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Netflix Instant Recommendations November 13 2015

November 2015 Q&A

The 5th Annual All Request Month


5 already? Wow, time flying and all that. Ok, here’s the deal. Give me your requests for the movies you want me to do in January. After a week I will put up a poll of the requests from here (and over the past year) up for a vote. Pick your top 4 and whatever wins, I’ll do episodes on.

As always, there are a few that I won’t do. No, I still won’t do Battlefield Earth or anything from Uwe Boll. I also have one new addition, unfortunately. Due to Fox being complete pains, I won’t do any movie from them. Its not worth going through all the trouble to defend one of their properties and then have to fight them over it for months because they don’t understand fair use. (see: Daredevil…oh wait, you can’t they took it down)

So anyway, give me your requests either here, twitter, facebook or email.

Dungeons & Dragons Wrath of the Dragon God Episode 209

Netflix Instant Recommendations November 6 2015