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Prophecy – Episode 143

21 Responses to “Prophecy – Episode 143”

  • Jr.:

    I saw this movie on cable a couple of times, but i kept changing the channel because Talia Shire kept boring me. You, Cecil, have shown me how wrong I was. Another must see.

  • That sleeping bag scene was AMAZING! 🙂

  • Seems like a pretty quintessential “nature attacks” movie of the 70s that followed Jaws and may have paved the way to featuring environmental activists in leading roles.

    I get that the title means Prophecy as “this could happen to us” kind of way, but since there isn’t an actual prophecy in the story its easy to get it mixed up with the Christopher Walken angel movie. What would be a better alternate title? “Mamma Bear”? “Forests of Fear”?

  • Oh man, this was one of the earliest reviews of Jabootu, and what led Ken to coin the “Hero’s death battle exemption”.

    aka “You can’t hurt me, I have main character power!”

    Good times…

  • Leo:

    When I first saw the title “Prophecy”, I thought we were seeing about the one with Christopher Walken! It wasn’t until I looked it up that there was another movie with a different title without the word “the” that came out 16 years before that which I found out this is the one going to get the GBF treatment.

    On the other hand, this marks the triumphant return of three people who have appeared on the show before. Of course there’s John Frankenheimer, his first appearance since Reindeer Games (episode 115), and Armand Assante since Judge Dredd (episode 105), but there is also Talia Shire, making her comeback to the series since Rad (episode 103). I gotta come up with a list of actors and directors who have made the most appearances on the show so far!

  • TenDropChris:

    I’m always a little surprised there aren’t more killer bear movies. i know there are some like Claws and Grizzly, but bear movies are way out numbered by sharks, snakes, or even killer insects. Bears are the largest living land predator, you’d think that would have more potential.

    I did enjoy this movie, but the one scene with the sheriff getting killed also made me laugh. If I’m remembering correctly, he goes to take a lot almost immediately after they think the bear is gone. Like the monster barely had time to turn around and take a few steps. I would have waited a few more minutes.

    • Cecil:

      There’s more killer bear movies than you think. Grizzly Rage, Grizzly Park, Yellow Fangs, Beasts, Bear, The Edge, Embedded, Night of the Grizzly, Circus of Horrors, and Lokis (about a Were-bear). There is also the unreleased Grizzly 2 which isn’t too hard to find if you know where to look.

      So while there aren’t as many killer bear flicks as sharks, insects and such, there still is a decent amount out there. (also, I haven’t seen all of these so I can’t vouch for their quality)

  • mogens:

    i cant wait for you next leprechaun review cecil

  • Jason:

    Greatest Sleepingbag Death EVER!!! LOL That was F’ing hilarious!!!

  • Viewer:

    Not bad, but Cine-Masochist did a pretty good review as well covering a few areas you may have glanced over.

    However, points off to you for not mentioning Richard Dysart by name. Anyone who was in The Thing must always be specially mentioned. It’s the 42nd unwritten rule of professional B movie reviewing (something you are very well familiarized with, good sir). 🙂

    • Cecil:

      CM does good work. I know we’ve covered some of the same movies because we both have awesome taste. 🙂

      I actually had audio talking about Dysart and some of the other cast I had to cut because my voice kept cracking. (I blew out my voice earlier in the day before I had to record)

  • mogens:

    no one listen too mee they jUST icnore mee snif snif

  • Melissa:

    Wow, looks a good movie. I defiantly check it out but some questions.

    What happened to Hawk’s wife? Did she die?
    Was Maggie played by Talia Shire?

    Plus, why is it called “Prophecy”?

    All in all, it looks great.

    • Cecil:

      I’m guessing Hawk’s wife died but they don’t outright show it. (aside from the bear knocking her out)

      Yep, that was Talia Shire. I actually had audio for her and some of the other cast I had to cut because my voice kept cracking. (I blew out my voice earlier in the day before I had to record)

      While they never outright say, I’m assuming the Prophecy is regarding the indian tribe’s belief that Kahtardan was there to stop the loggers from ruining their woods. (they mention this but don’t outright say it is fulfilling a prophecy)

  • BroMegaMan:

    Wow, I absolutely love that you used ‘Drinking Out of Cups’ by Dan Deacon. I first saw it through the wonderful Liam Lynch’s Lynchland, where he animated it.

  • adam watson:

    I forcee mutant killer bears>>>

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