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The Apple – Episiode 112

I’ve never been so high in my life!

22 Responses to “The Apple – Episiode 112”

  • MH:

    You know, I was sort of reminded of the fun docs on VH1 with your opening. I think one the strongest things you have going is if you did a “long” video documenting stuff from the era of the 1970s, 1980s, like instead of one movie, a bunch of movies, like a retro look at slashers, or a retro look at comedies from that time. I think you could sell it and make money from it. You have, from what I can see, a real strength there and I find it one of the more interesting things of your work. Maybe like, the Good Bad Flicks version of “I Love the 70’s”.

    • Cecil:

      Interesting idea. I’ve spoken to a few folks about something similar, although it was covering more of a franchise than a genre. I like it.

  • Cristiona:

    Well, that was certainly a movie. Yup.

    Incidentally, Moosejaw’s a real place. But what do you expect from Saskatchewan? A normal name?

    • MH:

      Cristiona, I haven’t responded to commentators here, but I found you comment funny. I liked it. That was some comment–“Well, that was certainly a movie.” Funny. It’s like a bad movie not having any good reviews, the poster quotes a critic is quoted with, “This is a movie”.

      • Cristiona:

        “It had me seated squarely in my chair, back against the seat, and feet firmly planted on the ground!”

        “Of all the movies you see this summer, this might be one of them!”

        “90 solid minutes of images and sounds!”

    • Cecil:

      Isn’t that where Bigfoot is from?!?! That’s not real. 😛

      The whole movie is so wacky I made the assumption Moose Jaw was just a made up place. Well, no worse than Bald Knob or Intercourse PA.

  • Its ironic that this movie is called “The Apple” seeing as how there was an episode of the original Star Trek with that same name. It must be influencing my viewing because I can’t help but notice how much that girl with the Apple in Hell looks like the eponymous “Elaan of Troyius” from the show’s third season.

    Bebe’s makeup with the arched eyebrows is looking a little “Original Series” too, and to top it all off: Space Hippies!

    With all that said it make more sense that this was originally called “Star Rock”. A pity they didn’t stick with that.

    George Gilmore looks uncannily like David Hasselhoff, but with a little Christian Bale chin.

  • txunderball:

    Great review and excellent choice as usual.

    If you want to listen to more talk about the movie, check out this excellent podcast episode about Apple. Features in-depth discussion about the movie and interviews with God, the girl and the writer and others.

  • john:

    With the whole illuminati style symbols of the triangles and the costumes it reminds me of Lady Gaga.

    I wonder if she has seen this film?

    For a musical it lo looks pretty fun unlike the highly praised Moulin Rouge garbage of Baz Luhrmann. All style, no substance.

    • Cecil:

      Hmmm…I wonder. It’s weird in a style that she could have very well lifted…or it could be just a coincidence. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was into this, it seems right up her alley.

      Moulin Rouge had lavish productions but zero soul. Not to mention I hated their versions of all the songs they did. Some things shouldn’t be made into showtunes.

  • Cecil, great review but in addition to the Adam and Eve symbolism (which is certainly there with the overt bite-of-the-apple stuff) this looks actually like a pretty solid albeit campy Christian ‘End Times’ telling. Boogalow is the antichrist, and he forces people to both wear the mark of the beast on their foreheads and ‘worship’ his image (in this case via BIM music) each day. People who don’t comply have to hide out and are ultimately going to be destroyed in a final battle when they’re raptured by God instead. That’s both insane and kind of awesome.

    • Cecil:

      Considering the source it was adapted from, I’m sure there was supposed to be more symbolism leading up to God returning. Yikes though!

  • Sue:

    Looks completely ridiculous and fun….and when I saw Allen Love, I thought it was Leif Garrett! LOL Kinda looks like him because of the hair.

  • What the HELL was this, besides “a movie”???? Good lord, I just had surgery, I keep thinking I’m hallucinating. If I saw this on the day I had my surgery (Wednesday), as I had planned to, my mom would have had to take me back to the hospital, because I would have been deliriously screaming “THE APPLE!”

    A few days after the fact, wow, this “movie” is strangely surreal. Who needs Hydrocodone when you have “THE APPLE”?!

    Excellent review, Cecil! And the scenes at the end of the review, were those your bloopers?

    • Cecil:

      It’s a weird one but then again, thats what I do. Keep in mind, you’ve only seen a portion of it, imagine how whacked out you would be if you saw the entire thing, musical numbers and all!

      Thanks! Yeah, I needed something to put at the end so I put some cut material and me laughing at my own jokes.

  • Brig:

    Two enthusiastic thumbs up on this review 🙂
    And yes, Moose Jaw is real. Leave it to Canada to come up with awesome names like that.

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