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The Crow City of Angels Part 1 – Good Bad Games

18 Responses to “The Crow City of Angels Part 1 – Good Bad Games”

  • Sour Crowd:

    Gee, this game looks pretty bad. But actually, playing it right now instead of being at my shitty workplace would feel like a reward.
    Anyway, nice vid, looking forward for part 2 😀

  • Timo:

    This reminds me of reading in the late 90s about a movie in development called The Crow: Lazarus. For a change the main character was supposed to be a black gangsta rapper, which I think would have had all sorts of interesting potential. Alas, it was never made.

    • Cecil:

      I believe they did a novelization of it though. (well, it was one of the Crow Novels that came out around that time)

  • Viewer:

    Not to hijack the topic, but since you recently did a Maniac Cop episode on Drome, it’s a really appropriate (if bizarrely accidental) tribute to the late mr. Z’Dar who passed away the other day.
    We’ll miss his work (Tango & Cash was the movie I saw him in first).

    Speaking of his work, you really ought to review one of the craziest movie he ever did and it’s totally up your ally.
    The Final Sanction (1990)
    US and Russia decide to battle it out, but instead of an all out war, each side chooses one fighter to duel it out themselves. The US chooses an ex soldier who got framed and ended up in prison and the Soviets choose Z’Dar a specially trained soldier who’s specialized in using miniature shovels as throwing knives.

    I’ll watch City of Angels game video when you put up the second part too, so I’ll comment on that then. Love the movie, though. Great B-movie sequel.

    • Cecil:

      Really saddened about Z’dar’s passing. His chin was legendary. I’m going to have to move the Maniac Cop movies up the list more.

      Haven’t seen Final Sanction (how have I missed this?!) but will check it out.

  • Mike:

    I missed out on this generation of consoles (5th) for the most part. I was at the age that my parents started making me pay for the things I wanted. Me and brother talked about going halves at times but ultimately decided that we had a PC for our gaming fix.

    Watching this game reminded me sort of why we didn’t take the plunge and get a PS1 or N64. To me this generation always felt like a beta test for something else (better). I’m not trying to crap on this era and I now do understand the significant but I did pretty much skip it.

    • Cecil:

      PS1 and N64 both had some great games. The nice thing about PS is if you have a PS2 or PS3 you can play all those PS1 games you missed for fairly cheap.

      N64 has some of their greatest hits on the Wii VC.

      Really, don’t go by what this game looks like there are plenty of very solid games from this gen.

      • Mike:

        Very true

        Are you aware of any docs that specifically cover this generation? I’ve seen a few video game docs but a lot of them love to cover the “crash” and Nintendo and almost seemly jump to the ps2/xbox and online gaming era.

        Keep up the awesome work!

  • jack:

    I know most people don’t like it and I guess compared to modern FPS combat games like Call of Duty and Battlefield it is not as good but I liked Rogue Warrior that felt like playing a late 80’s early 90’s B-movie action flick. The protagonist was great and the dialogue throughout the game was a blast.

    Certainly not worthy of being classified as one of the worst games of the previous generation. IGN gave it a 1.5 WHAT!!

    • Cecil:

      I picked up Rogue Warrior after a few people told me how much fun it was. Got it fairly cheap…less than $10 if I remember. Haven’t played it yet but my backlog is ridiculous.

      • jack:

        Was hoping you would cover it in one of your Good Bad Games. Oh well.

        It is short and doesn’t really have any reply value but one of the worst game of the Xbox 360/PS3 era? Hell no not even close. I thought the AI was pretty decent, fun to play and controls where good.

  • Castlevania86:

    Yea Rogue Warrior by no means was a good good but its not as bad as people made it out to be. AHHH Yea

  • Melissa:

    The girl you fight in the second level was not Sybil. Sybil was blonde. You were fighting Kali (who in the movie is played by the now deceased Thuy Trang of Power Rangers fame!). Kali is the one kills Danny in the movie and is killed by Ashe after throwing her out of Sarah’s apartment window.

    • Cecil:

      AHhhhhhhhhhh. I didn’t have a chance to rewatch the movie before I did the recording so I was going off memory. Whoops. (sidenote – Exploring The Crow City of Angels incoming)

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