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Manhunter New York – Good Bad Games

Here it finally is, the first episode of Good Bad Games. This has been a long time coming, hope you enjoy it.

Just in case you missed my other post, Good Bad Flicks is not changing. This is just a side project that I’m going to try to get out once a month or so.

EDIT: In honor of PAX East I’m moving the games back to the front page. Disaster Report (PS2) coming soon!

35 Responses to “Manhunter New York – Good Bad Games”

  • mogens:

    1.good review but why not the other manhunter game?
    2.will you do the duke nukem games?
    3.does this mean you will doo luckasarts games

    • Cecil:

      1 – because I can only do one thing at a time
      2 – Duke Nuke’em Forever sometime in the future
      3 – No, they all have a great reputations for being great games

  • jack:

    Great show.

    Man this game is so insane it’s awesome. Giant eyeballs attacking New York, robed cult minions and secret passages through a stinky New York shitter. 🙂

    I didn’t get a PC until 96 so I missed out on these games but nearly all of the gamers I got on the PC where point and click adventure games like the Broken Sword series, Star Trek: A Final Unity, Blade Runner and The X-Files FMV game.

    • Cecil:


      Wait until you see the sequel!

      You wouldn’t get this kind of bizarre creativity in a AAA game today. Indie games are picking up the bizarre slack with games like Super Meatboy and Cart Life.

      I’m actually looking forward to getting to some FMV games.

      • jack:

        True but even the independent games seem to fit into a specific genre and are not as creative or zany as this.

        Might just be nostalgia with the late 80′ early 90’s having a wonderful over the top/ zany attitude in entertainment with Vanilla Ice, Ultimate Warrior and action stars like Van Damme, Stallone and Arnie that where played straight not as comical characters that could only really exist in that time period.

        Console now have the same problem I used to have with PC is that it is saturated with FPS as well as sequels. How many Halos, Assassins Creeds and Uncharted games do we need.

        The only thing I am looking forward to in the next gen is the Oculus Rift that will probably be way to expensive.

  • Well, Good Bad Games is definitely something I’d be tuning into-while I didn’t play this game, I do remember how mind numbing tedious a lot of old school programming was for these things(hope you do Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm street, those suckers were repetitious to the tenth power!) and this one is interestingly weird. Nice job,Cecil and Handsome Eric!

    • Cecil:


      I used to play the Friday the 13th game all the time as a kid but never could figure out what I was supposed to do. I have played it recently and it is hard! Not so much because the game is difficult but because of weird programming choices. (like the backwards way you move around the maps) I played the Nightmare on Elm Street game a few times but not enough to remember much about it.

  • Bob:

    I liked it and I hope that the sequel isn’t to far off. I really want to see what happens in the next installment.

  • Viewer:

    This was pretty well made. The Good Bad Flicks format fits well here. Not sure what type of games you’ll do (only adventures, other bad or simply unknown games), but if you don’t mind, here’s some recommendations…

    If you plan on doing LucasArts, do Loom. I think that’s the game that everyone know of, but no one has actually played it.

    Chronomaster is a bizarre SF/Neuromanser/Phillip K Dick-ish cyberpunk/fantasy adventure game, where you investigate cyber worlds as hacker.

    Temüjin is one of the more amusing b-movie-ish Myst clones (you play a museum guard or something and try to stop the resurrection of Genghis Khan.

    Waxworks (1992 video game) is one of the first gory b-movie-ish first person adventures/dungeon crawl-style RPGs that were all the rage at the time.

    Shadow of the Comet, if you want game adaptation of Lovecraft.

    Bad Mojo, where you get turned into a roach through some voodoo magic and must stop the landowner who wants to burn the building down and get the money from insurance, is one of the more bizarre, curious and creative FMV adventures. Inspired by Kafka’s novel and B-movies.

    Terry pratchet’s Discworld: Noir, where you play a PI in a world where legends are normal part of reality, who must save the Discworld from apocalypse, is one of the most original dark comedy/horror noir/ adventure games out there.

    Normality is one of the most obscure first 3d first person adventure games, where you play a skateboarder who fights the Norms (cops) in Neutropolis, a futuristic repressive city that bans fun, that’s on the brink of revolution.

    These adventure games aren’t technically bad, just very eccentric, but their b-movie format could make for a fun episode..

    Whatever you chose to do next, we (the fans) are looking forward to it.

    • Cecil:

      Loom is great! Of all the Lucasarts games, that and the Dig are overlooked.

      I’ll check out Chronomaster, Shadow of the Comet,and Temüjin.

      Waxworks and Bad Mojo are definite.

      I really need to read/play Discworld.

      Normality sounds kind of like Jet Grind Radio. I’ll check it out. I just looked up the cover…no wonder it did bad.

      Plenty more to come. 🙂

  • Steve:

    Awesome first episode!

    Seeing this makes me remember playing Kings Quest on my mighty Radio Shack /Tandy whatever with a monochrome monitor. The ridiculous color palettes like in Manhunter I think were just a sign of the technology finally coming around. We’re gonna’ have a pink building with purple walls and an orange floor just because we can. It sure beats vector graphics with a colored screen overlay.

    Can’t wait till you get to some of the 90’s FMV games. I can say with no regret that I actually finished Sewer Shark, Tomcat Alley, Corpse Killer, and Ground Zero Texas on the Sega CD. I even got the Corpse Killer “Graveyard Edition” on the Saturn.

    • Cecil:


      Ground Zero Texas you say? 🙂

      FMV games get a bad rap. Sure there were bad ones but they were trying to do some amazing things with the new technology. Problem was most of them either overshot what they could achieve or tried to make a movie with little interaction. Sewer Shark is classic, I must have beaten that game a dozen times. I liked Corpse Killer a lot but never made it to the end.

      EDIT: and thanks! I’m glad this episode is going over so well.

      • Steve:


        You know, I would love to see some of these old FMV games re-mastered and put up on Xbox Arcade or something. I tried not too long ago to plug in the old Sega CD and show the kids some games from back in the day. Couldn’t get it to work. 20+ year old Genesis still works (I was at least able to play Outlander, man that was an awesome game) but the CD was dead…….bummer.

        Any plans on doing the Citizen Kane of Good Bad Games? – Deadly Premonition

        • Cecil:

          I wish! Oh I would totally get a higher res version on XBLA or something. That is one of the biggest bummers about these FMV games…the tiny screens! All this great footage shot and reduced to something akin to low res gifs.

          Outlander is fantastic. I have that on my DS via emulator. I played that all the time when it was first out. I got all the way to the final boss but never could beat him.

          Deadly Premonition is grand! I may have to save that one for a landmark episode or something.

  • Jr.:

    Wow, I totally wouldnt have the patience for a game like this, me being from the age of Half Life and beyond. But you have to love how they really relied on story back in those days, no matter how goofy they might have been.

    Like one of the earlier posts, i think FMVs would go great here, but Im a little worried about the content since there wasnt too much of it. Maybe review Ripper? Wing Commander?

    Oh and thanks for the DOSBox shout out. It was the only way I ever able to enjoy Blood.

    • Cecil:

      I am amazed I was able to get through some of these old games back in the days before Gamefaqs. It was all trial and error…and lots of death. I was just happy to have a game with a story because coming off the Atari age, it was mostly games like Defender and Pac-man. Games that were great but had no real story. Adventure games really made you want to see the tale to the end, no matter where that end may be.

      I have plenty on the FMV front. Lets see…Sewer Shark, Night Trap, Double Switch, Ground Zero Texas, Iron Helix, 7th Guest, Burn Cycle, Johnny Mnemonic, Corpse Killer, and Phantasmagoria to name a few. I even have some AWFUL FMV “adult” games like Blond Justice and The Coven. (that are about as adult as an episode of Silk Stalkings) I’m trying to think of something funny to do with them.

      DOSBOX is awesome.

  • mogens:

    well cecil?

  • Brig:

    This game looks like it would be right up my alley! Wonderful review, Cecil! 🙂 i wanna travel through my toilets pipes!

  • mrnukem:

    Really enjoyed this review. I would imagine game reviews like this take more time than movie reviews to doas you have to complete the game to review it but it looks like it is worth the effort. I hope to see more game reviews like thins from you, really excellent work!

    • Cecil:


      Yeah, this takes longer because I have to play the game and then go through all the footage. Even a short game is like 8 hours!

  • demonknight:

    Nice. I’m not a big gamer. Never was. But this was really good. One a month, that sounds just fine. Did you get a new mic? I noticed an audio difference in this and in Thursday’s Radiodrome.

    Per your recommendation, I watched the trailer for Nowhere. I can’t do it. I just can’t. Way too pretentious for me.

    • Cecil:

      I did get a new mic for home but I’m still trying to get the best sound out of it.

      Same mic I’ve been using in the studio. Last week (Santa’s Slay) I recorded at home so the audio had a lot of room noise. I did tweak my headset mic for Radiodrome. I can’t hear what it sounds until after the fact so I’m glad it was an improvement.

      Oh, I don’t blame you about Nowhere. It is not a film for everyone. Actually, its pretty awful but I still love it. It is just nuts. Seriously. I think my wife punched me after I made her watch it.

  • mogens:

    will you please be nise and ansar my quision

  • Marco:

    I recently played my first adventure game since the glory days of Lucas Arts: “The Walking dead”. It’s not a challange, but it would make one of my favourite (tv)-mini-series. Fantastic story and incredible emotional investment. Still I would rather call it an interactive tv-show. Can’t wait for their take on Game of Thrones.

    I LOVED Sierra games. Red Baron (1) is still…. and I repeat.. still on my hd and I play it once a year. Earthsiege 2 was my first real 3d game (never really liked doom or wolfenstein). The depth of Eathsiege 2 or the Wingcomander series still has a deep loving place in my heat.

    • Marco:

      Dammit….forgot to give you the critique ;).

      Love the sound & your walkthrough. The game itself wasn’t very interesting to me, but I guess that’s the point of this show ;). Overall better than most of the other youtube stuff you can find and expecialy unique in your chosen topic.

      Also: Congratulations for beeing a regular on Radiodrome. I found all their show through you. Thank you!

  • Cristiona:

    Man, I miss those old beep-boop PC speaker sound effects.

    Just remember, as bad as those “what word” copyprotections were, at least they’re easy to manage. Remember those code wheels for Bard’s Tale and the SSI games? Those were a pain to replicate.

    I think one of the hardest parts of these old games was the lack of internet. If you don’t map, and can’t figure something out, you’re screwed. And of course, the joy of STARTING ALL OVER if you die or put the game in an unwinnable state, or…

    Man, I love classic gaming. Great episode, Cecil. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

  • jack:

    Will you be doing a best and worst film list 2013 video?

  • Egil:

    Nice review I am weary exited to see what game you are going to review next and if you are looking for suggestions then I have four the first one is the 2004 True Crime: Streets of LA I really love this Grand Theft Auto styled game because even if the driving sections shooting and fighting sections are not that good the game has a really insane and hilarious story line and it plays it fully straight and it has allot of fun bonus material and you can strip search people without any worries the next game is the 2003 Play Station 2 game Charlie’s Angels I have not played this game but I know that the game has a freaking insane story line and the game play looks freaking hilarious and I am pretty sure that you cod make a good good video about it and the third one I have to suggest is the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System game A Nightmare On Elm Street by LJN and yes I know that pretty much all LJN movie based games suck balls like there is no tomorrow and yes I know that the Angry Video Game Nerd has already done a video about the game but I still think that it was a pretty fun games even with all of it’s faults and would be the subject for a good episode and the fourth and final game I have to suggest to you is the 1988 rpg game Wasteland I don’t know much about this game but I am pretty sure that you know and love this game because it was the main reason the Fallout game series was started and we all know how much you love Fallout so this game would be a great choice for a episode I really hope that you found these suggestions useful and please tell me what you think

    • Cecil:

      Excellent, thanks!

      I do remember True Crime and liked it. I need to revisit it. Never played the Charlie’s Angels game. I do plan on doing something with the old horror games like Nightmare on Elm street and Friday the 13th. You are correct! I absolutely love Wasteland and still have my old floppies of it. I have it on Steam and GoG as well, and donated a nice chunk of cash to the kickstarter for Wasteland 2. I may have to do a retrospective of it at some point, just not sure how I would go about doing that one. RPGs are tough since they are so much longer than your average game and I know I would have hours upon hours of footage to go through for it.

      Anyway, thanks for the suggestions!

  • Matthew:

    When are you doing S Club 7? You promised that a few months, I mean, years ago! And they are rumoured to be reuniting!

    • Cecil:

      I know! I know! I started working on it a few times but it never felt right. I’m really nitpicky when it comes to this stuff so when I feel like it isn’t working I quickly switch gears. I don’t want to put out a sub-par episode.

      I’m going to try again this spring/summer.

  • Ryan:

    25 years later and still no official CD soundtrack release. Shame.

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