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Arachnoquake Episode 184

15 Responses to “Arachnoquake Episode 184”

  • Roy:

    Man, did Edward Furlong get fat and methy or what?!

    Ethan Phillips was also a regular on the “Soap” spinoff, “Benson” (oddly prophetic on a political level), where he worked with Tracey Gold’s sister, Missy.

    Good, fun work, Cecil. Keep it up, looking so forward to the 200th episode (HOPE IT ROCKS!!!), and remember…”I am the Night Rider! I’m a fuel-injected suicide machine!”

  • Melissa:

    What’s the name of the actress who plays the girl that swung the baseball bat at the spider? She looks really familiar but I can’t place a name and IMDb doesn’t list her on the Arachnoquake page

    • Cecil:

      Samantha Smith perhaps?

      • Melissa:

        Oh, okay. I see, her page didn’t have a picture. Don’t know why I thought I recognized her, this move is her only credit. Any other SyFy originals you plan on giving the good ‘ol GoodBadFlicks treatment? I’d suggest Supergator.

        • Cecil:

          I’m not sure if that’s her, I just took a guess since she was the only one of the girls who had a speaking part.

          Might do Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus or one of the other enjoyable mash ups.

  • Timo:

    Escape from Bug Island? Oh please do a Good Bad Games video of that!

    • Cecil:

      I’d love to but Nintendo is being dicky about games and its not worth doing the video only to have it taken down or have NIN take over the monotization. Perhaps one day if they reverse their nonsensical policy.

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