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Championing Hated Movies Week 4 – Hadley’s List


Gah! I meant to post this sooner. Here is another list of underappreciated movies. 3 big ones on this list.

4 Responses to “Championing Hated Movies Week 4 – Hadley’s List”

  • MH:

    Your voice sounded almost as if it was from a different person. Why was that?

    • Cecil:

      Could be a number of reasons or a combination of them.

      When I record my audio, I do so in a sound booth with a very expensive condenser mic. The mic gives a warmer tone and boosts my bass to give the audio more of a “full” sound. I record through a board and don’t compress the audio until I export it for the video.

      When I recorded the audio with the Geek Juice guys, it was a Skype chat, they used their internal PC recorders, I was on a headset w/mic in an open room.

      I’m not positive because we recorded this a few weeks ago but I think I also had a cold, lol.

      Oh and according to my wife, my voice sometimes will get higher pitched when I’m fired up about something, so that could also factor in.

      Audio is a weird thing, especially with voices.

  • john:

    They should do a listener request episode where they chose 4 films from listeners as some of the films discussed are quite obscure and I have never heard of them.

    Don’t really remember much about Hardware except it having a really red filter throughout the film that I thought was supposed to be set on Mars or something and a killer robot.

    I skipped ahead and also listened to your overrated films. I have to disagree with your choice of Sideways that I only recently watched along with Napoleon Dynamite not expecting to like it and actually liking it although I do like offbeat type of films.

    The only criteria I don’t like in films as if they are boring usually if it is just mindless CGI laden action scenes, vacuous characters and the overall film length simply just runs far too long or certain scenes drag on longer than they should.

    Four acclaimed films I would choose are:
    Gangs of New York
    The Talented Mr Ripley
    Lord of the Rings trilogy
    Knocked Up

    • Cecil:

      I’ll mention it to the guys.

      Hardware on the surface appears to be about the robot but there is so much more. I’ll get into it whenever I have the time to do a video on it.

      I just hated the characters in Sideways. I’m all for movies with assholes in them but these guys just irritated me. Plus, the movie was slow and felt too in love with itself. I can understand why people like this but for me, it didn’t appeal.

      Boring is the worst crime a movie can commit. I’ve seen movies where I wasn’t particularly interested in the subject matter but it was presented in a way that kept my attention.

      Haven’t seen Gangs of New York all the way through.
      Talented Mr Ripley is boring as hell. I was forced to watch that piece of garbage. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.
      Blasphemy! The LotR movies are amazing. (lol, its cool you don’t like them I love them but not everyone is into them)
      Knocked up was horrible. I like Rogen but I thought the movie was one of the most unfunny comedies I have ever seen.

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