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Waxwork – Episode 65

Run! Run! There’s nowhere to run!

10 Responses to “Waxwork – Episode 65”

  • txunderball:

    Good review. Did you forget to mention the (in my opinion inferior) sequel or did you skip it on purpose?

    • Cecil:

      I just didn’t mention it because I’m going to be doing an episode on it eventually. I liked it but it wasn’t as good as the original. It has some great effects though.

      • txunderball:

        My thoughts exactly. When I saw the trailer for the sequel I couldn’t believe how good it looks. Then I saw the movie and couldn’t believe how shabby everything else was. It almost feels like a completely different movie done by a different director.

  • Jr.:

    I wonder if The Cabin in the Woods was inspired by this…

  • StainlessSteelRat:

    *Sigh* memories. Waxwork was one of my favorites. House of wax was a poor excuse in comparison. Thank goodness I never heard of the sequel. I’ll enjoy it when you get around to do the review *evil cackle*. Luv the reviews, this will be one long night.

    • Cecil:

      The ending of the remake of house of Wax was impressive in its visuals but that doesn’t make up for the somewhat lackluster 90 minutes beforehand.

      The rest of my year is pretty much booked so Waxwork 2 will be sometime next year.


  • Timo:

    The 1992 Horrorsoft game Waxworks is obviously based on this movie. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

  • mogens:

    1;30 hee looks like wille wonka but without the hat

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