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Terror at Red Wolf Inn – Episode 171

11 Responses to “Terror at Red Wolf Inn – Episode 171”

  • Gary O'B:

    Maybe it was R rated because of that prolonged eating scene. It sure made me feel ill
    So it’s a comedy cannibal film with no gore and no comedy (except for the SHARK! SHARK! SHARK! scene, now that was funny)
    The actress playing Regina is cute. Was anyone connected with this film ever heard from again ?

  • Viewer:

    It’s looks more like a tongue in cheek semi-inept horror than an actual horror comedy. Good review, in either case. As far as cannibalistic comedies go, Bob Balaban’s Parents (1989) tops my list. That was truly creepy, disturbing and funny in a bizarre way. Maybe Randy Quaid’s best role or at least in top three.

    There are two more comedies that come to mind, but good luck tracking them down. The first one is a UK comedy (not horror, though) called Consuming Passions (1988). Adaptation of Pythonians Michael Palin and Terry Jones’ play. A chocolate factory has an average product until a worker falls into the chocolate by accident. The executive covers this up, but this gives chocolate an amazing taste and everyone want to buy more of it, so now what? Jonathan Pryce, Freddie Jones, Vanessa Redgrave and miss Sammi Davis top the billing.

    While you may be able to track that one down, good luck with the next one. The US horror comedy
    Lucky Stiff (1988). Directed by (the) Anthony Perkins, written by Pat Proft (who created the Police Academy franchise, Hot Shots and Naked Gun) and starring bunch of unknowns. The lead is played by Joe Alaskey (a semi-popular voice actor who voiced Bugs, Daffy, Droopy and other popular characters). He plays a guy who always strikes out with women. (synopsis quote) When his bride runs away on their wedding day, he goes on holiday up in the mountains, only to be reminded more of his misery when placed in the honey-moon wing of the hotel. However he finds love with Cynthia, a beautiful blonde, and his self esteem improves. Cynthia invites him for Christmas dinner, and he accepts, only to meet Cynthia’s eccentric cannibal family, and finds out HE is the main course. (end quote).

    There’s also Motorhead’s Eat the Rich (1987), but everyone knows that one.

    Oh, and here’s one more obscure title. Did you know that Ron Silver was the lead in a (sci-fi) cannibal comedy? Eat and Run (1987) about an alien who like Italian (as in eating Italian people)?

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Yeah, its not a straight out comedy but a dark and somewhat silly at times comedy. SHARK! SHARK!

      I haven’t seen Parents in a while, I need to fix that. I don’t think I’ve seen Consuming Passions. It sounds glorious, I’ll have to check it out.

      I have a VHS for Lucky Stiff around here somewhere. If it is the one I’m thinking of they used to run it on USA up all night.

      Never saw Eat and Run, I’ll have to nab that too.

  • Astrakhan:

    Blood Diner should also be on that “Cannibal Theme Night” menu.

    Also… no sharks were harmed in the making of this film, right? I’ve seen one too many Rene Cardona Jr. movies to take anything like this for granted.

    • Cecil:

      Good call on Blood Diner.

      As far as I know, no sharks were harmed. The credits were super short, not even really listing the crew. I looked really rubber when he first grabbed it.

  • Thanks for liking the film. We’ve got a FB page for it if anyone is interested in doing the conversation.

  • Bill:

    I’ve been devouring these reviews. This is a thought I had during this one, and having not seen the film it may be a bit of a stretch, but maybe he hated sharks because of their reputation as man-eaters, just like his family, and on some level he knew it to be wrong?

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