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Cat Scare Compilation

6 Responses to “Cat Scare Compilation”

  • demonknight:

    The best one of all was absent. Alien. Jones jumping out and scaring Harry Dean Stanton.

  • mogens:

    1.what about The Cat from The grudge films? that one was pretty scary 2.what Are you favoritter leprechaun moments? 3.what did you think of leprechaun orgin?

  • Timo:

    Watching this makes me wonder how they achieve cats acting like that in practice. Maybe they film a cat actually yawning and put the sound on top of that? I grew up in a house with two cats, and they never ended up inside a closed cupboard or such. Is that something that really happens? I would imagine the cat quickly starts making a racket if that happened.

  • Robertos:

    Hi, great supercut! Can you be so kind and post list of movies?

  • Harry:

    Amazing how this only (ahem) scratched the surface of how many movies use this ridiculous tactic. Funny how some drop from the ceiling too.

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