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The Blob – Episode 51


7 Responses to “The Blob – Episode 51”

  • Cecil:

    Ahhhhh, back to making new episodes. I took April off to make on a short film that I had been working on since January. (I had hoped to be back sooner but filming in the rain made me sick and I was out of commission for a week) My first time directing, I also wrote and did some of the editing. I had a great crew of 5 people and a wonderful cast that made the filming an awesome experience. Currently working with my editor doing post production and if all goes well I should have it ready soon. When it is finished I’ll post it here. I’m very excited and I can’t wait to get this one finished and then on to the next, we have some great stuff planned.

    Anyway, since most of the grunt work was finished there I was able to get back to new episodes of GBF. This week is the 1988 remake of the 50s classic, The Blob. This time around it’s a bit more fact than funny but still a solid episode. Hope you enjoy.

  • Jr.:

    I saw this one late one night couple of years back and was pleasantly surprised. Great review!

  • mogens:

    horror classick back then:fuckin great
    horror films now:sucks ass

  • Vineet:

    of course movie remakes like these were great…the guys behind it took their time, plus there was no such thing as cgi to totally fuck it up…sadly though i haven’t seen either (i really need to though). Your review of it intrigues me though.

  • mogens:

    review bevare of the blob or son of the blob james rolfe was preety harsh on it

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