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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 The Secret of the Ooze – Episode 118

Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!

26 Responses to “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 The Secret of the Ooze – Episode 118”

  • jack:

    Good fancy intro. Is someone helping you with your review creating the new intro graphics?

    Turtles as aliens?

    They already went down that route with Highlander in Highlander 2: The Quickening and look how that turned out.

    I was going post a YouTube link to the infamous flashback scene which they used to have the original unedited version but has since been removed and the only versions available are the edited re-cut versions were Planet Zeist reference has been totally removed.

    Just have to make do with Spooneys review with the original flashback scene at the 6 minute 38 seconds mark.

    BlipTV does not seem to have an imbedded time index option like YouTube.

    • Cecil:

      Thank you! I have a friend who does VFX for a living. He had some downtime between jobs right now so I asked him to do some intros for me. So he did Mortal Kombat, this one, and he has time for one more (next week) before his next gig.

      Yeah, Bay said the turtles should be aliens because why not. I’m glad he is off the project.

      I was so excited for Highlander 2 because I love the first movie. Wow, what a let down. I understand they were trying to expand the story but good grief. I would like to go back and watch both cuts, I haven’t seen either of them in years.

      Ah Spoony. Seeing that just makes me want to go back and watch his The Thing game episode.

  • Cristiona:

    New York pizza is bad enough without gross toppings making it even worse! Chicago deep dish all the way!

    The anticlimatic ending was a nice call-back to the first movie, and in both cases it amused the hell out of me. Maybe because it’s unexpected or so cheesy; I’m not sure, but I liked both endings.

    • Cecil:

      Whenever I’m in New York I get a Reuben so I haven’t had New York style pizza in years. Consequently, I can’t remember if I like it or not! Philly pizza is quite wonderful though. Chicago deep dish does indeed kick ass. Dammit, its 8 am and now I want pizza!

      The ending to the first movie at least had some fighting. This one was just Shredded doing and “oops”. I don’t hate it, I just wanted something more. I guess the fights leading up to the end should be enough but still, the end boss was Shredder!

      • Cristiona:

        New York style is big and floppy and crap. Of course, I’m contractually obligated to hate it, being from Chicago. Just like all Italians are supposed to hate Olive Garden.

        While the first movie had some fighting in the end, the final Shredder v Splinter fight was really just Shredder charging and Splinter flipping him over the edge of the building. I seem to recall people complaining about how abrupt it was. I think that’s what they were calling back to in 2, this just went even more abrupt. Of course, it also could be that the dude just couldn’t fight in the Super Shredder costume.

        • Cecil:

          Ugh, no thanks. Nothing worse than greasy pizza.

          I think with the first one, they couldn’t just outright have them defeat Shredder. He’s supposed to be the ultimate badass so their win was kind of a fluke. The second was just silly. I think you are right, perhaps Nash just couldn’t move well in the costume. Well, if they every decide to give us a decent edition of the movies, with extras and stuff, perhaps we’ll find out. They keep re-releasing the movies with ziltch. The latest one had really cool packaging but no features whatsoever.

  • At first I thought the intro was just something from the DVD menu, but then I saw the Good Bad Flicks name on the manhole cover. Impressive.

    The Turtles weren’t really a part of my childhood so when I heard Michael Bay was looking at doing a new Turtles movie I binged on every piece of Turtles media I could find. I knew that if he ever made a movie about the Turtles like he did with Transformers, I would never be able to take the franchise seriously.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! The credit for that is my VFX friend Eric. He did a great job.

      Smart move. See them before they are bastardized. Although with Bay off the project, who knows where it will go at this point. Thankfully, it can’t possibly be worse than what he wanted to do.

  • daniel rees:

    Enjoyed this review i enjoyed all of the turtles films. Yes including no 3.
    Speaking of ernie reyes jr did you see him in dwayne johnson the rundown? He was fricking awesome in that movie!
    Also i heard that the new turtles movie from michael bay is just gonna be called ninja turtles. But ive also heard that its now been delayed.

    Any clues about the next review?

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I don’t hate 3, its just a let down. The weakest of the 4.

      I only ever saw the Rundown once but enjoyed it very much. I’ll have to check it again, I don’t remember much beyond that.

      Bay has left the project so now we have a much better chance of getting a good movie.

      The epic fantasy Krull is coming up next, rounding out the last of the “most requested” movies for January. After that…I have some cool stuff planned. 🙂

  • Chris:

    Finally! That was well worth the wait. There are a few things that you forgot to mention, but you did great with the short time. The guy that meets April outside her apartment plays one of the turtles in costume, and when April is on TV at the end of the film, she mentions the unusual disappearance of TGRI. In the comics, there entire building reported home….if I am remembering it correctly. Also, it is called TCRI in the comics.

    This was my favorite of the three films as a kid, but as I got older I liked the first film more. This film could have opened up a lot better if the turtles cut the power in the shopping center and took the robbers out one by one. Mikey could have grabbed a guy by the throat with the yo-yo. Take that parents lol. By the way, has Captain Logan of Geekvolution contacted you about doing a superhero movie commentary? He did a critical analysis on “Super Mario Bros” a couple of weeks ago.

    • Cecil:

      Ah, I forgot about that one.

      I have to go back and read the comics, I have a bunch of them in storage. I wonder if they are available digitally? It would be great to just read them on my kindle instead of having to root through my archives.

      Oh, that would have been grand but I think that opening may have been a little too similar to the first movie. (with the stealth bits and all) Although, it would have made the most sense, them being Ninjas and all.

      Nope, haven’t heard anything.

  • Mike:

    Nice job taking the PTA down a peg, I’m glad they weren’t able to destroy the TMNT video games. You’re right though, even without them using their weapons there is enough ninja(ing) around to keep the fans happy.

    My only real knocks on this film is the absence of Casey Jones and the Cory Feldman Donatello, this Donatello seemed off, the jokes were too silly and the ooze storyline was way too sensitive. It doesn’t ruin the film but Cory Feldman had the voice and character down. Totally agree that Paige Turco was a good replacement, she has a little more sweetness and while Judith Hoag is an attractive woman Paige Turco is a dream.

    I almost see this looking back as the high watermark for the Turtles, along with the 2nd arcade game, Turtles in Time which got many of quarters from me. As the early 90’s turn into the mid 90’s I got older and too cool for Ninja Turtles but weirdly the 1st movie made a comeback in my high school days and we had the quotes going around.

    I think if 3 would have been released in the later 90’s, it could have been an interesting film. Make it a more young adult themed PG-13 and show the Turtles growing up a little more. There could have been a bit of a nostalgia buzz for the kids that grew up with the Turtles who would have been in high school or college at the time.

  • Hi Cecil!

    I saw this movie sometime in 1991, after it was released to video, so I was about 8 1/2 years old. My brother and I were 7 in March 1990 when our parents took us to see the original, but I guess they decided they didn’t want to see the sequel in the theater (although I’m sure my father had a hand in that). I actually really liked this movie, though I prefer the first one.

    Vanilla Ice Cameo = Awesome. It isn’t necessarily a proven fact that having Vanilla Ice in your movie will make him look better, but it is possible to make the film better. And I agree that Paige Turco was the better April. It’s only natural that Jim Henson’s Workshop had a hand in making the costuming for the film, though it is tragic that Henson wasn’t around to see the outcome. He would have been proud. And Splinter? So expressive!!!

    I remember seeing the original one in the theater, and when Shredder wound up in the garbage truck, I was pretty upset and asked my dad if the actor got killed (I was 7 after all), and he said “Oh no, the actor is fine. The character is dead.” Yeah, dad, if you only knew…which would have happened if you took us to see the movie!

    Thanks for reviewing one of my picks for January’s request month, well worth it!!!! 🙂

    • Cecil:

      Putting Vanilla Ice in your movie instantly makes it better. Fact. lol

      The first movie is definitely better but this one is a close second.

      Awesome! I’m happy everyone is pleased with the their picks. I’m trying to sprinkle some of the ones that weren’t chosen throughout the year. I’m now curious as to what will end up being on top next year.

  • Leslie Morris:

    I just need to point that that Michael Bay didn’t want them to be aliens. That choice was always made before we signed on the to the project. While I don’t know for sure I’m pretty sure the original creator Kevin Eastman came up with the idea.

    I love the new cartoon show. I think it’s far better than the movies and original tv show.

    Great review like always 🙂

    • Cecil:

      Either way, its still a terrible idea. If they are going to go that far out with it they should just make a whole new franchise…or adapt Biker Mice from Mars.

      I love the look of the new show. The animation is beyond most of what is currently out there.


  • mogens:

    willl you review tmnt 2007 and turtles forever?

  • MVandi:

    I was just as disappointed with the ending to this film. There is no way a character like Super Shredder should have taken himself out, let alone in a way as unimpressive as having a bunch of wood fall on him.

    The new TMNT series is awesome! Yes the loss of “cowabunga” to “booyakasha!” is felt but everything else about the series has me considering it to be the best adaptation yet.

    • Cecil:

      They just ran out of money, sadly. Would have loved to see them fight Super Shredder.

      I’m enjoying the new series. I was worried at first but I’m so happy it is good. I’m going to get the DVDs when they are out.

  • Jr.:

    I’m surprised Kevin Nash didnt tear his quad as the Super Shredder.

    No wrestling fans? I’m so alone. :/

  • mogens:

    ideos for new tmnt
    1.hire rick baker for make up
    2.go back too the orginal and secrul suits

  • ben:

    Oh man, I loved this movie as kid. The movie I would constantly want to rent to just watch over and over again. Glad I never got to the third film.

    • Cecil:

      The third movie isn’t terrible, it is just dull and bland. Which in a way, is worse than being terrible.

  • mogens:

    1.nahh i like tmnt 2003 better than tmnt 2016
    2.tihs was better than honest trailers teenage mutant ninja turtles out of shadows nostalgia critic oliver harper and james rolfe

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