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Friday the 13th iRiff update

Just a little update to let you know how things are going. I’ve been watching and re-watching the film, doing research, and scripting it out. (these lovely ladies help to make the process less painful) Things are going along pretty well. This is the time consuming part, I think the hard part is going to be syncing the whole thing up with the movie.

Not sure when exactly I’ll be finished but I’m shooting for May.

As much as it is work, I am enjoying the process. I hope this goes over well because I would like to be able to do more.

10 Responses to “Friday the 13th iRiff update”

  • David:

    What’s iRiff exactly?

    • Cecil:

      Have you ever heard of Rifftrax? It’s the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and they do commentary tracks for newer movies and goof on them. They have a thing on their site called iRiffs, where people can put up their own tracks for download. I’m working on one for the remake of Friday the 13th but instead of outright bashing it I’m going to talk about what they did right and what they did wrong…along with dick and fart jokes.

      • David:

        I’ve heard of Mystery Science Theater 3000 but never Rifftrax. Thanks for filling me in. Sounds like like fun. Are you tackling the extended cut?

        • Cecil:

          No problem. Rifftrax is awesome. Their riffs on the Twilight movies is some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever heard. It makes terrible movies enjoyable.

          Yep, I’m doing the “killer cut”. I’m hoping it turns out well. I’ve got about 8 pages of material written so far.

  • bastardjackyll:

    There should be a topless waterskiing scene in every movie.

    • Cecil:

      Be careful, you don’t want a topless waterskiing scene in Fried Green Tomatoes.

    • Cristiona:

      There’s a what?

      Shit. Maybe I should watch this movie after all.

      • Cecil:

        Willa Ford shows us all where her career went after “I wanna be bad”.

        • bastardjackyll:

          Probably my favorite scene in the whole movie (Chris, stop reading if you dont want a spoiler), and not just because of the gratuitous topless-fu, but how BAD ASS is “Bow and Arrow” Jason? Not just the best kill in that movie, but easily one of the best in the series (Axe to the face with corpse hurled across the room in The New Blood is my favorite).

          • Cecil:

            For me, hands down (or hands up for that matter) best scene was Julianna Guill in all her glory.

            Derek Mears is a very nice guy (met him a while ago) and he is HUGE. I thought he did a good job as Jason but because of the poor directing, all his kills felt weak.

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