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Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 8

Working overtime on a new episode that is requiring a ton of additional work. So in the meantime, here is another wave of Netflix instant recommendations. It will be worth it though, the new one is going to be grand. I’m pretty excited about this one and I can’t wait for you all to see it but I want to make sure it is extra good.

15 Responses to “Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 8”

  • john:

    Recent WTF film is the ultra stylised Ryan Gosling film Only God Forgives that I am not sure whether I actually like it or not. A film I would have to watch again.

    I don’t mind fun mindless action flicks as I still watch some of Steven Seagals films and some of the WWE films are pretty good like 12 Rounds and Inside Out but Bounty Hunters was just bad.

    • Cecil:

      Really looking forward to Only God Forgives. I loved Drive but this seems to be a tad more on the weird side.

      I don’t know Bounty Hunters just sat well with me. I liked the action and seeing how many different tight outfits they could stuff Trish Stratus into. I know its not particularly a “good” film but I still had a good time.

  • Bryan:

    Hey, I’ve seen Super Troopers. It’s great. I don’t always like Broken Lizard. I really liked Beerfest and Slammin’ Salmon, but I thought Babymakers was only okay. Specking of comedies, I have a Netflix recommendation for you. I, recently, found a movie on Neflix called The Parol Officer. It’s great. It is a comedy heist movie starring Steve Coogan. Need I say more.

    • Cecil:

      Haven’t seen Dukes of Hazzard or Babymakers. Really enjoyed all the other Broken Lizard films, with Super Troopers, Club Dread, and Beerfest being my favorites.

      I’ll check out Parole Officer.

  • Cristiona:

    Great list, Cecil.

    Meow, I avoided Super Troopers at first because I thought it would be just another terrible comedy, but my brother all but chained me to a chair and forced me to watch it. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen; a true classic that I’d rank up with Airplane and Stripes.

    Event Horizon is one of the best sci-fi horror movies ever made. I love every minute of it, and they totally tricked me with the Chekov’s Spikes.

    Can’t say I’ve seen Bounty Hunters, but I might take a look. After rewatching Super Troopers and Event Horizon, heh.

    Tremors 2 was a blast. Actually, I liked all four, even if 4 is out and out ridiculous.

    Oh and… um… maybe your editing would go faster if your cat didn’t “help” you 😛

    • Cecil:


      The trailers for Super Troopers made it look awful and it wasn’t until after it came out on DVD when some guys I worked with started talking about it that I gave it a shot. So glad I did, the movie is hysterical. I think that was the problem with it, kind of like Grandma’s Boy. It just didn’t look right but it ended up being awesome.

      Event Horizon amazed me with how inventive it was. They had some great concepts that I think audiences just couldn’t comprehend at the time. I know a lot of people bitched about it when it came out because they didn’t know what to think. Oh no, a movie is asking me to think!

      If you do decide to watch Bounty Hunters just keep in mind it is in the same vein as those old PM entertainment action films. If you liked those you should be fine.

      I think Tremors 1-2 are the best but I also enjoyed them all.

      Oh just for clarification, the pic is not my cat. Sometimes when I need filler I just throw in cat pics because, who doesn’t love cats?! Actually the real angry orange cat helps me a lot when I’m editing. When its 3 am and I’m in the office editing, he is sleeping soundly on the floor keeping me company. 🙂

  • Melissa:

    Seen most of those movies save for Super Troopers and Bounty Hunters. Definitely gonna watch those films.

    If you’ve seen the Tremors films, then you should watch Tremors the series. It’s a very funny TV show with a lot of returning characters. It’s be well worth your time.

    • Cecil:

      As I said above, if you do decide to watch Bounty Hunters just keep in mind it is in the same vein as those old PM entertainment action films. If you liked those you should be fine.

      Super Troopers you should just watch, its an awesome comedy with lots of unexpected moments of hilarity. (not the lame ass “setup, setup, joke formula of The Hangover movies)

      I haven’t seen all of the Tremors tv series. I gotta track them down and watch again. Good stuff.

  • Jason:

    Event Horizon!… I love that movie. Its crazy how often I run into people who have never seen it. honestly, one of the scariest movies I’ve seen. I don’t know how it bombed at the box office. I would love to see a full review of this one.

    • Cecil:

      Event Horizon is awesome. So filled with dread and dripping with atmosphere. I think audiences just weren’t ready for that sort of thing back then and went in expecting, I don’t know, something more run of the mill. The movie is terrifying.

      I’m planning on doing an episode on it but not sure when.

      • Jason:

        Excellent….If I may make another request, what was your opinion on Pandorum? I really liked it but for some reason most people hated it. Is it GoodBadFlicks material?

        • Cecil:

          I liked Pandorum. My only gripe was that it was way too dark. Not dark in tone, they deliberately filmed it dark and as such, I couldn’t tell what was going on at times. Even still, it was a well constructed sci-fi horror film. I need to see it again. (I understand the value of having certain aspects being dark but not large chunks of the film. Alien vs Predator Requiem did this as well)

          • Jason:

            Didn’t realize that the director of Event Horizon was the producer of Pandorum until I went back and watched Pandorum again, that makes sense now. Add it to my ever growing list of review requests LOL. Thanks

          • Cecil:

            I’ve been meaning to see it again and watch the bonus features for some more insight.

            As of currently the list is 1,619 long. If I do nothing but what is currently on the list then I should be able to get to all of them in about 30 years!

  • mogens:

    1.gotta love bert gummer too bad bad they ruined him in tremers 4
    2.event horraisen is verry underated
    3.i still bet you cant review tom and jerry the movie

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