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5 of the Best Good Bad Movie Moments Volume 4

33 Responses to “5 of the Best Good Bad Movie Moments Volume 4”

  • NightStarX:

    “The belt of O-fry-on”…

    Sweet jesus, that is so beautifully awful, I am compelled to find some way to use that in casual conversation, myself, by the end of next week, or die trying.

  • mogens:

    1.cecil i cant Watch you review can you do something about it?
    2.and another thing i went too blip and it stil l the same thing

  • Jr.:

    Worked fine for me. Im glad you included Foodfight in this review. That movie is downright uncomfortable. Like one of those cheap Disney wannabees.

  • With all the flips and skipping I think the killer from Decampitation might have started off life as a Power Rangers villain.

  • Muthsarah:



    “Food Fight” is a Good Bad Flick now?

    *starts a-thinking ’bout your sanity*

  • Muthsarah:

    Is it me, or did your Patreon just jump WAY the hell up?

    Hint: It wasn’t me.

    • Cecil:

      I’ve had some very generous people upping their donations. If this continuous I may one day be able to do this full time and make more content.

  • Steve:

    I’ve never actually seen Food Fight except for online reviews/recaps and I don’t think I want to. It looks just so jaw-droppingly awful, as in I can’t believe that got made kind of awful. I might have to track down Decampitated though.

    • Cecil:

      Foodfight is a sad story really. Long story short, the studio had all its computers stolen and lost all the animations they created. Then the main producer forced them to change their art style completely but gave no additional funds. Lots of other turmoil until it was finally dumped DTV after being auctioned off. It would make for an amazing documentary.

  • Steve:

    Brett Gelman needs to be in a Galactic Gigolo re-make

  • Ok I can’t hear what the “best pun” is. Can someone tell me?

    • Cecil:

      (the lead character addresses the aliens that he recently discovered were from the “Belt of Orion”.)

      Belt of Orion? How’s about the Belt of O’Fryin!

  • Steve3 in 3-D:

    What the fall in that Food Fight clip reminds me of:

  • Astrakhan:

    Cecil, not that I doubt your riffing skills, but I think the Cinema Snob needs to take on “Galactic Gigolo”. I could hear him saying “What the fuck?!” the entire time.

  • Muthsarah:

    Been waitin’ on ya for a few days now. I’ma go ahead and (parahprahse) a comment I made on *another* page, once not too long ago:

    I’d LOVE to see you do a review of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. I didn’t exactly LOVE it, but I remember seeing it, and thinking it was decent, and being (oh, the times….) rather crushed at how mainstream anybodies hated on it. Crushing this (admittedly misplaced) sci-fi film as it it was a lesser Shymalan. Now, I didn’t think it was an even-remotely-good representation of the FF games (a fairly-loose adaptation of FFVI……….which……for the record, I have TOTALLY written an AWESOME script for……), but….well….it looked neat. It was high-sci-fi. It…..looked great. Yeah, I’ll admit, it wasn’t terribly good. But it remains that there were nonetheless a lot of good things about it. Things that deserved to be followed up on.

    It is weird/unreasonable/racist to think that the Japanese writers of this film had no idea what they were doing? I still love many a film by Ozu, Kurosawa, Mizoguchi, whoever it is who made Ugetsu, so I know Japanese cinema done well. As well as all the anime I watched back in the day”?

    Don’t you think this film is worthy of a GBF? I would be so happy to see it at least get a sympathetic treatment. Given your other tastes thus displayed, you seem like a very open-minded guy. I feel confident you feel the film is, at the least, under-appreciated. Please consider reviewing it. I’d love to see it again, but…..I have long-standing deeply-seeded emotional issues. I’d so much rather enjoy watching an edited, slightly-snarky, review of the film, rather than brave my own way back through it. I hope you can, even kinda, understand.

    • Cecil:

      I saw Spirits Within in the theater and loved it. I’d admit the story is a little convoluted the first time through (it makes more sense with future viewings) but the animation was amazing. I think the whole thing would have fared better (at least from a fan perspective) if it was known as “The Spirits Within” – a film from the creators of Final Fantasy as opposed to “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within”.

      Having the FF name attached to it brought in a whole new level of criticism from fans. Mostly complaints about how it wasn’t like the games and the lack of Cloud.

      I’ve had this in mind for an Exploring episode. So much work went into this and it almost put Square out of business.

  • mogens:

    1.will you review the 3 creepshow films?
    2.will you review the 3 Adams Family films.

    • Cecil:

      1 – anthology films are tough to do. I’ve tried to write for them in the past and it didn’t work out well
      2 – no, I don’t like them that much

  • mogens:

    once Again Blockbuster buster busted a Classic movie this time Dracula 2000 god dam him all too hell

    • demonknight:

      Now, listen here… I will be the first person to defend Dracula 2000, as it is a fun as hell movie. BUT! It is in no way a classic. It’s a cheesy late ’90s Miramax flick, and very few of those were genuinely great (Scream, From Dusk Till Dawn, maybe Mimic).

      Also, many people dislike the movie. Just listen to the Vampires episode of Geek Juice Radio, which Cecil was on. He was the only one defending it, against the likes of Jowski, Scott, and Josh.

      • Cecil:

        I understand people not thinking its classic but like you said it is fun as hell. Also, it has some great concepts like the Judas angle.

        I still can’t believe they all hated it.

  • mogens:

    sorry it just hurt my Heart too see peoble rip apart a movie i really like exambles:
    the smurf movie
    blade Trinity
    atlandis the lost impire
    indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull
    Batman the movie
    the two scoopy doo movies
    Jason x and Jason takes manhatten

    • Cecil:

      Here’s the thing. If someone mocks something you don’t like, it doesn’t make your enjoyment of the thing any less valid.

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