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The Human Centipede – Episode 85

The Japanese possess unbelievable strength when backed into a corner!


34 Responses to “The Human Centipede – Episode 85”

  • Allison:

    Oh God, Cecil! This movie looks so disgusting and creepy! My brother asked me to tape this off of Netflix for him, and it completely creeps me out to think that this was what he wanted! Just the idea of this film is making me very nauseated.

    You have succeeded in showing how gross this movie really was. Good work, as always! πŸ™‚

    • Cecil:


      Yes, it is a very messed up movie. I think some people heard about it and expect to be able to laugh but once things get bad, it gets really bad. Even I was having a hard time trying to remain upbeat about it. It’s such a good movie but wow, it packs a depressing punch.

      • Allison:

        Just thinking about the girl in the middle being the lone survivor of the experiment, trapped between two deceased people, makes me feel sick. It was hard for me to watch the clips I saw, so I can imagine it was hard for you to watch the whole movie and construct a review. You earned my respect when I first saw your reviews, but you solidified it with this review. πŸ™‚

        • Cecil:

          Thank you! That’s a huge compliment! πŸ™‚

          It’s not an easy film to be lighthearted about, which is probably why there wasn’t quite as much humor in it as usual.

          • Allison:

            You are so welcome! I call it like I see it, and I rank you up there with the Angry Video Game Nerd and Nostalgia Critic…and this is coming from a female. I guess I just have the right sense of humor, and it helps that I have a male sense of humor!

            I laughed enough during the review when it was applicable, but yeah, you really had a challenge!

          • Cecil:

            You definitely made my day. Hearing I rank up there with the big ones is no small thing. That really means a lot, thank you. πŸ™‚

            Now, if only I could get as many viewers as them… πŸ˜›

  • Cristiona:

    Nice use of music for the happy doctor. Good episode, but… ugh. This is sooo not in my wheelhouse.

    I’m curious, though: what did you think of the Second Sequence? Even people who liked the first seemed to not care for the second at all.

    • Cecil:

      The Venga Bus tune with the doctor was making me lol. I watched it over and over. I don’t usually laugh that hard at my own gags but I loved the absurdity of it. It’s fun to be silly.

      Understood, this is not for everyone. I have a good friend of mine who refuses to even talk about it, it makes him sick.

      I have the Second Sequence and was hoping to watch it this weekend but haven’t been able to. It’s an interesting spin, the movie acts like it is reality and the first movie was, well, a movie. Blair Witch did something similar. I heard it doesn’t work as well because it is so far over the top. I want to watch it but I have to work a lot of late nights this week. Hopefully I can check it out this coming weekend. It’s the last movie from 2011 I need to see before I can do my top 10 of 2011.

      • jack:

        I thought the Human Centipede (First Sequence) was supposed to be a dark comic horror film that was deliberately over the top while the sequel was more of a classic gory horror film?

        • Cecil:

          I think it is more the other way around. The original is pretty serious whereas the sequel is beyond of the top. (I still need to see the sequel, mind you)

  • jack:

    Have you seen the movie A Serbian Film?

    I haven’t seen it myself but it is more notorious than The Human Centipede.

    According to IMDB they are making The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence).

    Perhaps Jack Black will be in it. πŸ™‚

    If I were to choose people to be a part a human centipede one of them would have to be Adam Sandler for making all those awful comedy films.

    • Cecil:

      Haven’t seen A Serbian Film but from what I gather it is a lot of really awful things thrown together. I’m curious to see but I don’t know how I will feel about it. I’m going to check it out eventually. It took a while to even be released. I’m just wondering if it will be like Murder Set Pieces where a big fuss was made about it and then the movie was…eh.

      I can’t even begin to imagine what he plans to do for the third one. LOL, I would fall over if Black was in it.

      As bad as Adam Sandler movies have become, I just can’t be mad at him. His older stuff was funny but then he did Mr Deeds and everything after that has been terrible.

      • Cristiona:

        I’ve only heard/seen a couple reviews for a Serbian Film, but they’ve been universally negative, even from people who love grue and movies like Human Centipede. I felt pretty nauseous just reading the plot on Wikipedia. In many ways, it’s like the exploitation/shock film version of a fan fiction. Like someone saw the worst of the worst but it wasn’t quite right, so they decided to do it themselves so it would be “done right”.

        And then they claimed it was social commentary as a shield from complaints.

        • Cecil:

          From what I gather, it is a movie that is gross for the sake of being gross. I’m all for pushing the envelope but you still have to have some sort of cohesive and (dare I say) entertainment value. As gross as the Guinea Pig series is there still is a certain interesting aspect to them that keeps them watchable. (some were better than others) A Serbian Films seems like they crammed as much awfulness into one movie as possible, and this is coming from someone who owns Nekromantik 1&2.

          Still, I want to see it before I pass judgement.

      • jack:

        With a few exceptions like The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates and Click I can’t say I ever liked Adam Sandlers films the worst being Little Nicky.

        As for HC3 the tagline is 100% Politically Incorrect so maybe they join Al Sharpton, Tom Metzger and Abe Foxman together. πŸ˜‰

        • Cecil:

          Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy are quite funny. I liked the Wedding Singer but it was one of those movies that was on cable so much I got sick of it. I know a lot of people didn’t like Little Nicky but I thought it was funny.

          I also give him a pass because he is a genuinely nice guy. Back around early the 2000s he was in DC at a friend’s college giving a speech. After the show my friend lost his wallet and couldn’t get his car out of a parking garage. Sandler bumped into him and after he explained the situation, he took him to get his car and paid to get it out of the lot. That’s pretty cool.

          • Cristiona:

            Little Nicky has a bizarro sort of charm, but it may be Harvey Kietel. Anyone who thinks it’s his worst has clearly never see Big Daddy. Also, am I the only one who liked his remake of Mr. Deeds? Every time I startle someone, I find myself quoting John Turturro’s character, “Yes sir, very sneaky.”

            Wedding Singer holds a weird place in my heart because I saw it in the theater on Valentine’s Day, on a platonic date with someone where there was a bit of attraction, but only enough to make seeing the Wedding Singer on Valentine’s Day strangely awkward.

            And, for some reason, I’m not surprised by your Sandler story. He really seems like the friendly goofball who made it big. He seems like the kind of guy who might forget that he’s a zillionaire from time to time, too. One of those guys you’d love to have a beer with, even if you don’t like his movies.

          • Cecil:

            Little Nicky has a lot of these goofy moments that really make me laugh. One of my oldest friends has a whiskey flask and every now and then if I’m over his house he comes up to me with it and tells me to “get in the flask”. I think people couldn’t get past the voice…kind of like with Red Letter Media. While I think his deconstructions of movies are brilliant, there are some folks who just can’t get past the voice.

            I’d totally love to have a drink with Sandler. (I don’t drink so I’d just have a soda or something but anyway) He seems like a genuinely nice guy and I’m sure he has some great stories to tell. While I think movies like Grown Ups are terrible, I can’t blame him for doing it. Essentially the studio paid him to go on vacation with his buddies for 2 months, make a movie, and give them all a nice fat paycheck. Who wouldn’t do that?

  • Bill Tetley:

    Good evening…

  • bastardjackyll:

    I thought the whole concept of this movie was disgusting, and I have no intention of ever watching it, and I almost skipped your review because of that, BUUUUT I am glad that I didn’t, because you made a great point right off the bat why movies like this HAVE to be made for film to go anywhere. Though I am still not going to watch it (hell, I guess I kind of have already), your review made me see the movie in a different light, and I hope that you do one for the sequels as well. LOVED the “vacuous females/Miss America” bit.

    • Cecil:

      I appreciate you watching it even though you weren’t all that interested in the movie. I try to put material in each episode so that even if you don’t like/care about the movie, that it is still interesting and/or funny.

      Professional critics will demonize a movie like The Human Centipede while not looking at the bigger picture. I personally think a movie like Transformers 2 is more harmful to the industry. They started filming it before they even had a script and then once the writers strike was over they hired scribes to come in and stitch together what was already done. That is why the whole thing is so stupidly haphazard. Yet the whole thing still makes over a billion dollars just proving that in the end, the general public doesn’t really care. They just go see the movie that is advertised the most. (sorry to beat a dead horse)

      Thanks! I wanted to sneak in a little jab there.

  • MVandi:

    So many people saying this film is utterly disgusting and horrific but, you don’t see sh-t in it.

    • Cecil:

      Exactly, that’s how I know if someone watched the movie or if they are just parroting what they heard someone say about it. The movie is horrifying on a psychological level because it makes you think of how terrifying it would be to go through something like this. You really don’t see much gore at all, which to me, makes it scarier. The sequel I enjoyed but they showed so much. It was all for shock value. I get what the director was going for and applaud him for doing something so out there but it still wasn’t as effective as the first.

  • Shaun:

    Who are dumber? The cops from The Human Centipede, or the cops from French film “Inside”?

  • MGNoxa:

    Oh no… I look like Jack Black…

    I was in my final year of High School when this movie came out and everyone was going about how disgusting and violent it was. Visually the movie isn’t that bad it’s the thought of it, which is why I love this movie.

    Funny story about my friend and The Human Centipede, when I told him it was 2 girls and a man who get stuck together ass to mouth all he wanted to know was two things 1) Do the girls get put together? and 2) Are they hot?
    I told him they were hot but before I could get into detail he demanded to watch the film with me. I tried to warn him but he wouldn’t listen because he assumed it would be sexy…

    I think the movie scarred him for life.

  • mogens:

    1.ohh come on not all Jack Black movies are horrile pice of Destiny the kung fu panda films scool of rock and brutal legend are good
    2.tenesis d was the best part of bio-dome LEAVE THEM ALONE THEY MAKE GOOD MUSIC

  • adam watson:

    I didn`t like it. It was well made and everything, but it just made me feel bad and depressed to watch it. I thought the jap gave a great performance. πŸ™‚

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