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We Wish You a Turtle Christmas – Episode 114

A Pizza with Pepperoni!

26 Responses to “We Wish You a Turtle Christmas – Episode 114”

  • Cristiona:

    Well, it’s no The Ref, but…

    Also, I totally remember that California Raisins Christmas. And the running wassail joke.

    • Cecil:

      Ah The Ref. A movie that completely flew under the radar when it was first released. Leary and Spacey going toe to toe. How did no one see this movie back then?!

      When I was writing this episode I was looking into the California Raisins episode remembering it to be silly as all hell. I don’t remember much aside from the doo wop Christmas songs and of course, the wassail joke.

      “Here We Come a-Waffling”

      • Cristiona:

        I missed the Ref when it came out, and rented it years later when I was on a Denis Leary kick. It blew my mind. I love it to pieces, and watched it this morning. Despite being a foul-mouthed comedy, it’s also an amazing family drama. Great dysfunctional Christmas movie.

        I should find a copy of the Raisin’s Christmas. They had some good songs, and I still giggle at “Here we come a waffling”.

        • Cecil:

          I saw it by accident one night while flipping cable channels. There was nothing on and I happened to land on it very close to the beginning. I figured I would watch it until I fell asleep but it was so good I stayed with it to the end.

          I just checked and it seems the Claymation Christmas is on youtube in various segments.

          • Cristiona:

            Now I feel old. I didn’t just watch it when it originally aired, but I remember being excited for it and being unable to wait for it to be on.

          • Cecil:

            I remember watching it when I was a kid. I only ever saw it that one time but it must have made an impression if I can remember the Waffling joke all these years later.

  • Wait, Raphael is the leader?!

    I have to say, simply based on the clips, this seems to be pretty high up in the pantheon of legitimately bad films reviewed here. Definitely some laughs, but the costumes and some of those lyrics…wow.

    • Cecil:

      What? Who said that? Not me nope. (I edited it out)

      Wow, I flubbed that one. I blame the robitussin. You should hear the outtakes. Its me reading lines and then coughing razors. Thankfully, I seem to have been able to get most of this out of my system. Good grief! I haven’t had a cold this bad a long while.

      This could very well be one of the worst things I’ve ever reviewed. I think the only thing cheaper is Hack-o-lantern.

      It’s not without its charm though! Watching it really takes me back to the 90s.

  • Jamie:

    Awesome! A new review! The thousand yard stares on the Turtles in this movie were enough to traumatize any kid. They look like they were all geeked out on meth. Maybe that’s where the $5,000.00 went. Straight into their veins and up their nostrils.

  • Mike:

    I remember how disappointed I was in TMNT 3 as a kid. I hated them going back in time, I wanted them to stay in NYC be funny, eat pizza and kick some butt, although it was nice seeing Casey Jones back.

    I’ll still watch 1 and 2 for some fun childhood nostalgia time but 3 was and is still dead to me, aside from my initial watch at the theater, I’ve maybe caught 10 minutes of it since. Which begs the question, as adult is 3 even worth a re-watch on any level?

    • Cecil:

      Me too. It’s easily the worst of the 3. The sad thing is…well…I’ll go into it more with the TMNT 2 review in January. Lets just say that parents groups ruined the turtles movie careers.

      TMNT 3 is worth giving another go. No, its not anyway near as good as the first 2 but it has a few good moments. Plus, like you said Casey was back. Going back in time was a stupid move. Overall though, it is a huge disappointment. You’re better off just rewatching the first 2 or the cartoon.

      • Mike:

        Cowabunga! I’ll probably wait until the TMNT 2 review and do a re-watch on all 3. I do remember in my junior year of high school we had a huge TMNT 1 revival and were peppering quotes left and right.

  • Chris:

    Great review. I loved the reference to the song “Turtle Power”.

  • Chris:

    What did you think of “Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation”? I think I was seven years old when it came out, and even though it was not great, I am tempted to buy the series since Shout Factory is distributing it, as well as “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. I own the VHS copy of the five part episode “East Meets West”. I always wanted the Nostalgia Critic to review it with the AVGN, but now the NC is gone :(.

  • Foobs:

    Wow, that would be poor production values for youtube…

    I have no trouble believing that was made for $5000, though Most of that must have ended up with their dealer…

    • Cecil:

      lol well, it was the 90s and they most likely borrowed the used outfits from the Coming out of the shells tour. Some of them looked dry rotted.

  • txunderball:

    Whenever I hear that “We’re the Turtles” intro song I always want to shout “F### yeah!” and raise my fist high. 🙂 And I’m not even a kid. 🙂

    Great special for all the wrong reasons. 🙂

    Thanks for reviewing this.

  • Brig:

    LOL, I love how you photoshopped their heads at the very end of this. Hilarious!

  • SOunds like they were trying to turn TMNT into America’s Wombles (BBC TV stop-motion show based on the books by ELisabeth Beresford, narrated by Bernard “WIlf off Dr. Who” Cribbens, which spawned a live-action band and a film)

  • mogens:

    this is so mutch better than the angry video game nerd and nostalgia critic combined

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