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And now for something completely different


For the last movie in Mainstream May I am doing something completely out of left field.

What could it be?

14 Responses to “And now for something completely different”

  • Cristiona:


    You did say it was different. More seriously, though… Cloverfield?

  • James:

    Prom Night?

  • James:

    My second guess is Disney’s Prom movie…..uhhhhhh….I hope not.

  • Skagboy:

    American Pie?

  • Ryan:

    Ghost Ship?

    • Marco:

      Would be my guess, too. I remember it was good/bad. But I also remembered 13 Ghosts to be that. Saw that one some days ago… wow. My opinion about movies changed alot over the years. What a mess.

      Do you (you all) know the ‘We hate Movies’ Podcast? They recently reviewed the Boondock Saints II Movie. And holy shit do I agree that this is one of the worst movies. I loved the first one once as an impressionable teen without knowing about the cult. But since then I saw parts of that and the 2nd one, I seriously question my memory about good bad movies.

  • A “dance” movie maybe? One of the Step Up movies or the Footloose remake?

  • Peter:

    My gut feeling says “Disney’s Prom.” I seriously hope I’m wrong.

  • john:

    Long shot but The Girl Next Door?

    Recently saw it after my brother recommended it and was surprisingly good that I initially thought it would be a lame comedy in the same vain as American Pie given the premise of the film but was actually good avoiding the pitfalls that would have brought the film down. Plus it has a great soundtrack. 🙂

    • Cecil:

      The Girl Next Door is hands down one of my all time favorite movies. The writing is so clever and it manages to capture an element of innocence caught up in something that is decidedly not. I love everything about the movie.

  • Doug:

    The Carrie Remake

  • Bryan:

    Probably Prom Night, but I’m hopping Disney’s Prom.

  • Jamie:

    Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

  • Ebb n Flow Man:

    Back to the Future?

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