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The Devil’s Rain – Episode 136

9 Responses to “The Devil’s Rain – Episode 136”

  • Cristiona:

    I guess the moral of the story is, “Don’t keep copies of the Devil’s Bible in your house.”

    He turned Shatner into Michael Myers. Irony! (and five minutes after I type that, you comment on it; oops).

  • James:

    The fact that you put Slayer on the end of this one makes it my favorite movie review of all time!

  • Moustached Avenger huh? I was calling him “Proto Josh Brolin”. I like your nickname better.

    For whatever reason that football gag had me laughing the most. I was expecting a Shanter-Mike Meyers connection but the Ernest Borgnine longevity clip was something that caught me off guard. I had completely forgotten about that interview.

  • Ah,classic Shatner,awesome! I do agree that the goat demon make-up was pretty good for it’s day and liked that video game Pokemon bit(did Handsome Eric make that as well?). BTW, I’m starting my Bad Movie Month series this Friday and my theme is The Devil Made Me Do It. First film up is Needful Things,based on the Stephen King book-have you ever seen that one,Cecil?

  • Jr.:

    Torgo’s theme, Pokemon jokes, and Slayer? Now only if i had some leftover pizza, all will be ok.

    *glances over at leftover pizza*

    Cecil you did it again!

    *Happy Days theme plays*

  • mogens:

    1.dracula vs frankenstin movies
    2.the roketeer
    3.friday the 13th jason goes too hell and friday the 13th 2009
    4.casper films
    5.the other 2 re.animator films
    6.puppetmaster films
    7.demonic toys films

  • Melissa:

    Geez, forgot how creepy the movie actually is. Tempted to watch it now. For me, I didn’t think Shatner would be the hero, I actually thought that Julie would be. Speaking of Ernest Borgnine (I think that’s how it’s spelled), is The Poseidon Adventure on your list? Well, anyway I can’t wait to see what you have in mind for your next film .
    *Crosses fingers while holding copies of ‘See No Evil’ and ‘Dragonball: Evolution’*

  • bastardjackyll:


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