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Bloodmoon – Episode 18

14 Responses to “Bloodmoon – Episode 18”

  • Mattika:

    I was in the same boat as you with this movie. I saw it on cable and was memorized. Not until years later, I reconnected with this movie on Netflix. The last thing I have to say is: “I’m no child killer!” Best line delivery ever.

  • Jose Rivera:

    Hell yes! I remember catching this on Cinemax when I was a kid! It was around the time I was getting into ECW so seeing Rob Van Damn getting killed in the movie was surprising. I also remember him fighting the guy who played The Machine on WMAC Masters.

    I think this was one of the first Gary Daniels movies I ever saw, too. I thought he was pretty good, actually. His buddy doing his best Eddie Murphy impression…eh, but still cool.

    This has always been one of my favorite Martial Arts films for how insane it is. It’s actually a good story, too.

    Needless to say, thank you for putting this up. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

    • Cecil:


      Bloodmoon is classic and has some awesome fight sequences. I was always sad that Gary Daniels never achieved the level of success of Seagal.

  • MGNoxa:

    The guy that plays the killer, was the boxer in Ip Man 2 and he was also in an episode of Arrow the first one I think. This movie looks amazing, I need to see it asap. I hope it’s not hard to find.

    • Cecil:

      Bloodmoon is out of print but you can find it used on DVD for a reasonable price.

      • MGNoxa:

        Yeah, just ordered it off Amazon, about £6 little more with postage.

        • Cecil:

          Awesome! You are in for a treat, the fights are outstanding.

          • MGNoxa:

            I watched it and it was awesome. The first fight and the fight in the apartment are badass. Darren Shahlavi was badass. The final fight was badass just not as badass as the others. Damn this film made me say badass a lot.

          • Cecil:

            Awesome! This still is one of the all time best fight movies. I think the apartment fight is probably the best.

  • Alex:

    hey cecil, were you confused to no end by the story in the gamer? my friend came over for the night a few years ago and watched it, and the plot was so confusing to us that we had fallen asleep for part of it, but we watched it again, and were still just as confused.

  • Rafael:

    This does look incredible! Why have I or any of my old friends heard of this movie?
    I hope your wife doesnt have the same tone in her voice when she says that line.

    • Cecil:

      Bloodmoon is one of the best action martial arts movies ever. Seriously, track it down you won’t be disappointed.

      She usually throws me out the window like the killer did.

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