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2020 Texas Gladiators – Episode 24

4 Responses to “2020 Texas Gladiators – Episode 24”

  • Steve:

    I’m a little horrified that some of your older videos don’t have the following that your newer summaries have. I suppose you were still working out the formula you were going to use (which, I must add, is absolutely spot on), but you cover some great movies at this time, and I’ve nearly watched all of them.

    • Cecil:

      When I first started out it was just short reviews for my close friends. As the show grew beyond that, I was trying to find a formula that worked on a weekly basis. I was getting requests to make the videos longer (lots of requests) and the recaps seemed to be the way to go. It allowed for more humor and for a more in depth analysis of the film.

      • Kyle:

        Which I am completely grateful for. BTW, Cecil, got some more of my old school film geek buddies into your site. My friend and I are actually watching now! Just finished watching your review of Motel Hell.

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