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Legion – Episode 127

Don’t be afraid. I just want to play with the baby.

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  • Cristiona:

    Wow, Feast. That was one hell of a trip. I liked Dog Soldiers better, but sill, nice pick.

    You mention the Seventh Sign and Terminator, but the ads always made me think of the Prophecy trilogy and Gabriel.

  • john:

    Honestly god we didn’t know what was going on at the Vatican and the BBC who would have expected this guy to be a paedophile. 😉

    One of your funniest reviews I was especially laughing at the scene with the granny.

    Recently saw Arnies movie The Last Stand and it was actually pretty good. Shame it didn’t do well in the box office partially due to bad marketing that made it look like a sub-par action flick like a straight to DVD action movie that got a cinema release.

    • Cecil:



      I heard the Last Stand was terrific but like you said…an awful marketing campaign killed it. I honestly didn’t even know Arnold was in it until like 2 days before the film launched.

  • Michael cuts off his wings and a group of homeless guys get to have the greatest barbecue ever!

  • James:

    Great review, spot on stuff!!!! I think ELIMINATORS should be on the list of ‘to-do’ movies Cecil!

  • TenDropChris:

    Well, if we’re going into religious iconography-demons ARE former angels. They are the ones that sided with Lucifier and rebelled against God.

    Which leads me to one of my problems with the film-it didn’t push the angels as unworldly creatures far enough. What’s actually described in the Bible is much stranger then men with bird wings; which is actually closer the Greek god Eros or Roman Cupid. Some stories of Angels describe them as beings made of fire or covered in eyes.Others have skin of iron. Some descriptions have them as having multiple heads with each head belonging to a different animal. There’s plenty to work with.

    That being said I loved the fight between Michael and Gabriel at the end. Its probably the closest we’ll get to seeing Hawkman in a feature film for a while. Warner Brothers and DC really don’t seem to trust anything that isn’t Batman related.

    • Cecil:

      True but at one point they show a swarm of angels getting ready to go to earth to take over. It just seemed odd and something that could have been explained more instead of the “well, what you know is wrong” explanation we got. I have a feeling there is much more here but the studio wanted something quicker and actiony, so they ditched parts.

      They could have done more with the evil angels like you said. While the Ice Cream Man was cool, it didn’t make sense that he and Gladys were the only ones to really be different. They could have done something with the little kid too.

      WB and DC are being complete boneheads when it comes to film adaptations. They need to take a look at what Marvel is doing. By the time they finally agree to make more superhero films (beyond just Superman now that Batman is done for a while) the whole superhero wave will be over.

    • Cristiona:

      Even with just doing Guy With Wings, you can do a lot, as even the more normal looking ones were frequently described as terrifying. Prophecy 2 had a really great scene where an angel reveals himself to Jennifer Beals; all you see of him is a huge winged shadow, but she falls to her knees and completely breaks down.

  • Joshnorm:

    Loved this movie, I always thought they were planning a sequel which could have fleshed it out more maybe answering those questions. Great review as always

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Another case a of a movie setting up for the sequel. I do like the film very much but I remember a time when movies were self contained and if they did well enough they made another, instead of always trying to “leave something for the sequel”.

  • bastardjackyll:

    LOL @ “Mother of the Year candidate…”

  • ThatIsAnAndroid:

    Paul Bettany stars in more religious stuff than Kirk Cameron.

  • Jr.:

    As of this writing, a series based on this movie is going to be airing on SyFy. I have heard anyways.

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