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Captain America Civil War – Movie Review

2 Responses to “Captain America Civil War – Movie Review”

  • mogens:

    1.ya more marvel movies sarkasm
    2.i really dont like the pissing scene in iron man 2
    3.why can the marvel movies take a brake like the Godzilla movies it gets kinda overated now
    4.i am sure by now that robert downey jr and hugh jackman is getting tirred of playing wolverine and iron man/tony stark

  • The Viewer:

    Completely unrelated, but there’s no other way to do this… Cecil, you have to see Stephen King’s The Graveyard Shift (1990) about a small town’s crummy textile mill infested with rats, the poor workers turned cleanup crew and their scummy psycho boss, who are all being picked off one at the time by something. Special appearance by Brad Dourif as the rat exterminator/unhinged Nam vet. This would be perfect for your show. Finger licking good perfect!
    One again, sorry for this off-topic posting.

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