seeing what she looks like without underwear on, I may end up passing on her (go ahead look it up, be prepared to feel nauseous).

Scare Factor

Unless you looked up the picture that I mentioned in the previous paragraph this one is very tame. It’s definitely one of the funny and silly episodes as opposed to the scary.

Other interesting tidbits

Demi Moore needs no introduction as she at one time was the hottest thing in Hollywood. At this point in the Crypt series, they started to get some very popular guest stars, you won’t believe who shows up in the next episode (unless you seen the episode or looked it up after I mentioned it…jerks). Funny enough, Cathy mentions that Charlie is so big that he has his own zip code, but this episode is supposed to take place in the 1950s (as evidenced by the gravestone at the end since there is no other indication this is true since everything looks modern for the time) and zip codes weren’t introduced until 1963…whoops.

Natalia Nogulich plays the fortune teller repulsed by Cathy’s lifestyle and dreams. It is certainly argued that she has it in for her from the beginning. Interestingly enough she was supposed to play X on the X-Files and even filmed some scenes before she was cut and replaced with Steven Williams. Talk about going with the extreme opposite for a character.

Earl Boen has a cameo as Cathy’s boss who comes on screen, fires her, and is never seen again. If the name and face seem familiar it’s because it likely is. He gained massive notoriety for playing Dr. Peter Silberman in the Terminator series. He is also known for voice work, in particular, playing the narrator in the World of Warcraft game series.

Yet another connection with Only Sin Deep, they have the same director in Howard Deutch.

Last Words

Timing plays a major factor into this episode. They really shouldn’t have opened the second season with it after already having a gold digger story in the previous (short) season. That affected its overall score. Maybe when it first aired (a year afterwards) it was okay, but watching these on DVD it’s just too soon to do it again. I recommend it if you watch it out of order (or if you haven’t seen Only Sin Deep recently) as it is a good episode, but it was just too soon for another gold digger story.

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