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The Kiss – Episode 63

I want some Fritos.

12 Responses to “The Kiss – Episode 63”

  • jeff:

    The feet scenes would make sense if they were written by Tarantino.

  • Michelle:

    That cat is creepy, man.

  • Michelle:

    Oops. That was supposedto go on the other hell.

    • Cecil:

      lol, well this could also apply to the cheesy cat puppet in The Kiss

      Nuncat was awesome! (and a little creepy) I only showed about half the scenes she was in.

  • Foobs:

    I was confirmed in a conservative diocese where it is affectionately referred to as “getting smacked around by the bishop”

    • Cecil:

      lol I never heard of that one.

      I was raised in an Irish Catholic parish where one of the older priests was “reassigned” after he was caught swimming naked with a few alter boys. Thankfully, I was not one of them.

  • Will:

    This might be embarrassing but I actually have a foot fetish (of the Tarantino kind. . .not the creepy sexual kind) and there is no DOUBT the director or the DP has a foot fetish because at some points it was just silly! Like when that girl is sitting outside the pool. . .you try sitting like that with your feet pointed! It’s not comfortable!

    Anyway, I believe HBO did a remake of this (or an ‘homage’) sometime in the 1990s. Since it was HBO, they lessened the supernatural and horror and increased the sex. I was in my raging mid-teens when the movie came out so I probably watched it a TRILLION times but I can’t think of the name to save my life.

    Anyway, this has been. . .”Get to know weird facts about Will’. Thanks for reading.


    • Cecil:

      Nothing to be embarrassed about. I don’t have a foot fetish per se but I do like if a girl has nice feet, it just ads to the overall attractiveness of the girl.

      The only thing I can think of is a movie called Serpent’s Lair with Jeff Fahey. Kind of similar, the girl was a succubus. There was even a cat in it. I used to watch this and all the Shannon Tweed movies back then. Ah, good times.


  • Jr.:

    Joanna Pacula also came out in Virus with Jamie Lee Curtis, a film you MUST review.

  • mogens:

    hey some of us acselly like the pink panthor movies and the night of the museum movies

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