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The Incredible Melting Man – Episode 108


21 Responses to “The Incredible Melting Man – Episode 108”

  • Great review Cecil, I think this is in the running as one of the best. In addition to the always great recapping of the plot and background, it seemed you had some extra time with this entry to incorporate some more complex gags like the various cutaways and hilarious mock tabloid. Plus, you were a bit snarkier, especially about the illogical ability for characters to know all about the monster without cause. That definitely helps keep the “bad” of GBF emphasized.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I’m a big fan of this one so I wanted to make sure and present it well. I also got lucky and had some extra time this week, hence all the nifty animations.

      I’m really proud of how this one turned out. 🙂

  • Cristiona:

    Oh, it’s always astronauts. Silly space men!

    Okay, that Mellow Gold joke completely killed me. I’m glad nobody was around to hear me laughing like a maniac. This is one of your funniest episodes to date.

    I have to agree about the effects. That’s some pretty outstanding stuff and manages to be gross and creepy without being so gross that you can’t look at it.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I was laughing myself while dong it, which is always a plus. I’m so happy with that gag, it just fit too perfectly.

      The effects are amazing still. This is something you couldn’t do with CGI, at least not now. Maybe sometime in the future.

  • See, this was the worst part about growing up in the Internet age, there were no late night big breasted horror host to bring us campy horror movies. If we wanted them we had to use Google, YouTube and IMDB to seek them out!

    We suffered so much in the seeking, while you had it all handed to you on a silver platter! *sniff sniff sob*

    • Cristiona:

      We totally need someone to make “Netflix Instant Queue… UP All Night”

    • Cecil:

      Its a mixed bag. I was talking to a friend of mine who has a teenager and she sits in her room and watches movies on her Kindle fire. I can’t imagine how awesome that would have been when I was a kid. To have thousands of shows to watch at any time? I had a 13 inch color tv in my room and I used to sit it on a chair next to my bed so I could watch Star Trek TNG reruns and anything else I could find. I mowed lawns all summer so I could buy a VCR for my room.

      I do miss the magic of watching a show like Saturday Night Dead or Monstervision and being filled with joy over whatever terrible movie they were running. I’ll never forget the night I stayed up until 5 am to watch Frankenstein Conquers the World. Sooooo awesome!

      • Cristiona:

        You had a TV in your room? Lucky you!

        The other great thing about those late night movie shows was the thrill of sneaking down to the living room (for those of us without TVs in our room!) and watching them when everyone else was asleep. My brother and I watched a lot of USA Up All Night like that. Something about the thrill of hoping you weren’t caught, which a Kindle just can’t replicate.

        • Cecil:

          Lucky, it actually was. One night I went to the corner store with my father and while we were there he said “give me three numbers”. I did and he bought a pick 3 lottery ticket. The planets must have aligned or something because that night those numbers hit and we won $500. He asked me what I wanted since I picked the numbers and all I wanted was a color TV for my room. So the next day we went out and bought a wonderful 13 inch tv for my room. It was awesome, I was the only kid in my class to have his own TV. (which then lead to me being the kid who did nothing but watch TV)

          This was great for many reasons. Now I could play my NES without hogging the family tv. I didn’t have to fight with my sister over who got to watch what. I didn’t have to sneak into the living room to watch Saturday Night Dead anymore. (although I had to keep the volume down really low so I didn’t get caught being up late)

          I wonder if I would still be as big a tv/movie guy as I am now if this didn’t happen. I lived on a steady diet of Kung fu Theater, Creature Double Feature, Saturday Night Dead, Star Trek TNG, cartoons, Bob Ross, and Sweet Valley High.

  • john:

    The special effects are pretty impressive for the time period especially given the budget restraints.

    I think people downgrade a lot of films based purely on the premise or film title that they have probably heard negatively through word of mouth on the internet and already have a bad perception of the film before even watching them.
    There are a lot of films that got a lot of undue hype that I thought were way overrated or even bad while films that are regarded as worst ever are either mediocre or pretty good.

    I wonder how many people got the fat Ethel reference without having seen the Cinema Snobs review of Criminally Insane/Death Nurse.

    • Cecil:

      There is this weird internet culture of “well, I heard it sucks so it sucks”. I just don’t get it.

      Ah you caught that! I figured most people either never saw Death Nurse or if they did, they saw it on The Cinema Snob.

  • I live in the Philadelphia market, have since the late 1980s. My ex-boyfriend had some old tapes he let me borrow when we were still dating, and it had some Saturday Night Dead commercials on one of them. It brings me back to the good old days of schlock theater, especially USA Up All Night, where I still claim its where I first saw Porky’s. Joe Bob Briggs introduced me to the original Child’s Play movie on a Saturday Night, before I put on Saturday Night Live one week. I think I was in 8th grade at the time.

    Anyway, this review was hilarious. Mellow Gold takes me back – I miss the days of Mystic Music commercials and infomercials (remember the Ultimate Love Collection?), and you just gave me a total nostalgia trip. This movie looks unbelievably disgusting, but I just may have to check it out, even if its the MST3K version, there are so many MST3K-worthy moments in this movie. I particularly love the pregnancy discussion in front of the chroma key screen. And the end of the movie? DODGEKAH!

    And don’t forget, during pregnancy – Wine good, sedatives good, CHOCOLATE BAD!

    • Cecil:

      There used to be a tape trade back in the late 80s early 90s of all kinds of stuff. The Cult of Bob, Monster Movies, Teletubbies, Mondo Topless, anime, and other stuff I can’t think of at the time. It was the only way to discover things like this at the time. Basically whatever was weird and awesome we traded it amongst each other. Some were copies of copies. Ahh good times.

      Thanks! The old ads were great. New commercials are just awful.

      The MST version unfortunately isn’t on DVD but it is out there. I think it may be on youtube, at least in clips.


      • The whole movie is on You Tube, MST3K version.

        I guess I’m a little young for the whole tape trade thing – I was born in late 1982. But I have heard of it.

        Your chocolate bad thing reminded me of “Mmmm, delicious RC Cola!” from Suburban Commando. I don’t know why, but that’s the first thing that came to mind!!!!

        • Cecil:

          The tape trading thing was big on MST3K. At the end of the videos they had a “Keep Circulating The Tapes” because it was the only way to get the show around. (back then not everyone had Comedy Central, it wasn’t in certain markets)

          Tape trading was the way of things going “viral” back before the internet took off. There was some things that I saw/heard back then that I still can’t find again, even with all the glory of the internet. Sometimes things are just lost forever.

          Because RC Cola is delicious!

  • txunderball:

    One of your funniest reviews yet. Guess the flaws of the movie helped there. Now that I’ve “seen” the movie, I do wish they could recut it back to being a parody. It feels like one and the potential for comedy is obviously there. Considering the trends back than I am honestly amazed there was no “The Incredible Melting Woman” at some point. After all, they even made The Incredible Shrinking Woman in 1981.

  • Jr.:

    Like some of the earlier comments, I too am a product of the Internet age, so i was too young to ever experience any of the “horror hosts” of yore, expect for maybe MonsterVision and MST3K, both I was too young to watch or even understand. Its really upsetting to me that they may never be as prevalent as they were before but thats how it is. But I like to think, Cecil, that you are the continuation and the new flag bearer of those old traditions of riffing and showcasing cheesy B movies. So thanks for being one of my generation’s “horror hosts” despite that you’re not on the videos themselves haha.
    Speaking of which, have you seen that documentary American Scary? Its brilliant.

    • Cecil:

      I’ve been called “Joe Bob Briggs 2.0” and now am being referred to as a horror host for the new generation. I’m flattered. 🙂

      There was something magical about those old marathon sessions with the horror hosts. Although now, it has been replace by the convenience of having so much content at your fingertips. It’s a good trade off but there still is a part of me that misses the old style.

      I have the doc, just haven’t watched it yet. I need to fix that!

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