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Ring of Steel – Episode 133

34 Responses to “Ring of Steel – Episode 133”

  • Cristiona:

    I was gonna say this movie really had something for the ladies, but then Joe Don showed up щ(゚Д゚щ)

    While I love me some wire-fu, there’s something to be said for straight up “real” sword fights. This looks pretty sweet.

    • Cecil:

      I had to restrain everything to not make Mitchell jokes. Even though he was goofy in this he was light years past that.

      Wire fu, when done right, is great. Crouching Tiger is a lead example. Too many times though it just just used as an excuse to do crazy shit that doesn’t look nearly as good as if you had two skilled fighters going at it.

  • If movies have taught me anything, its that there is an underground arena for any and every kind of niche sporting event. The big boss behind it all also has no trouble finding athletes who aren’t working in the field professionally as well as crowds of wealthy patrons to throw all sorts of money at such a ridiculous even. Thats an impressive feat when you consider that this was all done before the Internet. It makes me wish The Man in Black could turn his attention to the rest of the US economy. If he could make such a big enterprise out of something this small, his Midas Touch would have China owing us money by the end of a week.

    • Cecil:

      You have a very solid point. How many underground prison fights, boxing, MMA, kung fu, etc have to go on? They always seem to be run by some inept idiot who gets taken down at the end. Amazing they were able to make it as far as they did in the first place.

      • Cristiona:

        I like to imagine these all take place in the same world. That in this world, you can get maps of underground fights and hop from warehouse arena to warehouse arena. In this world, it’s what hipsters do instead of pub crawls. The thought makes me giggle and it’d be a great skit/short film.

  • mogens:


  • Fun flick,Cecil(and great intro from Handsome Eric,as always!)-I have to say that my favorite sword fights on film would be The Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone. Old school,yes, but the best blade battles pre-CGI,in my opinion.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Ah, the old classics. Haven’t seen that Robin Hood in far too long.

      On a side note, Eric modeled the two swords in the intro to match Jack and Alex’s blades from the movie. He’s a pro!

  • Melissa:

    Awesome movie! But why did Tanya pull a gun on Jack when he had Elena? (Also, please do the Subspecies films).

    • Cecil:

      She was tired of the whole “forcing people to fight” so she was trying to go good and stop Jack from taking Elena.

      Subspecies is coming, I’m just waiting for Full Moon to release the special editions they’ve been promising.

  • curtis:

    This was a great entertaining video. The ony sad part of this video,is that it ended. 🙁

  • ThatIsAnAndroid:

    Considering the plot and the year this was made I’m amazed it didn’t star Adrian Paul.

  • Mike M:

    Sweet, thanks for the kick ass review of this forgotten classic. Love the Trebor clip at the end too. You just can’t expect good things to happen to you when you threaten the bad guys that you’re going to call the cops on them.

  • Jim:

    Cecil thank you for doing this one!!!!! Mike M and I served together back in the early part of 2000 and used to get loaded in the dorms an of did two things. Watched b movies(Ring of Steel was a staple in our set list) and crank call public access shows. So thank you!!!!!!

  • mogens:

    review ernest movies

  • Viewer:

    Huh, I was convinced I knew all the fencing action flicks from the early 90’s (from Lamas’ The Swordsman (1992) to David Bradley’s American Samurai (1992)). Guess I was wrong. One can learn a lot from watching your show. 😀

    If you ever get in the mood to do a pirate movie, please do the phenomenally tone insensitive Nate and Hayes (1983), the forgotten failed Indiana Jones clone with pirates starring the great Tommy Lee Jones as the (non) fictional Captn “Bully” Hayes and the not so great Michael O’Keefe as the ex missionary turned pirate Nate who are after Nate’s girl they both love and who was kidnapped by an amoral pirate captain and a Kaiser’s German destroyer looking for a man-eating tribe to trade with.
    The movie had so much potential and is very watchable, but its tone is… well, all over the place.

    • Cecil:

      I’m entertaining and educational! lol

      Wow, Nate and Hayes. I saw that so long ago I don’t remember anything about it. I’m curious now…

  • mogens:

    what do you think of these ?
    1.tom and jerry the movie
    2.disney secrul
    3.the black culdren
    4.speed racer
    5.indiana jones films
    6.the smurf movie
    7.scooby doo films

    • Cecil:

      1 – bad
      2 – ?
      3 – Classic
      4 – still haven’t seen
      5 – first 3 are great, last one stinks
      6 – terrible
      7 – better than I thought they would be

  • Jr.:

    Soooo I saw this movie on your recommendation, and boy howdy did I love it! Joe Don and Bob from that 70s Show? Instant classic! Im a little sad though that you blew past Alex and Brian’s hilarious and awesome duel in the middle of the flick. Oh well, still an entertaining review.

    Love the Soul Calibur jokes as well. Love me that series.

  • Timo:

    So much Man in Black action and not a single Johnny Cash reference? I am disappointed in you.

    This reminds me greatly of two Lorenzo Lamas movies named The Swordsman and Gladiator Cop.

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