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The 5th Annual All Request Month


5 already? Wow, time flying and all that. Ok, here’s the deal. Give me your requests for the movies you want me to do in January. After a week I will put up a poll of the requests from here (and over the past year) up for a vote. Pick your top 4 and whatever wins, I’ll do episodes on.

As always, there are a few that I won’t do. No, I still won’t do Battlefield Earth or anything from Uwe Boll. I also have one new addition, unfortunately. Due to Fox being complete pains, I won’t do any movie from them. Its not worth going through all the trouble to defend one of their properties and then have to fight them over it for months because they don’t understand fair use. (see: Daredevil…oh wait, you can’t they took it down)

So anyway, give me your requests either here, twitter, facebook or email.

50 Responses to “The 5th Annual All Request Month”

  • James Freeman:

    Phantom of the Paradise 😀

  • Baires:

    Naked Lunch is seriously lacking on the channel Cecil!

  • Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (Columbia)
    The Final Countdown (Live Home Video)
    Congo (Paramount)
    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Paramount)

    I only know of Spacehunter because it came in a DVD two pack with “Krull”, but it has Molly Ringwald, Ernie Hudson, and Michael Ironside in it. The pacing is fucked and all the characters are unlikable. You should get some millage out of it.

    “Final Countdown” seems to exist just to show the audience the inner workings of a modern (1980’s) aircraft carrier and compare it to some stuff in the 1940’s, it has Martin Sheen in it.

  • SeanWolf:

    Oscar (Touchstone Pictures)
    Iron Sky
    Big Trouble In Little China

  • Chase:

    Hellraiser, Wishmaster, Cube and the Babadook please.

  • bastardjackyll:

    5 years!?! My word…

    Wishmaster series
    American Ninja series
    Rock & Roll Nightmare
    Never Too Young to Die
    Wanted: Dead or Alive (Rutger Hauer)
    They Call Me Bruce?

  • rocco:

    The Pit
    Creepshow 2
    Hollow Point (Donald Sutherland, John Lithgow, THomas Ian Griffith, and Tia Carrere) its a HBO action films classic)
    Infestation (a great modern killer bug movie)
    Crocodile (Tobe Hooper) it kind of kick started the sci fi monster of the week saturday movie trend!
    Swarmed with Zack Galligan from Gremlins. like the Big Chill but with giant bees and zombies before zombies were cool again

    • bastardjackyll:

      Crocodile with Robert Forster is AMAMZNG, which has one of the first “taboo” scenes of schlock that I’ve ever seen; BUT, when you say “Tobe Hooper” I think you mean “Eaten Alive” which is also a great moment in schlock cinema. I could live with either one. Cheers.

  • the vvacuuminator:

    Kamen Rider ZO, badass 90s action film from japan. Totally worth your time.

  • Sho nuff:

    Lady Terminator.

    Just thinking about this has me wandering through the back catalog of Lars Nilsen (Alamo Drafthouse curator) for more, though.

  • Carlton:

    Creepshow 2 (the anthology sequel to the 1982 classic flick)
    Long Kiss Goodnight (do an exploring episode on this underrated kick-ass action thriller w/Geena Davis and Samuel L. “Motherfuckin” Jackson)
    Johnny Mnemonic(honor this 20th anniversary sci-fi flick w/Keanu Reeves, Ice-T and Dolph Lundgren as a Jesus looking freak)
    Deadly Friend (do an exploring episode on this studio butchered flick by director Wes Craven)
    Prison (a really good haunted prison flick w/Viggo Mortensen and director Renny Harlin)
    Grindhouse the Movie (do an exploring video on one of my favorites of the 2000s directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarintino)
    Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (honor this 20th anniversary dark horror comedy w/Sean Young and Tim Daly)

  • Joy:

    The Baby (1973)

  • Joy:

    oh and of course
    Never Too Young to Die

  • Phantasm 2, I know you said you would get to that one anyway but I love the film and your video on the first one lol

    Bubba Ho-Tep

    Octopus (2000), got it in the same set as Spiders lol

    Slasher House, A great independent British horror film more people should see.

    The Wizard of Speed and Time

    Showdown in Little Tokyo

    A few others have suggested I’d live to see are; The Golden Child, Hudson Hawk, Lifeforce, Buckaroo Banzai and Big Trouble in Little China.

  • Egil:

    Nice I would love to see you do a review of
    Freejack from 1992
    Steel Frontier from 1995
    The Thing from 1982
    Escape From New York from 1981
    Mad Max Fury Road from 2015

  • The Organic Theory:

    Hellraiser: Bloodline would make for an interesting Exploring vid, considering all the problems it had during production.

  • Viewer:

    For the fifth year, I’ll again suggest :

    “Nate and Hayes (1983)”, also known as Savage Islands (UK title), a John Hughes co-written 1983 swashbuckling adventure film set in the South Pacific in the late 19th century. Tommy Lee Jones, Michael O’Keefe and Jenny Seagrove fight the pre-WWI Germans and their panzer boat, corrupt officials, cannibals etc. in this highly fictionalized biopic of a real pirate Bylly Hayes. It shoud’ve been Indiana Jones with Pirates (there’s even a scene that’s exactly the same as the bridge scene in Indiana Jones 2 and this movie came out before Indy), but it’s kind of a fun mess instead. The movie is from Paramount.

    Waterworld (1995), Universal Pictures. How has this not been already reviewed?!

    Highway to Hell (1992), horror comedy about literal road to hell, with Chad Lowe who goes after his girl Kristy Swanson, who was taken by the Devil, Patrick Bergin. Hemdale Pictures. Cameos by the Stillers (Ben and his dad Jerry).

    DNA (1997), a blatant Predator ripoff starring Mark Dacascos as the hero and Jürgen Prochnow as the mad jungle doctor. Independent production.

    Project: Metalbeast (1995). Doctor Kim Delaney is forced by her shady boss Barry Bostwick to thaw out a cyborg-werewolf played by hulking Kane Hodder. Cecil already did this one in episode 6, but that episode is now gone and the review was pretty short anyway and deserves a redo. Independent production.

    Cyborg 3: The Recycler (1994) Zach Galligan (from Gremlins), helps hot ginger Khrystyne Haje, who’s a unique cyborg prototype to escape from cyborg body parts dealer Richard Lynch, his hulking crazy henchmen Jocko (Andrew Bryniarski) and other scavengers. Pointless cameo by Malcolm McDowell. Independent production.

    Either of the Warlock series:

    Warlock (1989) is a legit classic 80s fantasy horror with apocalyptic Julian Sands as the evil Warlock, Lori Singer as his interest, Richard E. Grant and Mary Woronov, by New World Pictures.

    Warlock: The Armageddon (1993) is a straight up horror and disgusting sequel with lots of creepy and gory stuff and it’s all around unpleasant picture with zero subtle humor that the original had. By Trimark Pictures.

    Warlock III: The End of Innocence (1999) is a unintentionally hilarious finale to the series and a in-name only sequel. Your favorite overactor Bruce Payne is now The Warlock, who’s trying to seduce hot as hell(!) Ashley Laurence (from Hellraiser) and her friends and kill them all in a villa in the forest.

    Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992), the other horror comedy with a possessed evil sawed off sentient hand.

    Rising Storm (1989), in a postapocalyptic future, where the US is run by a televangelist with an iron fist, Zach Galligan (again, from Gremlins) and his brother help two hot sisters with a secret find a mythical ancient artifact that could change the future. Zach also gets to discover what a female orgasm is.

    Mom and Dad Save the World (1992), wonderfully campy sci-fi adventure comedy with lovely Teri Garr, then hilarious and now creepy Jeffrey Jones and off the cuff Jon Lovitz ad the alien tyrant, who has his eyes on Garr.

    Space Mutiny (1988), the infamous Reb Brown zero budget Sci-Fi. Yes, MYST3K already covered this one in a legendary way, but…
    – not everyone saw the episode
    – not everyone wants to watch a whole movie riff instead of a 10 minutes review/riff
    – not everyone likes MYST3K and everyone likes Cecil.
    – we want Cecil’s take on the movie.

    Starchaser: The Legend of Orin (1985) , the “first 3D animated movie” and an completely forgotten flop. It’s an awesome lovechild of Star Wars and Heavy Metal that turned out to be more of a cool mess than a true cult classic, but non the less a movie all 80s fans (and animation or SW fans) should see with plenty of good stuff to keep you hooked to the TV screen/monitor.

    Malcolm McDowell’s The Caller (1987), a script suited for a Twilight Zone episode turned into a tense menacing psychological thriller with Sci-Fi elements about a playful stranger who visits a women in her house in the woods one night to ask her for a phone. They end up playing a suspenseful mind game that seems to have much more at stake than just their lives. A fantastic little thriller with a dose of Harlan Ellison’s brand of cynicism.

    Action Jackson (1988), Carl Weathers awesome action vehicle that failed due to poor script, but still holds a cult classic status among 80s action genre fans. With beautiful Vanity at the hight of her career and young Sharon Stone at the start of hers. Popular baddie Craig T. Nelson, Predator star Bill Duke and always Bond villain Robert Davi round up the cast.

    Brainscan (1994), Edward Furlong’s fantastic horror comedy about a game demon (clearly inspired by Freddy), who shows Ed, that the photo-realistic slasher game he’s playing on his computer has consequences in real life.

    Shocker (1989), Wes Craven’s fantastic horror comedy about a dead sadistic serial killer (again, clearly inspired by Freddy, but brought to his own by excellent Skinner from X-Files) who uses electricity to move around and “teenager” Peter Berg, who’s the only one who can stop him.

    Carnosaur 2 (1995), disinterested John Savage vs Roger Corman’s dinosaurs all stuck in a nuclear facility that’s about to blow. Nuff said.

    Velocity Trap (1999), Olivier Gruner is a space cop framed for murder, who must almost single-handedly save a treasury space ship from a team of space pirates. Bleach-bloned charismatic villain (this actor shoud’ve been in more movies), his foul-mouthed girl Jorja Fox (from CSI). Excellent special effects, shitty cheap set designs. One of the better Olivier Gruner movies. I’d call it Die Hard in space, but then I’d be giving it way too much credit. More like baby’s first Die Hard scenario.

    Neon City (1991), Michael Ironside as a postpocalyptic hero, assisted by the lovely Vanity. What more needs to be said?

  • Motyka:

    – Faust: Love of the Damned
    – Revolver
    – Southland Tales
    – The Spirit

  • Steve:

    The Car (1977) – Take Jaws, replace the shark with a car, and play it dead straight…..I love this movie….made the horn my ringtone

    Lifeforce (1985) – Probably deserves an “Exploring” episode

    Deep Rising (1998) – Also probably deserves an “Exploring” episode, but it’s kind of sad too in that it’s the movie that made Rob Bottin pretty much get out of the special effects business

    Ice Pirates (1984) – Haven’t even seen this since the mid-eighties on vhs.

    Zone Troopers (1985) – Any movie where Art LaFleur punches Hitler is ok by me. This one recently got a blu-ray release too.

    John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998) – Another one that might deserve an “Exploring”. It’s about as anti-Twilight as you can get and James Woods is great in it

  • Eyal:

    Steel justice
    a cop looking to avenge his wife and son death and uses a freaking Robosaurus toy turned real…. it’s so dumb and glorious

  • Escape from L.A. (1996) Kurt Russell reprising the character Snake Plisskin (which the name got used in a little video game series called Metal Gear Solid), plus a nice scene chewing by one groovy Bruce Campbell as the Surgeon General of Beverly Hills.

    Big Trouble in Little China (1986) With the remake/reboot with Dwayne Johnson coming out next year, it’d be nice to revisit the original. Fun note: There are several non-player characters based on this film in the game Champions Online, such as Burt Jackson (obvious play on Jack Burton), his truck the “Pork Rind Express”, and the villainous Hi-Pan (play on David Lo-Pan. Yeah, Cryptic Studios were much more obvious with the homage characters in Champions Online than they were in City of Heroes.

  • Ricardo:

    BRAINSCAN (1994)
    FROM BEYOND (1986)
    ROADRACERS (1994)
    MEAN GUNS (1997)

  • NPC:

    Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989)
    Space Marines (1996)
    Ice Pirates (1984)
    Robo Warriors (1996)

  • Travis Hall:

    Rock & Roll Nightmare
    Faust: Love Of The Damned
    Reform School Girls

  • demonknight:

    Cutting Class
    Deadly Friend
    Demon Knight
    Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys
    Frankenstein Unbound
    From Beyond
    Godzilla 1985
    Highlander: The Final Dimension
    Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf
    The Monster Squad
    The People Under the Stairs
    Phantom of the Paradise
    Radioactive Dreams
    Red Eye
    Return of the Living Dead 3
    Shock Treatment
    Southland Tales
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

  • Cristiona:

    Dragonslayer. Dragonslayer. Dragonslayer. Dragonslayer. Dragonslayer.

  • Greg:

    Here’s some of my Good Bad Flicks that I would like to see reviewed. (Hope other will like some of them too.)

    Equilibrium (2002)
    Child’s Play (1988)
    The Haunting (1999)
    The Craft (1996)
    Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)
    Hocus Pocus (1993)
    Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (1979)
    Fatal Beauty (1987)
    The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)
    A Nightmare on Elm Street (series of movies)-I know that would take a lot of time, but would be fun to see a
    breakdown of each movie.

  • Melissa:

    Isolation (2005)
    Demon Knight (1995)
    The Thing (2011)
    The Evil (1978)
    Bordello of Blood (1996)
    Isolation (2005)
    Haunting of Cell Block 11 (2014)
    Ghostquake/Haunted High (2012)
    Tremors (1990)
    Hellraiser (1987)
    Vanishing on 7th Street (2010)
    A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)
    Isolation (2005)
    A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)
    Animal (2014)
    Isolation (2005)

    Yes I am aware I put ‘Isolation’ on my list multiple times, I’d really love to see a review of that.

    • Melissa:

      Isolation (2005)
      John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness (1987)
      Popcorn (1991)
      13 Ghosts (2001)
      The Sand (2015)
      Isolation (2005)

  • Aylmerstune:

    Can’t promise you won’t be tortured by the but I fondly remember the following in a weird way.

    Return of the Living Dead 3(1993)- Mindy Clarke was beautifully displayed on every decent video store in the early 90s. Brian Yuzna’s kickass direction also helped the film. Nowhere near as good as the original but what is? This was my gateway drug to horror.

    Frankenhooker(1990)- Frank Henenlotter’s head-scratching boobfest. The VHS box said “Wanna Date?” when you pushed its button. Hell, you can throw in Brain Damage(1986) as well. They both feature “The Cool Ghoul” The protagonist had a small role in…

    Street Trash(1987)- Jim Muro’s disgusting homeless-horror-comedy. One of the last films made before horror underwent major pussification just to avoid the NC-17 rating.

    Elvira:Mistress of the Dark(1985?)- Makes me laugh every time. Best use of the “Don’t run in high heels, you idiot” period. Maybe an Exploring so as not to spoil the jokes.

    Monster Squad(1987)- Better than Goonies and almost as good as Night of the Creeps.

    Hard Rock Zombies(1985)- I had to endure this at my cousin’s house if I wanted to watch Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park(1978). The former was almost as bad as Catwoman (Nazis, Conservatives, dwarves); especially if you’re used to classics like Braindead. The latter had so many hilarious one-liners.

    The Dead Next Door(1988)- J. R. Bookwalter’s little-zombie-apocalypse-film-that-could. Sam Raimi produced. Bruce Campbell overdubbed the protagonist. Lots of name-dropping.

    New York Ripper(1982)- The killer quacks like a duck. Misogynistic gore. Lucio Fulci directs.

    The Granny(1995)- Haven’t seen a dvd release yet. Stella Stevens and Shannon Whirry. You’ve been warned.

    Anthropophagus(1982)- People talk about its gore so much that they tend to ruin that it’s more of a stalk’n’slash. Tisa Farrow and George Eastman star.

    Funnyman(1997)- British gore tragicomedy with Sir Christopher as a kind of greek chorus.

    Demons(1985)- Heavy Metal horror at its best and a textbook reason why you should never have four writers working on one movie. Lamberto Bava(son of Mario) directs. Dario Argento produced. Michele (Cemetery Man) Soavi stars.

    Troll(1985)- The Potter Family (the father’s name is Harry) moves into a haunted apartment with Sonny Bono and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I’m still wierded out by Phil Fondacaro holding an even smaller version of himself.

    Cut and Run(1985) Ruggero Deodato’s spiritual sequel(?) to Cannibal Holocaust. If a film has Michael Berryman in it, you know it’s going to be entertaining, Eriq LeSalle plays a pimp.

  • Vik:

    The Toxic Avenger
    Class of Nuke Em High
    The Howling II
    The Howling III
    Q the Winged Serpent
    The Deadly Spawn

  • andrew:

    ok here is my choices

    john carpenter’s prince of darkness
    hardware ( I know I keep asking and this is the last time I will )
    the mangler
    the first power
    angel heart
    Halloween 6
    thirteen ghost (2001)
    nothing but trouble
    graveyard shift
    976 evil
    the phantom of the opera ( 1989)
    night of the living dead (1990)
    maximum overdrive

  • mark us:

    Iron Sky
    Die Hard 2
    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

  • Roy:

    Flash Gordon
    Swamp Thing
    The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant (Bruce Dern used his paycheck for his wedding to his second wife!)
    Lady Terminator (many groins were destroyed during filming)
    Strike Commando (JAKODAAAA!!!!)
    Robowar (a shameless Predator/Robocop rip-off starring Slam Beefcake…I mean Reb Brown)
    The Last Dragon
    The Retaliator (a Terminator rip-off with Robert Ginty, Sanghal Bergman and a young Paul Walker)
    The Visitor (Mommy! Mommy! Look! “gunshot”)
    The Car
    Legend of Billie Jean
    Band of the Hand
    The Ultimate Warrior
    Hard Vengeance
    Showdown in Little Tokyo
    Out For Justice
    Thinner (exploration, probably)
    Watchmen (exploration)
    Sucker Punch (exploration)
    Grindhouse (exploration)
    The Spirit (exploration)
    Falling Down (exploration)
    John Carpenter’s Memoirs of An Invisible Man (exploration, probably)
    The Tomb (female mummy stalks the L.A. streets)
    John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China (exploration)
    John Carpenter’s Escape From New York (exploration)
    New Year’s Evil
    The Howling (exploration)
    Freejack (exploration)

  • Roy:

    Rolling Vengeance
    Death Promise
    Blind Fury
    The Thing With Two Heads
    Brenda Starr
    Southland Tales (exploration)
    Highlander (exploration)

  • Jr.:

    Johnny Mnemonic
    Virus with Jamie Lee Curtis
    Prince Of Darkness
    From Beyond
    John Carpenter’s Vampires
    Deep Rising
    The Punisher movies
    The Shadow
    The Phantom
    The Wishmaster series

  • Rick:

    Knightriders 1981
    Q 1982
    Streets Of Fire 1984
    Remo Williams The Adventure Begins 1985
    Trancers 1985
    Blind Fury 1989
    Darkman 1990
    Showdown In Little Tokyo 1991
    Innocent Blood 1992
    Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me 1992
    Wes Craven’s New Nightmare
    Hideaway 1995
    Mars Attacks! 1996
    The Phantom !996
    Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas 1998
    End Of Days 1999

  • unrealbe:

    Hey Cecil,

    I recommend:
    Jersey Shore Massacre
    Lots of people giving this crap, giving bad reviews but I feel they are missing the point of the movie completely. It does not take itself seriously and it succeeds with giving a fun, comedic slasher.

  • SilverSurfer166:

    A little slasher flick from the 1980s called
    “Evil Laugh”. The full movie is on YouTube by the way.

  • George:

    It’s not exactly a BAD movie per se, but I feel that Signs is a fantastic film that gets shit on a lot by cynical people who really miss the point by nitpicking some of the minor details to death.

    Just throwin’ it out there.

  • Ray:

    Night Warning aka Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (1982) with a great performance by Susan Tyrell.
    Self Defense aka Siege, Night Warriors (1983), a little known canuxploitation flick.
    Rituals (1979), excellent Canadian backwoods slasher.

    Just to name a few.

  • El_Tizz:

    – Village of the Damned 1995
    – Last Gasp 1995
    – Exploring : Nightbreed (still waiting on that since you promised it last year at request month…)
    – Class of Nuke’em High
    – El Topo
    – Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS
    – It

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