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The Wraith – Episode 137

26 Responses to “The Wraith – Episode 137”

  • MVandi:

    This is one of those films that I just went nuts over when I learned it finally got a DVD release after many, many years. It was my first introduction to Charlie Sheen, Randy Quaid, Clint Howard, practically every big name in the film. Plus, I gotta say, the Turbo Interceptor…better than the Batmobile(any version). Love this movie and this was a great review of it.

    • Cecil:

      Its great going back to a movie like this and seeing so many familiar faces at the beginning of their careers.

      The Turbo Interceptor is one of the coolest cars ever. While everyone goes nuts for the BttF Delorian (which is cool) I’d rather have one of these.

  • Cristiona:

    That bit about the filming in winter reminds me of Pitch Black’s filming which had the same issue. There were a lot of high beams for a scorching hot desert world…

    Oh my God. I never thought about the connections to High Plains Drifter, but I can totally see it now that you mention it. It really kind of is a 80’s racing version of that.

    I didn’t know about all the production problems and it’s too bad. This is a truly fantastic film, and probably could have been a big hit if it hadn’t been screwed with. Especially that bit about the sound mixing. That’s just low.

    • Cecil:

      Pitch Black is glorious! Also Chronicles of Riddick which is hands down one of the most badass, underappreciated films out there.

      The producers just did not give a single fuck about the movie. It was the director, cast, and crew that struggled hard to make the film as good as they could. Such a shame. It was rumored that one of the producers cut corners (beyond the audio thing) and walked with a nice chunk of the money that should have gone into the production. There was an interview with the director from a few years ago where you could just see how he was still angry about it.

      The audio thing was a disaster, that is the kind of thing that can ruin a film. How many people went to see it back then and told their friends “don’t see that movie you can’t hear anything!” The general movie going public isn’t going to wonder why the movie has bad audio, they are just going to say it sucks and never think of it again. Meanwhile, some jackass is sleeping on a pile of money.

  • Maybe I’ve been watching too much “Seinfeld” lately because it looks like Clint Howard is an unholy fusion of George and Kramer.

    I was sorry to learn that David Ellis died because I was hoping that with all the hype about Sharknado that he might be able to use his Snakes on a Plane cred to bounce back with bigger budget SyFy titles like “Sharkpocalypse”.

  • Lucas:

    Great to hear you on Geek Juice Radio the other day. Have you given any thought as to what your four films would be? I’ll be sure to check out Double Whammy, Slither, and Dylan Dog.

    Also, I adore The Wraith! I would hope that Charlie, excuse me Carlos Estevez, would be willing to return for a sequel, as it would be far better than Anger Management is.

    • Cecil:

      Awesome! I gotta post the Geek Juice link here. I’ve since recorded a few more with the crew but they haven’t been released yet. I have my list coming up on the 14th but the episode won’t be posted until later in the month.

      My list is:
      Shark Night
      Terminator Salvation
      Jason X

  • mogens:

    movies you can review belt jones 1974
    2.greetings 1968
    3.the great alligator 1979
    4.hillbillys in a haunted house 1968
    5.santa claus conquers the martians 1964
    6.howard the duck 1986
    7.they saved hitlers brain 1968
    8.glen or glenda 1953
    9.mesa of lost woman 1953
    10.troll 1986
    11.tenage zombies 1959
    12.the fat spy 1965
    13. voodoo woman 1957
    14.ishtar 1987
    15.frankenstein conquers the world 1965
    16.the creeping terror 1964
    17.firebird 2015 a.d 1981
    18.dracula vs. frankenstein 1971
    19.bride of the monster 1955
    20.tnt jackson 1975

  • Sychodemus:

    One of my favorite movies. The score and soundtrack is still great. Another win for the 80s.

  • bastardjackyll:

    Great video, super informative. I love it when you mention the other movies that people have worked on (ie, the ones that are notable to you); dude, Moving Violation is a GOOD.BAD.MOVIE.

  • mogens:

    well cecil?

    • Cecil:

      Dude, you do realize I get dozens of emails, requests, messages etc a day? Sometimes I can’t respond right away.

      While I appreciate your enthusiasm, you need to relax. I’ll get to the movies when I can. Unless I start doing these full time I have to just plug away 1 movie at a time.

  • Melissa:

    Obviously a little late to comment, but watcha gonna do? Seriously, awesome film, though I don’t get the picture of the random blonde girl. Also, you hate Anacondas: Trail of Blood??! Nooooooo!

    PS, saw a couple comments about the Riddick films. Are your excited for the 3rd film coming out this year? (It’s got Katee Sackhoff and Keri Hilson in it!)

    • Cecil:

      Never too late to comment!

      The random blonde was a goof on whatever the hell happened to Amanda Bynes. The coroner pulls back the tarp and Randy Quaid goes “oh thats ugly” and I put up a pic of the disaster Bynes has turned into. (in the actual movie its one of the dead kids with his eyes burned out, which I show after that)

      I can not wait for Riddick. Pitch Black was awesome, Chronicles was awesome, he video game was awesome. The new movie is gonna be, well, awesome.

      I liked Trail of Blood. The picture is from Anacondas The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, which was the second in the series. Shortly before the release they edited the movie so all the kills took place off screen. This was to get a PG-13 rating. Although if you go back and watch the original, it was a bloody good time and it was also PG-13. (this was right around the time when hollywood decided it needed to neuter its films) A large part of the fun of the series was the ridiculous, over the top deaths. You take that away and all you have is bad CGI snakes.

      • Melissa:

        Yeah, Bynes has become a disaster. What sucks is hat i grew up with her shows and she’s a really funny actress. I hope she gets better in the future since there really are so little good comedians these days. I’ve seen the original cut for Blood Orchid and it’s almost as good as the original, so yeah neutering down was a stupid move.

        Although speaking of the Anaconda movies, if they don’t make a sequel starring Sylvester Stallone and Bianca Lawson where they fight mutant Anaconda ninjas, I’m gonna cry.

        • Cecil:

          I grew up watching her on The Amanda Show (Amanda please!) so it does bum me out that she of all people turned into such a mess. I even liked her on “What I like about you” but apparently, stories came out after the show ended that she was a complete pain in the ass to work with. Plus, she used to do all kinds of stuff to piss off Jennie Garth. (like purposefully walk around set naked when Jennie’s husband Peter Facinelli was there)

          Blood Orchid is quite good when you see the unedited cut but the released PG-13 version is terrible. They removed the entire purpose of the film!

          I would gladly pay to see anything with Anacondaninjas.

  • Bryan:

    Wow. This movie looks great. I must have. Also, this was a great review.

  • Shaun:

    I’m surprised no car guys or gals have caught you on this yet… You made fun of the tachometer reading over 5500RPM by saying it was the speed (& speedometer)? Assuming his car only went to 5th gear, he could have easily been going 150MPH!

    Forced joke or rushed, ignorant joke – I’m not sure what you were trying to do there…

    • Cecil:

      Just a goof on my part. Didn’t notice it was the tach. Oops. Such is the life of a one man crew!

      • Shaun:

        Got it. Just wasn’t sure what happened.
        Of course the car is probably sitting in neutral somewhere while a stunt guy presses the gas pedal down hard.

        Still no WordPress plugin for E-mail notifications upon responses?

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