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Shark Night – Episode 94

You gonna make her one of your awesome mixed tapes? Those are amazing.

27 Responses to “Shark Night – Episode 94”

  • Cristiona:

    I have to admit, that time-lapse driving thing was pretty damn cool. A nice little flourish.

    Oddly, for me, Joel David Moore will always be the creepy intern from Bones.

    I have to say, I’m glad you did this. I always kind of assume that this was just garbage and never really gave it a chance. I’m not one to bitch about PG-13 horror movies, but it seemed like this was billed as more of an exploitation/horror (like Piranha 3D) which made it an unfathomable choice; like if Drive Angry had been PG-13. But, seeing that the rating was always intended, and seeing how it was done makes it seem a little less bizarre. It seems like a fun little movie if, perhaps, a little overburdened by plot. It’s a killer shark movie, you don’t need The Grand Redneck Conspiracy.

    But… um… a salt water lake? Frankly, that strains credulity more than anything else.

    • Cecil:

      The time-lapse thing was cool because it was a way for them to cut to the chase and get to the action faster, without just doing a lazy transition. It was a nice touch.

      I’ve missed out on Bones. I know they are up on Netflix but I am behind on just about every tv show…with the exception of The Secret Life of the American Teenager and That Metal Show.

      Blame the marketers for that one. They pushed this in the wrong direction and did their best to hide the rating. The movie was never intended to be like what Piranha was. It was more in line with Anaconda. I think if they didn’t try to mismarket it people wouldn’t have had the wrong idea. I think that is a big reason why folks didn’t like it, they went in expecting the wrong movie. (which happens a lot)

      It’s a fun little flick, kinda like a Syfy channel movie with a bigger budget and good actors.

      They did go overboard with the plot but in the context of the film it works. It’s not really until the thing is over when you really think about just how silly it is.

      From what I gather, some fish would have no problem in a salt water lake. However, I’m not a marine biologist so I am sure there is more to it than that. However, I’m willing to suspend my disbelief on this one.

  • David:

    Apart from hot girls in bikini’s I still think this is boring and not that fun. Nice review though.

  • bastardjackyll:

    I probably shouldn’t post this, and I’m sure you thought about it, but this was my favorite “part” of the movie (SPOILERS):

    • Bill Tetley:

      That was the single greatest thing I have ever seen…and I seen psychokinesis cloud guy.

    • Cecil:

      The end rap was a piss. It just showed how much fun they were having on the film. I love the “swim Maya! ohhhhh…”

      A bummer we most likely won’t see a sequel, I would enjoy seeing where this would go.

  • I was going to make a joke about how sharks don’t need to attack people anymore, they just swim around and collect royalty checks from the Discovery Channel. Imagine my surprise when the movie did it for me.

  • Wow, I remember when this came out every one I knew that saw it didn’t care for it, but now I might watch it! I liked Deep Blue Sea as it did play homage to the 1st 3 Jaws movies!
    A Cookie Cutter shark is that deadly I don’t think!?
    Ok how did 4 half retarded rednecks like them capture transport a live fully grown Great White?
    I like hammerheads! They’re one of my favorite species!

    • Cecil:

      I think you’ll like it. 🙂

      They didn’t really go into it too much but it was implied they were starving the sharks, which was why they were so bitey.

      How did they capture a great white? Movie magic! lol

      Oh, I don’t mind Hammerheads either, I was just going for the joke.

  • Don Chubo:

    Chicks in bikinis? YES.
    Chicks that don’t take off their bikinis? NO!

    And I agree, that rap was awesome. That must have been a fum movie to work on.

    • Cecil:

      I liked that they at least stayed in them the whole movie, so it was good on that front.

      The rap after the credits is very funny. I love movies where you can tell they were having a blast.

  • Travis:

    That is Ratt performing a re-recorded version of Round And Round. Sad. I know.

    • Cecil:

      Wow. When I heard it I knew it wasn’t an original recording and checked the credits to see “Rat Attack” and just figured they were a tribute/cover band. (I should have looked a little further but I was in a hurry) Then I looked to see that it is really Stephen Pearcy and guys from other bands playing Ratt songs. What the hell.

      What I don’t understand is if the Sheriff was supposed to be an old school hair metal fan, whey would he have the new version of such an old song? I could see if there was something in the movie where they were going to see them live but why wouldn’t they use the original version if it was supposed to be him playing it on the stereo? It ended up sounding hokey. (well to me anyway, but I’m nitpicky when it comes to that)

  • Will:

    Excellent review, as always.

    Sara Paxton (is she related to Bill Paxton. . .because, if so, she would be even more awesome) seemed destined to play the type cast bitch in movie for awhile. But she is such a unique beauty (she honestly doesn’t look like other famous stars) and has a decent range that she’s been given some good parts recently.

    Her role in ‘Last House on the Left’ was Monica-Belucci-in-Irreversible uncomfortable and I applaud her for being so exposed and vulnerable on film. Rape scenes can’t be easy and she really made you feel bad for her. . .I didn’t expect that kind of role from her so, since then, I’ve respected her a lot more. Oh, and boobs! Sorry. . .

    • Cecil:


      She is related but it is distant. As far as looks she gets confused with Alexis Bledel a lot but she seems to be pulling away from that. (she is far prettier in my book) She was outstanding in the Innkeepers if you haven’t seen that one yet.

      You are right, her segment in Last House was gut turning. It was very uncomfortable and she handled it like a pro. Not quite as bad as Irreversible but up there.

      …and yes, she is hot! I wanted to send her a thank you note for being a trooper and wearing that bikini the whole movie.

  • Foobs:

    I haven’t seen the movie, so maybe this is dealt with, but the complaint about the NC-17 shark week business plan seems kind of weak to me. To be believable, it doesn’t seem like it has to be a good plan, only that those characters might think it is a good plan. From the clips you showed, I can believe that…

  • dude thank you sooooo much for defending this great movie

    • Cecil:

      I was just talking about this on the geekjuice podcast, defending it once again. Such a fun movie, not sure what people don’t like about it.

  • Maybe the reason the video game keeps playing when he puts down his controls is that he waspretending to play the recorded preview to save money. I used to do that when I was 11.

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