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Vote for your top 4!


All right the requests are counted and here are the top 20 most wanted. (out of almost a thousand requests!) Over on the left of the page is the poll. Select the top 4 you want to see and in a week, I’ll announce the winners for this year, which will get episodes starting next January.

Check all 4 of your picks before you click “Vote”.

Some great picks as always!

Also, Nightbreed did make it into the top 20 but I was already planning on doing that one and I know I won’t be ready for it in January. So, expect that one around spring of 2015.

26 Responses to “Vote for your top 4!”

  • All four of my votes are in the top 5. And my un-voted for 5th pick is number 7. I feel that my tastes will be served adequately.

    • And now Daredevil has fallen off dramatically, leaving only 3 of my votes in the top 5, while my unofficial 5th choice still sits at number 7. Though I guess 5th-7th place is more of a 3-way tie, which is weird.

      • Cecil:

        After day 1 I thought Daredevil was a lock. I’m kind of glad it didn’t because that one is going to be long and since I already have other Exploring episodes, I’ll just try to do that one later in the year.

  • Cristiona:

    No Dragonslayer?

    I call shenanigans! Shenanigans!

  • Joshnorm:

    I am disappointed no Troll 2 to be seen on this list. For shame people for shame.

    • Cecil:

      First time in 4 years it hasn’t made the list.

    • bastardjackyll:

      What more is there left to say about Troll 2? BestWorstMovie pretty much made the definitive statement.

      • Joshnorm:

        The fact that these videos that Cecil makes are amazing. I don’t care that a doc was made, I enjoy the videos and since its the premier “good bad flick” I felt it should be done by Cecil.

        Also isn’t this he first year with no Hulk Hogan movie?

        • Cecil:

          I’m sure I’ll get to it some time, considering it was was of the “must do” movies I had on my list when I first started doing these. Although, that list was made before Best Worst Movie…I’m glad I waited though. I feel I’ll be able to give it much better representation now than I would have when I first started. 🙂

          I went back and looked and it seems its been a few years since we’ve had a Hulk Hogan movie in the top 4. Wow, time flies. The big one that is left is Mr Nanny.

      • Cecil:

        I’d like to but I’d want to do something that wasn’t just parroting Best Worst Movie. It is a favorite of mine.

  • Jr.:

    Yeah this is already shaping up to be a good list. Cant wait for January!

    • Cecil:

      As of currently, 3 out of the 4 are going to be exploring episodes. (what is in the top 4 at the time I’m typing this, it could change) I better get my research cap on!

      • demonknight:

        I imagine Sleepaway Camp is the one that wouldn’t be. I love Carpenter, but two of his films in one month would seem to be overdoing it. I would love a bit more diversity, so I sincerely hope Lifeforce beats out Escape from LA.

        • Cecil:

          Escape shot up to the top, which I wasn’t expecting. Looks like JC will be filling the Hulk Hogan void again this year.

  • Jason Lundgren:

    Yay! Daredevil and Fright Night Part II are on there 🙂

  • bastardjackyll:

    WHAT!?! Cobra? Freejack? Frackin’ Escape From LA? This list is awesome. The only that could make it better is TOM & JERRY!

  • jack:

    I was late in my suggestion but my selection wouldn’t have made the shortlist anyway against other requests with the exception perhaps of Surviving the Game that I thought might have been on the list.

    • Cecil:

      Had a lot of new requests this year, which made me happy. It was a very cool mix. I don’t think I had any repeats make it into the top 20. (if memory serves)

  • Bryn:

    No Fist of Fear, Touch of Death?!?

  • Muthsarah:

    I have seen four of the twenty films. I voted for four of the twenty films. Every film I have voted for, I have seen. And every film I have seen, I voted for. I feel bad. I feel like…maybe I’m missing the point. Or maybe I just want to feel included. Talking ’bout stuff I actually know.

    For the record, I didn’t vote for a single film that deserved the rep as a “Bad Flick”. Even though one of them has had such a designation for 2+ decades. I like it.

    Hope Cecil can spin it all into gold. Looks like we’re (collectively) lobbing him up some softballs.

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