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Exploring Texas Chainsaw – Episode 162

26 Responses to “Exploring Texas Chainsaw – Episode 162”

  • jack:

    I’ll guess that the next film you will review will be Silent hill Revelations although that came out in 2012 and the film so far have been 2013 or Man of Steel.

  • I just watched Lifeforce, that movie is fantastic.

    Great review of Texas, Tobe Hooper is a boss.

  • Jr.:

    Whoa, I just got a great idea from your video. Imagine if Leatherface and his crew roll into town during the time of the Purge? I think we have our next crossover.

    Anyways, I havent seen this movie but im always listening to your recommendations so Im going to check it out. Looks like a great time. Great video!

  • mogens:

    1.did you know that no hold barred is digital remastred
    2.i like tc2 because of the tree stars jim siedow dennis Hooper and bill moeseley
    3.again i like the orginal overrated but for good reasons

  • QuigleyDownUnder:

    Wasn’t there another TCM titled film like a pseudo-documentary that was somewhat involved int the Saga. It could of been a movie that was clips of the previous but I remember a release like the True Story of the TCM. or something by that nature being out on DVD. I think I owned it and didn’t see it mentioned in the video.
    Thanks, always a great job you do.

    • Cecil:

      They did a 60 minute doc on TCM Next Generation, thats the only one I can think of. (but it never went past VHS)

      There may have been something Sci-fi channel did for the series.

      Thank you!

    • demonknight:

      Are you thinking of AllAmerican Massacre? Chop Top’s unfinished solo film directed by Tobe Hooper’s son and starring Moseley.

      • QuigleyDownUnder:

        That is it… was like 50 mins or something, really bizarre but i do remember it. I thought it was somewhat a sequel….errr prequel maybe to something in the franchise but maybe I am wrong. I know it had a really weird soundtrack and All American Massacre sounds like it was it.

        • demonknight:

          That is it. It is an hour long and involves Chop Top going to an asylum after the war. Cut to flashbacks involving the Sawyer family.

  • Joshnorm:

    I must say the reason I never went/wanted to see Texas Chainsaw 3D was because it was in 3D by Lionsgate. It seems that they are/were on a trend to throw 3D into everything and I am surprised they haven’t done a buddy cop 3D movie staring Jackie Chan and/or Chris Tucker in 3D!

    I love the series but with them slapping on 3D into the title I steered clear, I see its available to stream on Amazon Prime Video so I will be adding it to the que

    • Cecil:

      I usually dodge 3D because most times it just takes me out of the movie. This time it really was used sparingly and never made the movie feel like those “its poking me in the face!” like so many others. Its well worth it, IMHO.

  • MH:

    The remake I saw in the cinema with a large group of people on a huge screen in Harrisburg, PA (“supercreen”). There was a strong reaction to it, with one girl, in front of me, being scared and wondering if it was a true story, as she was leaving. Perhaps the second best audience reaction (the best was “Jason X” in which the audience was so into the movie, talking to the characters, etc).
    This movie, however, was bad. I place it with 1986 sequel. I cannot recommend it. There was a faithfulness to the original, but that was destroyed in the opening sequence. Suddenly villains have a whole group of people in the house? Dreadcentral put it well with the question–where did they come from? where they hiding in the basement?
    I don’t recall guns in the original, but suddenly there is a massive gunfight? It seems too close to the opening of other movies, such as “The Devil’s Rejects”.
    The remake had a group of police at the scene of the massacre, but this one shows only one showing, and a group from the town suddenly appears to kill the Sawyer family. That does not work.
    When the story shifted away from Newt, Texas, to show two characters conversing in an apartment, I was really losing interest. That can work for other movies, but for a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”… it does not work.

    • Cecil:

      The first movie took place on August 18th. This picked up Aug 19th. After Sally escaped, the Sawyers called in the rest of the family to the house because they knew the law would be coming. Boss Sawyer brought in the guns in case there was a standoff, which there was. They didn’t come from out of nowhere, they had cars parked around the building.

      • MH:

        The sequel does take place the same day the first ended. Where did you get this other information, “the Sawyers called in…”?

        • Cecil:

          The movie starts with the events on the 18th and then lead into the events from the 19th. You see the cars pulling up and (I don’t have time to go back and listen right now) but I believe when they show the people inside the house they talk about how they all just got there. Also, all the dates on the documents and tomb stones say the 19th. Plus, the director and producer said this was the next day.

  • ErickKwon:

    I’m guilty of completely ignoring this when it showed up in the theaters but just spun it up on Netflix and holy crap was it amazing. Though I saw some of the sequels at least once when they hit video, not a die-hard fan of the franchise or horror movies overall. But this one surprised me big time and thanks for giving it some attention.

    By the way, I think on Facebook or here, you mentioned you might be doing something on “Man of Steel”? Is that still forthcoming? I’m fan of despite a couple of problems. Thanks again for the recommendation and keep it up

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I’m glad I’m not the only one who liked this. Sure it had its issues but it was much better than a lot of crap that gets released.

      Yep, Man of Steel is next.

      • demonknight:

        I hope for some more horror I haven’t seen after that. I saw this. Didn’t really like it. Wasn’t bad, just meh. Although I love that God Will Fuck You Up song and Daddario, who I was introduced to through Always Sunny. I’ll stick with Part 2.

        • Cecil:

          She was in Sunny? Man I am so behind on that series, Mac is still skinny.

          • demonknight:

            Yep. Season 8: Charlie and Dee Find Love.

            After Mac got skinny again.

            In fact, the episode before it has its title rooted in this franchise: The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre.

  • Sue:

    I liked this one – I was glad to finally see a true sequel to the first one. Your review actually made me want to watch it again.

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