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Exploring In the Mouth of Madness – Episode 178

Since Blip is going the way of the Dodo, I’m linking my youtube videos from now on. Be sure to watch them in wonderful HD. (where available) 🙂

I’m going to go back and update the links to youtube since most likely they will be dead before the end of the year. Not sure what I’m going to do with the first 36 videos though. They may be banished to the land of wind and ghosts.

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  • Cristiona:

    Blip is dying? What? Hope focusing on YouTube won’t kill ad revenue for you.

    Hope you can save the early episodes, there’s some good stuff there!

    • Cecil:

      Ever since Maker bought Blip, ad revenue from them has been in the toilet. Even though I was getting more and more views, the payout was getting less and less. Since I was partnered with Freedom at youtube, things have been much better. So in the future, please view the youtube links! They have been treating me well. (I’m transitioning everything over as I can)

      Blip has been sending out emails telling producers that they weren’t sure how much longer they were going to be accepting content.

      I have every episode I’ve ever done saved. 1-36 are the ones not on youtube. (and Shredder has its audio blocked) Not sure what I’m going to do with them. The old ones make me cringe and if I put them up now, I have to label that they are very old. (which people will probably not see and ask me why the quality is so bad) They were (at the time, which was what Blip accepted) 640×360 so the resolution is bad plus the audio was so-so. On top of that, I’d have to chop the intros because of the music.

  • demonknight:

    Don’t eliminate the early episodes. There are some quality ones in there.

    • Jeffrey:

      I’m sure he has copies of past episodes saved to his hard drive guys. After all he has to edit the footage and his commentary. Whatever he had on blip can and probably already is uploaded to youtube.

      • Cecil:

        Yep, I have them all saved. Not sure what I’m going to do with the old ones once Blip goes away. I might up them on youtube but I’m not looking forward to those comments.

    • Cecil:

      I’m not, I just don’t know what I’m going to do with them.

  • helli0n:

    Blip going away..? That sucks. Didn’t you say you made more ad revenue from Blip per watch? Whenever I see your videos pop-up on YouTube, I specifically come here so I can watch your videos with the ads enabled so I can watch on Blip as I thought it was the best way to support you. Either way I hope you find a system that works out well for you.

    • Cecil:

      At the time, I was making more with Blip. Since Maker bought them ad revenue has gone down significantly. (for example, one video I had before the buyout was very popular and I netted about $300 for just that 1 video. Later I had one that was 3x as popular that came after the buyout…I netted $15 for it) That’s quite a drop. It didn’t even pay for the disk.

      Since I’ve partnered with Freedom on youtube, things have been much better. Also, I’ve had much greater success on youtube as far as exposure.

  • Cristiona:

    As for the video itself, this was just great; I loved it. As I’ve said before, this movie scared the ever loving crap out of me, and I still need to work myself up to repeat viewings. It’s just an absolute masterpiece. And Sam Neil was amazing in it.

    Also, I love the reality bending and the exploration of mass insanity. And, really, it’s probably the most chilling depiction of the Great Old Ones breaking through to our reality.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! There was more I wanted to do with the video but was having trouble articulating what I wanted to say. I know I said it on facebook but seriously, it was like the madness of the film was infecting my writings. I had to shift the edits around at least 3 times to put things in the right order.

      I wanted to go a little more into the theory that Julie’s acting being kind of bad was because she was a thinly written character by Cane who just put her into the film with the intention of writing her out after she had fulfilled her purpose.

      Absolutely one of the best if not the best movie depiction of Lovecraft’s works. Also, the blu looks amazing.

      On a side note, I kind of wish some websites would have picked this video up over the Escape from LA one. This one is much better. Oh well.

      • Jeffrey:

        Yeah I was wondering why there was no mention of Julie’s terrible acting. Its really hard to ignore when Trent accuses her and the publishers of creating hobb’s end as a publicity stunt. “you’re wrong Trent. I know you’re wrong”. Seriously that may be one of the worst dramatic line readings I’ve ever heard. She’s not bad eye candy though. I can see why Cane wanted to force a romance between the two. The angry villager with the shotgun was pretty damned bad too.

  • Steve:

    Great video. I watched In the Mouth of Madness for about the 4th time not too long ago and it’s just a great example of why John Carpenter at his best is one of the best directors ever. He’s definitely in my top 5. He’s a master of slow burn suspense and atmosphere. As reality slowly unravels and then finally blows apart in this movie it is so satisfying. Just textbook Carpenter.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Of that first 20 years, there isn’t a bad movie in the bunch. I think the only movie of his that I flat out dislike is his remake of Village of the Damned.

  • Jeffrey:

    I’m definitely in the love it crowd. I have been since I first saw it on Starz when it was premiered on cable and I had no idea who Lovecraft was. The movie itself could have been a lot like much of Lovecraftian prose, absolutely terrible, like some of Stephen King’s own Lovecraft send ups. I’ve certainly seen worse worse movies based or inspired by Lovecraft. Ever seen “Beyond the Wall of Sleep”? That’s gotta be the absolute worst one I’ve ever seen. “The Necronomicon: Book of the Dead” was a pretty decent flick though. I heard rumors a while back that Guillermo Del Toro was going to adapt “In the Mountains of Madness” for the big screen but for whatever reason that never happened. I think he said it was a funding issue. If I had all the money in the world I’d give him whatever he wanted to make that flick. Guillermo Del Toro is someone who knows Lovecraft, maybe more so than most film makers.

    I own the double sided full screen and widescreen dvd of this. I think I only paid like five bucks for it back in 2007. The commentary for it is kinda dull. It reminds me a lot of any George Lucas commentary where all he talks about is the technical details and lighting and stuff. Thanks for pointing out that bit with the children and the dog. For some reason I never caught on to fact that they might have eaten the dog’s leg. I just figured, well, everything’s evil now so the dog is missing a leg. What’s up with that dog by the way? Devilspawn ran it down and ate its leg but it’s still hanging around with them? Talk about a glutton for punishment.

    • Cecil:

      It seems that Pacific Rim 2 is in he way of Mountains of Madness. I kind of hope PR2 makes a ton of money and Del Toro gets free reign to make whatever he wants, kind of like Jackson with King Kong…only good.

      I wonder if there is more to the dog thing. I’m not completely versed on Lovecraft so I’m curious if there is something in one of his books with crazy kids eating their pets or something. I think the dog had Stockholm Syndrome.

      • Cristiona:

        Can’t honestly think of a story where he even mentions a dog, let alone something like that. I think it was just something horrific to add.

        As for Mountains of Madness, that’s been on and off for years. He’s been stymied by PR2, money, and arguments over the rating (he wants it to be R). There’s a copy of the script bouncing around online.

        • Jeffrey:

          Ever seen a lil movie called “Halloween” or “The Thing”? John Carpenter is not the best friends of man’s best friend. Also remember that part were John Trent is lamenting his captivity and then despairs when The Carpenters start playing over the nut house loud speaker? Was that John Carpenter being meta?

          • Cecil:

            He mentioned in the commentary that he dislikes working with dogs because even trained ones are predictable. (such as the dog taking 14 takes to get it right)

            I was thinking that about the Carpenters as well. A little jab at himself for good measure and a funny goof.

        • Cecil:

          Ok, thanks for clarifying. I’ve only read a handful of Lovecraft (I’ve played/watched/etc more things that have been influenced by him) so I wasn’t sure.

          It would be nice if the studio would just realize (as I said in my PG13 video) that some movies just can not exist with that rating.

  • mogens:

    Can you do a top 10 henchmen video?

  • Doug Glassman:

    I had to look at IMDB to double-check some of the casting… I initially thought that Jessica Harper was playing Linda and Klaus Kinski was the bartender.

    In a fun coincidence, Sutter Cane looks just like author Neil Gaiman.

  • SciFiFan:

    Why not put the first 36 on a dummy Vimeo account?
    4 points/reasons…
    1 They’re better than youtube about the copyright stuff (less strict anyway) so you wouldn’t have to worry about sound being blocked.
    2 They have a mobile app so you wouldn’t have to worry about limited visibility for those not on traditional PCs.
    3 I’m pretty sure comments can be disabled (I know they can on youtube too but that causes some outrage sometimes).
    4 It’d be obviously separate from the rest of your more current videos.

    Just an idea.

  • Melissa:

    YES! Thank you! This is one of my favorite movies point blank period! So glad that this review has finally come out!

    I can’t believe BLIP is going down, how am I supposed to watch AT4W, Sursum Ursa, Terror Obscura, Phelous and Movie Nights?

    One thing that bothered me about the review is you called Linda Styles by her actress’ name Julie Carmen. Not a big deal, just found it weird. (Though to be fair I’ve called Willow from Buffy her actress’ name many times, so who am I to judge?)

    • Cecil:

      I don’t know what will happen to the Blip folks once it goes away. Possibly mass exodus to youtube? I’m sure they have a contingency in place, probably springboard.

      Usually when talking about the film, I’ll refer to the character. When I’m talking about making the film, I refer to them by their real name. Although, sometimes I goof.

  • mogens:

    Sorry its just because there are so many villians top 10 list and no henchmen list they fortjener some love

  • Nick:

    Can you review the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie from 1992. I bet you could make a hilarious review out of that. Ooooh, and maybe some Goosebumps episodes. So fake, so low budget, so 90’s. 🙂

    • Cecil:

      Buffy is on the list. I didn’t really watch much Goosebumps. If anything, I’d probably do Tales from the Darkside or Monsters.

  • Marco:

    Thank you! This is one of my favourite Movies of all time (no joke). And also yes…. while I acknowledge that he has many…many faults, I’m also a big H.P. Lovecraft fan. Whom I discovered AFTER watching this movie for the first time.

  • The Viewer:

    You’ve made a small error in your behind the scenes segment. The church used for the movie belonged to the obscure Slovak Greek Catholic Church, not the much better known Greek Orthodox Church that has nothing to do with the movie. It’s an understandable mix up. Other than that, GREAT review. I finally get the plot. I loved the movie when I saw it back in 1990-something, but didn’t quite get the specifics of what was going on. I’m pretty sure that intentional lack of more explicit explanations killed the movie at the box office.

  • The Viewer:

    If you care to know more, here’s the wiki entry about the church and its complicated ownership.

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