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Should I do Sharknado? *update*


I know it’s not my usual… Actually, I’ve never done an Asylum picture before. However, I’ve received an abnormally high amount of requests for this in a short period of time. I know there are other, more deserving movies that should get the attention, but this might be a “strike while the iron is hot” kind of situation. Let me expand.

The movie will be on DVD in a few weeks, and I should be able to have an episode about it ready by that Sunday. Because of the folks involved (the director, Tara Reid, etc.), I have enough background info I can use to write an episode in my usual format. Plus, I have a ton of history on The Asylum that I’m sure you would find interesting.

With this sort of thing, I know there are pros and cons, so let’s look at them.

Potentially reaching a wider audience, since there is still a buzz about the movie.
Answering fan requests.
Possibly getting noticed by a site like Buzzfeed, which might push GBF in front of a much larger audience.

Most likely, there will be a ton of other shows, both bigger and smaller, covering the movie.
Admittedly doing a “bad” film just for the potential attention.

I’m doing my best to be true to the show, but I do think I need to do stuff like this occasionally to help get the word out to a larger audience. While I’m happy with the audience (You guys rock!), I do think it can be bigger.

While the movie is “bad” it’s entertaining and intentionally bad. This isn’t like Transformers 2, which is just garbage no matter how you look at it. So while doing this might be outside of my usual, I think it still falls well within my format.

So, what do you think? I will leave it up to you. I’m going to put up a poll for a few days, and you can vote on it. Sharknado: yay or nay? I’ll put the poll up over on the left of the page.


With a whopping 79% it looks like I’m doing Sharknado. Thanks for the input! I’ll be sure to make it entertaining. 🙂

We brought a hint back with us…


Ok, its all coming together. What do you think it is?

Friday the 13th Repetition Trailer

If you have a few minutes to spare, check out the trailer for this Friday the 13th fan film from my good friend The Cine-Masochist. It looks quite good!

Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 8

Working overtime on a new episode that is requiring a ton of additional work. So in the meantime, here is another wave of Netflix instant recommendations. It will be worth it though, the new one is going to be grand. I’m pretty excited about this one and I can’t wait for you all to see it but I want to make sure it is extra good.

Championing Hated Movies Week 1 with Geek Juice


Hey everyone, listen to me and the Geek Juice guys talk about movies that don’t deserve their bad reputation. For the first week we have Charlie’s list of Slither, Dylan Dog, The Ladykillers, and Double Whammy. Each week we’ll be covering a different person’s list.

Also, I’ve been furiously working on this week’s episode but I’m going to delay it until next week. So I’ll be putting up a Netflix video on Sunday. This week’s movie I’ve been working on for a while and I’ve just uncovered some stuff that is going to make this even better. It’s going to be a serious episode dedicated to a very misunderstood film. While I’m excited to get it out there, I want to work on it some more because I think it is going to be something special.