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Gymkata – Episode 5

7 Responses to “Gymkata – Episode 5”

  • MVandi:

    You mentioned Tex Murphy! I love you now! BTW, check out IMDB, he’s back for the new upcoming Tex Murphy game, if you didn’t know.

    • Cecil:

      Hell yeah Tex Murphy! ^^

      I’m super excited for Project Fedora. I really need to go back and play the old games, I have them in my GoG library.

  • Mike:

    Thanks for reviewing this! One f my favorite in the “It’s the 80’s…lets throw some martial artists together” series of films! Like you Cecil I grew up watching many of these movies either on late night cable or at my local Mom and Pop video store. One summer as a freshman in high school I think I ran through the entirety of every ninja movie released to that point that they had available.

    Would you consider doing a review of “Prayer of the Rollerboys” at some point? It’s dystopian AND has one of the Coreys after all.

  • This episode is not playing! (:O

    • Cecil:

      Unfortunately a lot of the old videos hosted on Blip are going away. I think they are shutting down servers on the inevitable path to just shutting down the entire site. Episodes 1-36 might become “lost” episodes.

      I am redoing a bunch of them, this time in HD! (since at the time when I did them, a bunch of were only available on VHS)

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