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First off I want to thank everyone who has been helping to promote the show out there. I really appreciate everything you do. 🙂

Aside from the annoyances with youtube, mainstream May was a success. It also showed the avenue through which I will be doing the show from now on. That is, 3 episodes of older movies and 1 episode of something new per month. Now, this isn’t an exact science (top 10 episodes, recommendations, etc) but it will be the model I will be going forth with in the future. I think it will help so I can do some newer movies once in a while and also bring in some new viewers to the show. (and still keeping with the older/obscure stuff because that is the foundation of the show)

On that note, there will be a new episode this week but it is another of what I am calling “Cecil Recommends”. (I’m working on a seal of approval graphic that may or may not be ready for this episode but definitely for future ones.) This time I’m doing an episode dedicated to movies that are remakes where the originals were far superior. (also, movies you may not even know are remakes)

Next week is a little tricky. I am doing an episode but it is for something…else. I announce more when I can. You’ll be able to watch the episode but not until after the 16th. So, while there won’t be a new episode on the 10th, there should be a whopping 2 new episodes on the 17th. (along with the announcement of what the hold up was)

Also, as you may or may not have noticed, I am getting very close to 100 episodes. While I have good things planned for 97-98 (well, I have good things planned for every episode), episodes 99 and 100 are going to be big. I’m pretty excited.

Thanks to all of you for being awesome. Stay tuned, more goodness to come.

8 Responses to “Updates and Stuff”

  • Bill Tetley:

    DKC Approved…it’s not just good, it’s Good Enough! 🙂

  • Sue:

    Can’t wait!!! I think I know what the something else is and I’m totally excited about seeing that!!! Yeeeeeeeee!!!

    • Cecil:

      well, don’t get too excited, the something else is not what you are thinking. Although I am working on that this week so I hope to have ti finished…finally. It only took a frikkin year lol.

  • Looking forward to it, Cecil! 🙂

  • I’m interested to see your list of remakes, especially in light of a recent discussion with my peers. Out of a dozen people, none of them knew that “The Wicker Man”, “I Am Legend” and 2011’s “The Thing” were all remakes. Nor did they know that the upcoming “Prometheus” had any connection to “Alien”.

    Either I need to educate some ignorant people or else find new friends. Maybe your video can help with the education.

    • Cecil:

      Yeah, its sad that so many people either don’t know or don’t care that the movie is a remake. I’ve actually had some conversations with people who I’ve recommended (foreign/subbed) movies to and they just tell me “I’ll just wait for the remake”. It’s just hollywood being super lazy and instead of trying something new they are just falling back on previous successes. Why else would they feel the need to reboot Spider-man so soon?

      In its defense The Thing is actually a prequel. (although it was idiotic that they didn’t call it something else) They even ended it at the beginning of the John Carpenter one. Was very cool. (JC’s version is another example of a remake done right)

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