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This week’s hint. Give him the stick!

Don’t give him the stick!

18 Responses to “This week’s hint. Give him the stick!”

  • Layla:

    For some reason, only Dreamcatcher comes to mind…

  • Bill Tetley:

    A complete stab in the dark…Frozen?

  • Cristiona:

    I’m guessing it’s probably GI Joe.

  • Big Ninja Jim:

    This is the first time I have some clue. But I can’t quite figure it out. I’m betting it has to do with snow or the cold in some way. Maybe skiing or hockey, I can’t be sure.

  • Leo:

    I am betting “Extreme Ops”.

  • Allison:

    Haha! This has to be my favorite GI Joe parody cartoon, aside from the end where the kid falls off the cliff…9 seconds of hilarity.

    Is it GI Joe? Because if it is, I’m going to have to watch it before it gets reviewed!

  • Troy:

    GI Joe, one of the old PSAs they aired.
    Specifically, that’s a fenslerfilm dub quote.

  • Don Chubo:

    Is it “The Thing”?

    • Cristiona:

      That’s a good guess, actually. The prequel was generally regarded as being utter crap. Maybe Cecil disagrees.

      • Cecil:

        It was? I loved the prequel my only gripe was I wished they would have kept the finished practical effects instead of replacing them with CGI. Although, admittedly, some of the CGI is quite good. I was very impressed. (oh, and it’s not the Thing this week)

        • Allison:

          I like the original, with Kurt Russell, even though he looks like a Mountain Man in it. I saw a few things in that movie that could keep people up at night.

          I used to sit and watch those GI Joe clips for hours when I was in college…because I had all the time in the world to do so, apparently.

        • Cristiona:

          Well, Metacritic’s score is 49/100 with a viewer average of 6.4/10.

          Not the worst received movie out there (Shark Night’s was 22) but certainly not what I’d call well received. I think probably because of the difficulty of doing a prequel, especially one that ends more or less right as the other begins. There’s little mystery about what’s going to happen.

          As opposed to Prometheus, which looks to be set at least a generation before Alien.

          • Cecil:

            The very end made me incredibly happy. They did it exactly the way they should have.

            I had no problems with the prequel aside from minor things. While John Carpenter’s version is still the best, I thought they incorporated some cool stuff from both the original 1951 version and Carpenter’s vision.

            I do hope they eventually release a Blu-ray or DVD that has both versions of the prequel. The one as it is now and the original version with all practical effects. I’d gladly purchase it again.

            Prometheus looks amazing.

  • Don Chubo:

    “Dead Snow”?

  • Joshnorm:


  • Cecil:

    Too much time crunch this weekend, so the episode should be up tonight. 🙂

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