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Two Crude Dudes – Cecil Plays

Since people were asking for it, I did a Lets Play.

4 Responses to “Two Crude Dudes – Cecil Plays”

  • Cristiona:

    I was going to say it looked like Bad Dudes. Great playthrough, Cecil!

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! It was fun, not sure how often I’ll do them though. Major mixed responses on the video. Some folks loved it and wanted more, others hated it and I should only do what they want.

      I’m just trying to get some more content out when I can. This didn’t interfere with any of my current stuff, it was just a little something I did on the side when I had an evening to spare.

  • Jeffrey:

    Cecil… this is a weird game, but probably not as weird as the Motley Crue inspired pinball game, Crue Ball (also for Genesis) I got at a junk store two weeks ago. Have you ever wanted to hear Dr. Feelgood and Home Sweet Home on 16 bit?

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