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News and What Not


Since there is a lot going on I wanted to take the time to let you know about some cool stuff coming together.

If you follow me on Facebook I asked if people were interested in weekly Netflix Recommendation videos. The answer was an overwhelming “Yes”. Along with the Good Bad Games I had been thinking about what I could do to get more videos out there. Since the general consensus wants these, that is an easy way for me to crank out an extra video a week. I’ll be putting them up fridays. So far, I have enough material for 3 months if I do 5 movies per video. So between now and then I’m sure I’ll see more and they will add more.

For 2/23 (tentatively, that may change to a slightly later date) I have a super awesome video. It’s kind of a big deal for me and you guys are going to love it.

I’m still planning on the Cinema Snob crossover but have no definite date yet. I’m doing a Live Nude Geeks riff with him and Suede Alex this coming monday so I’ll be sure to talk to him afterwards to see if we can plan a time. I’m really excited about that too.

If you can you should listen live to the riff. It will be streaming 2/10 at 9 pm EST I believe.

I have a few other surprises in store but I’ll save them for when they get closer to fruition.

On a bad note, I’m going to stop with the weekly hints. I know a lot of you enjoyed them but now with much more on my plate it is just one more thing to remember. Honestly, you guys figured most of them out in like 5 seconds so instead of posting a hint I’m going to just tell you what the movie will be…unless it is a surprise or something. So if I haven’t announced the movie for that week and you really want to know, just send me a tweet or ask on facebook.

After much struggling Golden Axe Beast Rider is written. It was fun but I’m still tweaking the format. I’m going to try and stick with more story driven games in the future and may try something else for action games like this. Its a work in progress so I’m sure it will go through some changes before I settle on what works best.

Anyway, this year is already shaping up to be grand. I’m sure you’ll like what I have planned.

10 Responses to “News and What Not”

  • Cristiona:

    I’ll miss the hints, but it’s perfectly understandable.

  • mogens:

    arhh but they are soo much fun and it give us a hint of what you will review next

  • bastardjackyll:

    Dang, the reviews were fun. Oh well.

  • bastardjackyll:

    Hints dammit, the HINTS were fun. Oh well.

  • demonknight:

    At least I got the final ones right… Hehe.

    I expect great things from you, boy.

    Guess for 2/23: Return of the Living Dead III

    • Cecil:

      A few big surprises that I’m really excited about.

      Not RotLD 3 but something very cool. It’s more about the intro than the movie. I think this might be the year (finally for RotLD3!)

  • jack:

    No more cinema reviews?

    I would like to hear what you thought about the new Robocop movie.

    I am going to see it on Tuesday and think it looks good with people instantly hating on it because:

    a) They are going to compare it to the original.

    The the core concept will be the same but with more modern themes as the original was the product of the time it was filmed in. It’s like comparing Nolan and Burton Batman films that are different in tone and direction.

    b) Lack of violence of the original.

    Yes I would like it to be more violent like Dredd but with movie budgets now they want it screened to as large an audience as possible and the action in the film itself looks good.

    • Cecil:

      I am still doing the theatrical reviews. Haven’t done one in a while because there wasn’t anything I wanted to see. I was going to see I, Frankenstein tomorrow but it is already out of theaters, which sucks.

      The Robocop remake looks terrible. It is completely missing the point of what made the original great. I talk about it in pretty good length on an upcoming Radiodrome.

      Essentially the folks doing the remake wanted the name but had no clue about the soul of the original.

      • jack:

        I was going to see I, Frankenstein but they only had it screened in 3D at my local cinema and I didn’t want to pay extra to watch a 3D film that is set mostly if not entirely in dark settings.

        I thought what we have seen so far is pretty good that have put some effort into the film and not a lazy rehash of the original like the Total Recall remake.

        So you are not going to go and see it?

        • Cecil:

          I really wanted to see it but have been very busy the past few weekends and was planning to see it today. No theaters around are screening it so now I have to wait for DVD. Bummer.

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