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The Crow City of Angels Part 2 – Good Bad Games

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  • The Viewer:

    Wait, wait, are you actually going to review Brotherhood of Steel or are you just cock teasing us with that? Cause, that would be awesome.

    As for this game, I love the first two Crow movies, but this game looked to shitty even for me to try and the reviews only confirmed it. You are the man for suffering through it for our enjoyment. 🙂

    While Crow 2: The Game is technically based on the movie, it has much MUCH more uncanny resemblance with that terrible Crow-based series – “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (TV Series 1998)”. That show also had its focus on brawling and fighting, shitty locations and terrible sound.

    As for Curve’s guitar weapon and stage death in this game, it makes sense as an in-joke tribute. After all, in the movie, the guy is played by one of the greatest rock’n’rollers of all time – Iggy Pop. Although him floating and dying in a crow-shaped flower petals circle is way way more unique and poetic.

    This game made for a great video and I wish you’d do a good bad games movie month where you’d review movie-based craptastic games. The next episode could be “Johnny Mnemonic – The Interactive Game: The Movie” from 1998. It’s an FMV action adventure game, also has some fighting (FMV sequences where you press buttons to “fight”, which usually doesn’t register, so you die a lot) and a whole lot of intentional B-movie over the top moments, but also a lot of ridiculous nonsenseness. It doesn’t take long to beat it and the best part is that Isaac Hayes plays the role of Ice-T (and it doesn’t work).

    Other candidates would be the charming but inept Cutthroat Island action/adventure platformer from 1995 and a cool and unique but kind of broken and forgotten Trespasser, a 1998 first person action-adventure-survival game that plays as a sidequel to Jurassic Park (Minnie Driver is the sole survivor of a plane crash near one of the dino islands, so she alone traverses the island to reach Hammond’s abandoned facility to radio for help. all while shooting medium dinos, avoiding the bigger ones, surviving on rations like Solid Snake and solving occasional puzzles).

    That Final Fight cover art looks like some promo art announcing a “De Niro from Taxi Driver vs Freddie Mercury” boxing match. 🙂

  • mogens:

    I am sorry for saing this since it has nothing to do with everthing but nostalgia critic is sutch a Jeff goldblum and Matthew brodrick hater

  • he Crow City of Angels Part 2 – Good Bad Games was the amazing graphic i always wants to play this game

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