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Project Metalbeast – Episode 6

8 Responses to “Project Metalbeast – Episode 6”

  • Andre:

    So, Ellio’s pizza is ruined for me…

  • Cesar Gonzalez:

    nice review, too short.

  • Steve:

    If you have this on VHS, take a good look at the back cover. You can see the guy wearing the gold-plated werewolf mask looking longingly into the camera through the eyeslit under the monsters red, glowing eyes. Honestly, the guy looks embarrassed. Kane Hodder told me at a convention that it wasn’t him in the suit for the promotional pictures for the box art, after giving me the same look everyone gives me when I bring up a movie like this to them. My favorite of these events was meeting William Katt and asking him about AVH: Alien Versus Hunter. He stood up, came around his table, sat on the table and proceeded to rail about the film and how awful working on it was. His line kept growing and he kept talking. Finally he looked up to see everyone waiting, and he said, “Why don’t we take a picture?” While posing for the picture, he whispered “Thanks for ruining my fucking day.” I felt awful. Anyway…I LOVE this movie. It’s hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

  • Rafael:

    I was just thinking about this movie.
    Loved this movie. Love the song in the intro but Ive been looking for this song in a faster version.

  • The Viewer:

    Is the episode down just for me, or is it definitely not playing at all? What’s going on, Cecil?

    Anyway, just saw the movie. Not that bad considering how stupid the script is. There’s definitely some talent involved here. The effects are pretty efficient, the direction works, Barry Bostwick is obviously having a lot of fun, Kim can hold her own as the lead (her boyfriend was a completely superfluous character, though, since she could’ve done all he did on her own) and Conrad Pope, the composer, is giving freaking 110 percent here. He took his job here so super seriously that his music for this sounds like it was made for Indiana Jones or the Shadow, not a low budget dumb B horror movie. No wonder they got him to work on bigger productions later (although, not as the composer).

    The black guy dies first of course, once he shows up.

    By the way, I wish that at the end Kim and Sindel (Musetta Vander who plays Kim’s caring colleague Debbie here and who played Sindel, Kitana’s psycho mom, in Mortal Kombat Annihilation) got together. They are both good here, but also so hot and cute and they have the best chemistry together. 🙂 Besides, in a couple of scenes, Debbie (unintentionally?) sounds like she’s subtly hitting on Kim.

    • Cecil:

      This was one of the first 36 that was posted only on Blip and the servers they were on went offline a while ago. Now that Blip has announced they will be shutting down for good in a month, I’m thinking those old eps might be gone for good. I can’t up them to youtube and honestly, I cringe when I see them. I was still figuring things out back then. I’m working on updating some of the major ones for re-release in the future.

      I think the movie would look better if it was restored. This was taking from an old VHS and its kind of muddy. I wouldn’t have minded Vander and Kim getting together.

  • The Viewer:

    And if anyone is wondering what’s that pinball machine they have in their recroom in the science facility, it’s Gottlieb Rack ’em Up!

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