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Crash and Burn – Episode 165

14 Responses to “Crash and Burn – Episode 165”

  • Jr.:

    Back to the Full Moon flicks! Some really enjoyable movies that have come out of this company, but I had no idea that they made the Gingerdead Man series. Anyways, great video as always! Keep em coming!

  • ThoughtCriminal:

    I love these low budget sci-fi flicks which are based more off a concept than a story. Sometimes it’s just nice to see genuine world building where the writers go “Hmmm, I wonder what if….” and there’s usually obvious enjoyment from the production crew.

    Also Bill Mosely is a top actor, always does a great job.

  • Roy:

    Eva was also on “All My Children” and “CSI: Miami”, and before he passed away, Ralph Waite did recurring guest spots on “NCIS” and “Bones”. Also, Jack McGee played a cranky cyborg on the short-lived TV series “Space Rangers” with GBF regular Clint Howard (when are you going to handle “Evilspeak”,Cecil? Demonic sorcery meets technology? Why the fuck not!)

    Though I’m not into the Full Moon series, that was a fun review.

  • Timo:

    And at the same time Cinema Snob is doing the other “sequel” to Robot Jox. Oh joyous day!

  • Cristiona:

    Thanks, movie. Show the fat guy topless.

    Looks pretty awesome, in that great, dumb-80s kind of way.

  • bastardjackyll:

    LOL @ “thermal storm”

  • Jose Rivera:

    I’ll agree with the idea of Band and Full Moon going back to these movies. I don’t mind the most recent stuff (I thought the last two Killjoy movies were really good) but they need to go back to creative stuff like this.

    Then again, the “Digital Age” of HD cameras hasn’t done them any favors. Look at the latest Demonic Toys movie.

    I miss these days. Sure the budgets were small BUT at least it forced them to be creative. I LOVED that about Full Moon. Now…eh…when Evil Bong, Gingerdead Man and Trophy Heads are the best we can get I’m getting a little nervous.

    • Cecil:

      With the tiny budgets they managed to make gold, I’m sure they could still crank out some gems. I’m just not sure what is going on over there anymore…although I did hear Trophy Heads was good but I don’t know.

      • Jose Rivera:

        I think the tiny budgets helped them be more creative. That’s one of the things I always loved about Full Moon; I always enjoyed what they could do with their limitations and see how they could push the boundaries of that. Now, with CG and digital cameras, I don’t think it’s helping them out much. Demonic Toys 2 was where I really started seeing the cracks but the last two Puppet Master movies were a real big indication something was off. It doesn’t feel like anything has atmosphere anymore and that might just be down to not having the grain of film these days. I don’t know. It might just be me.

        • Cecil:

          So true. It forced them to find creative solutions to problems instead of “just make a bad CGI model for it”. Look back at all the old Full Moon movies. Tons of stop motion, puppetry, and other practical effects. They stand out now for sure but they still look good. They also look a hell of a lot better than the awful CGI they are using more recently.

          Something just seems off there, I agree. Even the Asylum, for as terrible as the scripts and CGI are, still make movies that are fun to watch. The last few Full Moon movies I’ve seen have been a chore.

  • Chaosunit_0010:

    Question Cecil, are you going to review Eight Legged Freaks in the future? I saw it in your intro to your videos, but I haven’t seen a review for it.

  • mogens:

    gingerdead man 2 is the only good gingerdead man movie

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