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Alrighty, I set up a twitter for the show. Follow me @GoodBadFlicks if you like. I promise I won’t be one of those folks who overtweets!!/GoodBadFlicks

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  • Cristiona:

    “Chinese Super Ninjas”?

    Is that a Godfrey Ho splice-o-rama flick?

    • Cecil:

      Quite the opposite! Chinese Super Ninjas is one of the all time best kung fu movies ever. Right up there with Master of the Flying Guillotine. If you’ve never seen and love martial arts movies, you need to see it immediately.

      There is a part of me that wishes that Godfrey Ho made movies that weren’t his usual spliced up frankenfilms. I’ve enjoyed his stuff to a degree but right when I get into one movie, it shifts gears to whatever else he dubbed in.

      • Cristiona:

        I haven’t seen many of the classic kung fu movies, actually. Then again, I’ve really liked some of the modern wuxia style films like Crouching Tiger and Hero. I really liked Hero.

        My exposure to Godfrey is pretty minimal, too. Actually, it’s mostly just from the Cinema Snob’s Pierre Kirby reviews. Thunder of the Gigantic Serpent is one I’d love to see. Well, I’d like to see the Ho’d version and the original Kaiju movie.

  • Cecil:

    If you liked Crouching Tiger and Hero, you must check out The House of Flying Daggers. It is simply breathtaking. It is nothing short of beautiful.

    I got a box set of DVDs a while ago that was like 50 movies and a good chunk of them were Godfrey Ho. Some were watchable, others were incoherent messes. I loved the Cinema Snob’s Pierre Kirby week. Those were the reviews that totally sold me on the Snob. He is one of the few reviewers I watch.

    • Cristiona:

      Yup, saw Flying Daggers too. I think I liked Hero better, but it was still good. It didn’t have the humor of Crouching Tiger (the scene in the armory was simply great), but I enjoyed the… poetry of it. Especially that battle over the lake. I was mesmerized.

      And yeah, Pierre Kirby week was great. I loved seeing such a character lose his shit over something like Pierre Kirby. Speaking of the Snob, for the past few weeks, I’ve been imagining you doing a Big Box movie with his Vic character. I don’t usually agitate for crossovers, but the thought of having two voice-over crossovers amuses me. Especially for schlock like Hack-o-ween, heh.

      • Cecil:

        I liked Hero very much but something about Flying Daggers really got me. Crouching Tiger was incredible, I must have seen it a dozen times.

        I’m not big into crossovers. It’s nothing against other reviewers, it’s actually quite the opposite. I work on a ridiculous schedule and I’m sure a collab with me would be a complete pain in the ass for the other person. Also, it’s tricky to figure out how to actually do one when I’m never on camera. I recently did one with Mr Mendo over on the Booth, where I narrated some stuff. I’m also planning on doing a full one with him sometime in the new year. Should be fun, I like his show a lot and although I don’t agree with most of his stances, his show is entertaining and funny.

        I think a collab with the Snob would be pretty awesome, although I’m sure he is constantly bombarded with requests. I’m surprised he hasn’t done Hack-o-Ween yet lol. He did beat me to Nekromantik so I delayed that for a few months.

        • Cristiona:

          Honestly, I’m not much into crossovers either. They can be fun, but I think they’re generally overdone. It just seemed somewhat fitting in this case since you’re both disembodied voices who like the schlock you’re reviewing, heh.

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