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Cool as Ice – Episode 10

17 Responses to “Cool as Ice – Episode 10”

  • Dude I am becoming quite a fan just surfing and discovering your movie reviews. OK so who sings this cheesy lounge song as you review this Vanilla Ice thing? Love it.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I’m really glad you like the show.

      The lounge version of the tune is from a guy called Richard Cheese. He has a bunch of albums out where he does lounge versions of just about everything. They are hilarious.

  • Keep it up! I like how unapologetic you are that you spend hours watching movies that most people would consider, well…bad. A person can be an intellectual and still enjoy a popcorn type movie, ya know? So, how about THEY LIVE?

    • Cecil:

      Thanks again! That is exactly why I created the show. So many movies have this stigma for being bad when really they are a blast to watch. Some of my all time favorite movies are ones that many people would put on their “worst of” list.

      They Live is awesome! I have it on the list of movies to do, just not sure when I was going to do it. I’m a little backed up for May but I’ll see if I can get it in for June. I don’t think my wife has seen it and this is a perfect reason to bust out the DVD.

  • Brent:

    That intro song is a take on a Rap song by New Orleans’ Own Mystikal called… “Shake Ya Ass”

  • David:

    I have long been a fan of this movie, for all the wrong reasons. Worse, I have harbored a crush on Vanilla Ice. Talk about The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name. I sat through The Vanilla Ice Project. (In his defense, his knowledge of local horticulture is astounding.)

    Back in 1991, my high school friends and I subletted a house for the summer, knowing it would be one of the last summers we’d all be together as Life and college graduation would spread us across this great land of ours. As you can imagine, it was really a clubhouse for binge drinking and excessive pot use. None of our parents needed to see this.

    One night, my friend and I were home alone. None of the gang was around. Nothing to do, nowhere to go.

    He turned to me and said, “Why don’t we smoke that quarter and rent ‘Cool as Ice’?”


    We knew we were in for something special when Vanilla somehow lifted a two-ton motorcycle over a fence used as a horse enclosure without the aid of a ramp. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Then he says, “Drop that zero and get with the hero.” Good Lord, I have been saying that for 20 years now.

    There is so much to discuss. I am glad that you, too, found that the script was about seven pages long and that the movie is all montage. I am surprised that you did not notice that the local band’s performance was so poor that Vanilla Ice sounded like Mozart and Beethoven rolled into one in comparison. And Michael Gross, fresh off of Family Ties, probably in desperate need of a paycheck until residuals from syndication kicked in, trying to polish that turd of a role. He does everything he can to infuse the writing with something upon which he can chew. You literally see him straining to make acting choices in the scene where he reveals to his daughter that they are in the Witness Protection Program. (And another thing, wouldn’t she know? Wouldn’t they change their names?)

    I am sure I am dating myself, but I watched a lot of these movies, rather unintentionally, as a youth. The 1980s were a heyday for low-budget movies on HBO and Cinemax. These stations, after all, had 168 hours per week to fill, and there were only so many blockbusters.

    Though I remember movies like Screwballs and The Last American Virgin a lot more. There was a horrible movie called Up the Academy that played constantly.

    Your site is awesome and gives me many laughs. I pass it around to my friends.

    Thanks for the good times. I travel a lot for work and your site is nice to check out when waiting for flights and things of that nature.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! This is a major favorite of mine and one of the reasons I starting doing the show. I wanted to point out that just because a movie is “bad” doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself while watching it.

      Not to mention how quotable the flick is. (and all the weird things like punching the door)

      Michael Gross was all over the place. In some scenes he seemed to be giving a good performance and in others he seemed the he had just received the script 5 seconds earlier. (which he may have)

      Ugh, Up the Academy was terrible! Even for a bad movie. I watched that again recently and it was actually worse than I remembered.

      Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it! 🙂

  • nowhere:

    I always thought that Kristin Minter proved that she is one of the greatest actresses in the world with her performance in this movie. She actually managed to keep a straight face and deliver her lines seriously in the scenes with mister Ice! I don’t think many people could do that without the aid of heavy sedation.

  • MH:

    Have you seen Vanilla Ice’s appearances in “That’s My Boy”?

    • Cecil:

      Haven’t seen that one yet. I’m usually not in a hurry to see Adam Sandler’s comedies much any more. I still like the guy and think he is funny but his last few movies have been paychecks.

      • MH:

        Let me tell you, I saw him in that movie that you doing “Cool As Ice” came to mind and I also think you would get a kick out of his appearance. He is in it for much of the movie playing himself, sort of making fun of himself. When Sandler’s character asks him a question, he answers by making a pose.

  • Trevor:

    I really enjoy this movie, not because it’s particularly GOOD, but to me it’s a hilarious time capsule of the era it was made it, I mean it was so 90s it’s oozing crystal pepsi. I love the music that just takes back back to the early 90s when that kind of music was all they played on the radio. It’s the comforting nostalgia of it

    • Cecil:

      That sums it up quite nicely. A movie like this just wouldn’t exist today…well, maybe they would do it ironically but this was done serious. (well, not a comedy) It just goes to show how huge Vanilla Ice once was. They built this specifically for him. Even Bieber can’t seem to get his own movie beyond the lame concert film.

  • mogens:

    hey some of us acsely like the inspector gadget movie

  • Niels:

    Hey Cecil, as far as I can see your video on Cool as Ice is dead. I’ve tried all the common fixes, so I figure that the issue is serverside. Just waned to tell you as I have enjoyed taking these dives into obscure movies with since discovering your channel a week ago, and really wanted to see what your take on Vanilla Ice was after the numerous references to the movie.
    Any way, just want to say that I love your work – after a long day of studying enginering and taking care of my daughter, nothing really brings you down to earth again like the beautiful absurdity of the human imagination.

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