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We could use some of this right now


Seriously, it’s like 95 and the sun is down.

Anyway, here is this week’s hint. Any ideas?

27 Responses to “We could use some of this right now”

  • Jack:

    The Devil’s Rain?

  • bastardjackyll:

    The Devil’s Rain, BOO YA!

  • mogens:

    what do you think of these?
    1.lenord part 6 belt jones
    3.robot monster
    4.troll 1 and 2
    5.snow wite german version
    7.killer screws
    8j.d revenge

    • Cristiona:

      Leonard Part 6 is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. In no world is it a “good bad flick”. It’s a straight-up bad movie with no redeeming qualities.

      • Cecil:

        Its a terrible movie and I can’t really defend it but good grief I do love it so. Even Bill Cosby hates it.

      • bastardjackyll:

        Yeah, it’s a pretty bad movie, but they had some fun ideas; the bird-guy killers, the ricochet-bullet/kitchen shootout, and that Porsche with the tank gun was the tits. Bill Cosby totally half-assed, but with different casting (at the time, maybe John Ritter), and a little tweak to the script Leonard Part 6 could have been regarded in the same way the Buckaroo Banzai or Big Trouble in Little China are today.

  • James:

    Reign Of Fire?

  • mogens:

    a diten ask you i was asking cecil

  • Ebb n Flow Man:

    Umm.. ‘Hard Rain’?

  • Looks like someone beat me to guessing “Devil’s Rain”.

    Incidentally, it was 95 here in Michigan yesterday too. I scooped myself up an ice cream cone and went outside to soften it up and it was melting all over the place in less than a minute!

    • Cecil:

      It is unbelievably hot around here. I hate really hot/humid weather it makes doing anything so much of a hassle. I feel like I need a shower after I’m outside for 5 minutes.

  • Jason:

    Hey Cecil, your hint reminded me of another little gem of a movie with a satanic weather title. Have you ever seen Demon Wind (1990) ???

    • Sychodemus:

      Wow, that movie… But thank you for reminding me of Demonwarp (1987) – Sasquatch, aliens, zombies and… George Kennedy.

    • Cecil:

      Nope but I just looked it up and it sounds cool. I’ll check it out.

      • Jason:

        Cecil, Demon Wind is right up your alley…for example there is literally a scene with a magician riding up in a convertible wearing traditional magician garb while cliche’d military “death from above” music plays. If that wasn’t enough he gets out and displays a magic trick and oh wait,…. he just happens to be a expert in Kung Fu as he roundhouse kicks a beer can at the head of his romantic rival. LOL I couldnt make this up if I tried.

  • mogens:

    devils rain huh what will bee next huh turgish star trek

  • Bryan:

    I can’t really guess, since I already read the comments, but if I would have guessed, it would have been Ninja Assassin. It stars a guy named Rain. I would have been way off.

  • Melissa:

    Ooooh, some one said it was the Devil’s Rain. I love that movie. As long as your doing horror flick’s with Star Trek alumni have you ever thought about doing The Supernaturals with Nichelle Nichols?

    • Cecil:

      Good choice! One of the freakiest cover to stare me down at the local video store. Plus, Rex Manning! That is definitely on the list.

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