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Roller Boogie – Episode 20

10 Responses to “Roller Boogie – Episode 20”

  • Allison:

    Hi Cecil! I stumbled on this review trying to find the roller skating clip in your introduction. Needless to say, I found it, and now I’m going to have to try and hunt down this movie. I kept thinking this was “A Night in Heaven” because of the Heaven t-shirt. But I remembered that was about a male stripper. I must see this movie! 🙂

    • Cecil:

      If you like the dancing movies of the 70s, then you will love this one. It’s not too hard to find and it still plays on cable from time to time. Netflix even has is streaming right now. 🙂

      • Allison:

        I was sick two weeks ago with a sinus infection, a few days after seeing this review, and during one of my marathon Netflix watching sessions that I had during my sick day and my three day holiday weekend, I found the movie! I didn’t watch it then because I was drowsy and couldn’t concentrate on anything longer than a 45 minute TV episode. I do have full intentions on seeing this movie though! It’s in my instant queue! 🙂

  • Steve:

    I have never roller skated in my life, having, at a very young age, gone to a skating rink with my sister and cousins. We got there, put on skates, and, while I was still lacing mine up, my cousin fell, was run over, and her arm was broken. I decided right then that the sport was not for me. However, I did see this movie on its original release. This was probably because of my sister and my cousin as well. The benefit of this is that it started my incredibly long-standing crush on Linda Blair. She’s gorgeous. She is also the only actress I ever met that I degenerated into a total fanboy, and couldn’t really say anything intelligible to. It was embarrassing. Really, really embarrassing.

    • Cecil:

      That sucks, I have a similar situation.

      I only ever roller skated twice. Once was at a…I think 12th birthday party for a friend. While I was a skateboarder at the time, rollerskating was foreign to me. The part was at a roller rink I hated it. I put the skates on and fell a lot. After a few times I gave up and just went to play arcade games.

      The second time I went skating in the park with my girlfriend and friend. (the girlfriend that would eventually become my wife and the friend became sister in law) Anyway, we get to the park and I put the skates on and fell immediately. My future sister in law was skating around and fell really bad and had to be rushed to the hospital. She broke her arm in two places and had to have pins put in to fix it. So instead of a nice day in the park, we spent hours in the ER. After that I said F skating and swore to never even attempt it again.

      Linda Blair was stunning. It’s a shame her life got so messed up there for a while. I never met her but I’d like to. The shame is now whenever she goes to a con she doesn’t like to talk about the Exorcist or movies at all really. She just talks about her work with animal shelters. Its a noble cause, I love animals, but she should at the very least talk about both.

      Don’t feel bad. While I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of celebrities over the years, even worked with a few, I’ve only had a few where I was completely flummoxed. Marc Singer was one. C’mon! He was both Donovan and The Beastmaster! A show and a movie series that I watched countless times as a kid. I was a grinning idiot and my wife was apologizing to him for me being such a dork. I met Shannon Elizabeth last year and while I didn’t do anything stupid…I didn’t do anything at all. She is one of those people who is very pretty in film but incredible looking in person. I just politely talked to her for a minute got her to sign her picture and that was that.

      I would love to meet Kevin Smith because on top of being a huge fan of his movies, he is the guy who got me into film. As much as I would love to be able to sit down and have a long chat with him about all sorts of things geeky, I would probably just scream like a 9 year old at a Bieber concert.

  • bastardjackyll:

    They played this on TCM last weekend. I loved it, and it looks like they had a ton of fun making it. I don’t think Linda Blair ever looked hotter. Kind of crazy that Bray didn’t have much of an acting career after, even in 80’s schlock, he had a really good likeable screen presence.

  • Rafael:

    I remember rollerskating with my friends whien we were kids.
    Good ol Castle Skateland where I couldnt skate for my life
    and there was always some 40 year old dude doing some
    crazy moves front wards and back.

    • Cecil:

      I went Roller Skating twice in my life. Both times ended with someone breaking an arm. Thankfully, it wasn’t me.

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